Icky and Iago end up on the rogue planet of Quantomos Qox, the home planet of the smartest beings in the AUU, the Neverums, where they end up abusing their expansive interdimensional/alternate reality technology after getting addicted to it's capabilities, and as a result are trapped in an expansive amount of alternate versions of the AUU as the Neverums, whose colonies expand to other dimensions, attempt to arrest them for causing a quantum singularity with their antics. Thus they must fix this problem while avoiding the extremely absolute Neverum Nevercore, but they end up getting lost in a mess of other AUUs in the process and find themselves in awkword, wacky, or scary and depressing situations! Icky and Iago just have no serious luck with traveling alternate plains of existences, do they?


A More Moral VA AUU.

  • Icky and Iago crashed into a regel looking room from a portal.
  • Icky: "D'OW, DAMN IT?! Iags, we REALLY have it bad now with those Neverum guys!"
  • Iago: "No kidding! We're gonna need to slove a problem we appearently caused!"
  • Icky: "Yeah, but we may wanna stick around in this place until we're given an excuse to do the oppisite..... Now, where are we exactly?"
  • ???: "AHEM?!"
  • A more regalised General Tex and two protective Starbot Magma Troopers were seen.
  • General Tex: "..... Can I..... Help you gentlemen?"
  • Icky: "..... Awwwww, shit! Is this a universe where the VA was still a thing?!"
  • General Tex: "VA? (Hoity laughs)! I'm afraid you suffered a case of outdated perceptions, friends. The VA is no more."
  • Icky: ".... Then, what up with the Starbots? Aren't they, usually a product of them?"
  • General Tex: "As I said, you seem to be confused. Please, do so follow me."

Archive Room.

  • General Tex took them to a Holographic Archive Room.
  • General Tex: "I trust you gentlemen already know about the VA's birth and long, unflattering history?"
  • Icky: "Well, let's just say, we're from a reality where, you weren't assumingly able to have a hand in, whatever happened in this reality."
  • General Tex: "You mean if Tolkath's ludicrist plan to get rid of me in the name of faster conquest had been successful? Oh goodness, what a sad reality you two came from."
  • Icky: "Don't worry, all ya need to know is that we're a hero group that brought those jerks down."
  • General Tex: "Well good on you. Well, this is a reality where I had managed to avoid capture from Slade and Hudson, and managed to return to the VA safely. (Shows them the Hologram Archives)."

Holographic flashback.

  • (General Tex): "Though Qui was far from thrilled that causing the end of the Thunder Chasers became unsucessful, thus costing us our ability to ever cripple the Square Provence, she was reliefed that I was at least able to avoid dishastor.... However, we were suddenly confronted by Secret Founder W, who reveiled herself as the beautiful Miss Wauiffe, who warned me and Qui that Tolkath was expecting my capture so he can be able to lead the VA down an unfavorable path, along with reveiling the many sad truths about the VA's birth, from how Xandroinian was a member who had a hand in causing Xerxes' existence as he was, to that Qui, was not of this universe. In being found out, Tolkath usurped the control of the VA from the other secret founders, held the said founders hostage, and made himself the new leader of the VA! However, on top of trying to get rid of me, AND that he turned against his fellow secret founders, he commited the act of Yarging Out! Fortunately, even the most extreme of the VA, had more undying loyalty to Qui then Tolkath had desired. Thus began, The Battle Against Tolkath. The Forces of the VA, revolted against Tolkath, who revived the Doppleganger Battlions in having saw that the Starbots refused loyalty to him, and lead to another intense VA-infighting not seen since the Yarge Revolt. It costed a great deal of Starbots, even nearly certain members if it were not for healing tanks and Glowrod's finally perfected resserection devices, but eventually, the forces of the VA won-out against the finally slain Tolkath, ending the battle. The Other Reveiled Secret Founders desided the only moral solution after ever having to listened to that traitor, was to surrender their ownership of the VA to me as penence in ever having a role in it, espeically since Qui desided to retire as leader herself and return to her United Universes to find her true family, as with the secret founders, they thus went off to turn themselves in. I had then desided that it was time for the VA to evolve into a more moral force for balence, for me and Wauiffe still wanted to see in giving the minority and the mistreated justice, but to balence it out by not oppressing the majority either. Though the criminal-minded and the more extreme saw it as writing on the wall that it was time to go independent since they felt they could never acciquctly meet the new criteri, I was still aiming to make due changes. And the biggest one, was changing the on-the-nose name of "Villains Act", into, The Minority Annextion, a group that would aim to become a new goverment and have declared our own independence, where we would only "congure", or more preferingly, annex, another world, only out of being provoked by a world that has no desires for co-existence, even more so since Jling's confession of being a founder, lead to the Anti-Grand Council Rebels to end up believing that they were right about their conspiracty theroies, thus, under the quickly risen rulership of a Grand Council Defecter, Jakamor, he lead the violent revolution against the crumbling Grand Council, of which we had to rescue the remaining Main Councilers of the group, and placed them under our protection. In the meanwhile, the Federations also entered a state of disorray as some leaders also had the unfortunate misconception that the Grand Council intended this to them. Thus, because the more rational federation members couldn't control the less rational, the federations disbanned, and the USRA races are now, just regular races, leaving the legacy of the USRA to become a corpse, while UIS swooped in like a xulture, claiming it's spoils, ranging from planets and/or races of interest, and that of contested systems, even more so with that the G.A.U.A.I. and their large disagreement with the Atonts, and quickly came to control their fallen terratories. But fortunately, we were around to make sure UIS had the moral decenty to not push their plans on the now FORMER USRA races too hard, but they still desire some justice for the many ills the USRA inadvertingly caused them. Then came the last secret founder, Kafar, where in remorse for his part, returned to our universe and offered a solution to satisfy UIS' disstatisfaction with the USRA races, exile into the tranquility zone, where at least the lost friends of the Humans can finally be reunited, and create a new USRA-like group in a universe that can better appresiate them, as Kafar choose to stay with us in the Anexxtion, feeling that in knowing that humans will no longer trust him, he can redeem himself here. Thus, the Minority Annextion became the new force the people relie on to avoid UIS having too much control apawn the claiming of USRA terratories."


  • Tex: "I saw to it that we keep a peaceful co-existence with UIS ever since."
  • Icky: ".... Wow. Now I feel sucky that you got captured to begin with. That could've been a semi-awesome-if-still-abit-sad AUU to have!"
  • Tex: "Well, yes and no. Your, "AUU", as it t'were. may not've nessersarly gone down this way. What I atthived is what the Neverums is discriped as, a best case scenario, and, though real in it's own right, it ultamately depends on fate. And sometimes in certain realities, fate is cruel. Like, even if there was a simular universe where I still escaped, one can't nessersarly promise that I wouldn't just end up being a victim of another Tolkath attempt or that my dear wife Wauiffe would be able to warn me, or, like in your reality, that Tolkath's plan actselly worked. It's a matter of how kind, or how cruel, fate and karma are."
  • Icky: "Wait, you said that Jakamor was able to lead this rebelion group to bring down the Grand Council. Whatever happened to him?"
  • Tex: "Like I said. UIS swooped in and claimed all USRA terratories. That included the former Grand Council capital planet. And trust me, what is always gonna be universely true, is that UIS is VERY absolute against rogues. They made sure Jakamor wouldn't become a threat to us, for us... If albeit because some of the Anti-Grand Council rebels he was recruiting for his new world order were also anti-UIS folk, and well... The rest was history. (Points to a hologram of an army of Vrex overwealming Jakamor and friends in unpleasent fastions)...."
  • Iago: "(Scoffs), Oh, Xandy is going to be SO HAPPY that Jakamor still got the raw end of the deal in this universe!"
  • Icky: "But wait.... What about Xerxes and the Sea Squirls?"
  • Tex: "Ah yes, poor Xerxes. He left to join Qui with Narcotic and Celisus to find her real family, but not before making his due amendments to the Sea Squirls by ushering in a periment peace treaty between his people and the Sea Squirls in discovering Xandronian's true intent. Miss Xandy still struggles with her issues though, but, we're doing what we can to cure the poor girl."
  • Icky: "Well wait! What about the Heroes Act and/or the guys that would come to join it!? Well, in me and Iag's universe, anyway."
  • Tex: "Well, simply put, when the Grand Council disbanned, the HA were basicly dropped as a consiquence. But, when Calixto came under our protection, he asked us to restore the lost HA legacy. And thus, we founded the Heroes of the Minority to represent our purifived cause. And based on our earlier conversation about your Heroes Act, yes, the ones on that team, are on this team as well, if not also including those that would still be considered villains and/or reformed differently from your reality."
  • Icky: "Well sweet, I actselly wouldn't mind coming back to this place with the other Lougers or our HA sometime."
  • Tex: "Well, that is, after you sort out your problem with the Neverum first, because it is likely that you're here because of an issue with them, if I am correct?"
  • Icky: ".... (Faceplam) AW CRAP, WE FORGOT ABOUT THOSE GUYS!"

A Yarged AUU

  • Icky and Iago appeared from the portal and crashed RIGHT into what looks like the ruins of the VA base.
  • Icky: "DOWA?!"
  • Iago: "BPLACH?!"
  • Icky: "..... Let's hope this doesn't become a running gag, Iags. (The two got up and saw that the VA symbol was replaced with a YA.).... YA? YA What?"
  • Iago: "That's obviously meant to be like VA is a symbol of the Vllains Act. YA would be....."
  • The two saw a statue of Yarge.
  • Icky: ".... I take it that in this AUU, the guy who had a phrase for betrayal made about him was actselly successful here, am I right?"
  • Iago: "But how? Wasn't Yarge's little betrayal doom from the start?"
  • ???: "WHO'S THERE?!"
  • A slowly moving crippled Celsius came up.
  • Icky: ".... Celsius?"
  • Celsius: "DON'T REMIND ME?! It's Hugo Blaze now?! I want no more reminders of those tragic days?! Not after how (Angerly points a cane made from a Skelebot leg to the Yarge Statue) HE, RUINED EVERYTHING?! (Sobs)..... He ruined the dream."
  • Icky: ".... You mean, Yarge?"
  • Celsius: "(Angerly looks at Icky, who yelps, but then calms down with a tired sigh)..... Why come here?"
  • Icky: "Look, believe it or not, we're actselly from an alternate reality where Yarge's 2003 revolt was a bust."
  • Celsius: ".... So, those crazy Neverums were right..... But sadly, that was not what happened here! In this reality, Yarge played it smart and waited for Qui to be distracted in going after that idiot Gordon while he was about to waste the Rotords! He made his revolt happen in 2004 instead! He killed alot of members, made survivers retreated, gave Corruption Co. the worse hostile takeover, and killed the present Secret Founders! He turned the VA, into the YA.... The Yarge Act!"


  • (Celsius): "Narcotic, myself, and a desistated Glowrod, were the only survivers. Yarge, left nothing to chance. He had the Dopplegangers and the Robogangers shut down the main generator that kept the Starbots online, causing the VA's forces to fall apart, and VA rulership on planets to crumble. Qui, on top of Gordon being defeat by dumb luck with the Rotords, was captured apawn her personal exchourt having ceased funtion. Left behind VA members that had went off into battles or were away on VA matters, were also subiquintly captured. Then, the final indigity. Yarge exposed all of the VA's secrets, even ones, related to Qui and the Secret Founders identities. Afterwords, he vowed to turn what was left of the VA's ashes, into a new Yurun Seperatist Faction, called the Yarge Act, and began to dedicate his time to force a Yurun seperation. However, there was a force he didn't counted on.... Xerxes, and his newfound private army of Naaar mercenaries. Yarge's reign, became short."

Flashback ends.

  • Celsius: "The Yarge Act was destroyed, that quickly..... Xerxes desided to give up on his geniside of the Sea Squirls, and go on a legitment path, forever living with his controversal curse. The Sea Squirls became shamed with the Xandronian exsposure, the Grand Council disbanned in an uproar thanks to Jling Sling's exsposure, Glowrod took Sue Wai's body to try and revive her in Xenaros, Narcotic stayed with me along side some old friends, the Federations fell apart in thanks to newfound USRA racial distrust following the Grand Council's disbansion, thus the USRA races came into wanting nothing more to do with eachother when worlds began to distrust them, and UIS began swallowing up systems and worlds of interest. And things went further downhill when UIS disbanned the corperations of Globrunx in the name of the Xenzenians. The Businesses of USRA fame had died out thanks to it. The Socity that relied on those relics of USRA enfluence, crumbled into nothing, as old socities fell apart, in favor of new, surviveal driven tribelisum. Now they constintly try to steal from the rich and powerful UIS, driving the isolationist group to start protecting itself and it's allies from them. The fledgling socities that remain within the crumbled terratory, live under UIS's rules to get some form of protection of a newly found anarchical and seperated universe."
  • Icky: ".... Ooooookaaaaaaaaaay, this is OBVIOUSLY a worse case scenario reality! With that, it's time for us to-"
  • Celsius: "Wait! You hear that?... (Distent talking was heard).... Raiders! (Grabbed Icky and Iago) Come to hide with me! The Raiders will not be merciful!"

A No Garbaged Pharagu AUU

  • Icky and Iago fell from the portal and right into a beautiful jungle as they crashed about!
  • Icky/Iago: "D'OH, D'OH, D'OOHHHH?!"
  • Icky and Iago crashed right into the bottom.....
  • Icky: "..... Ow."
  • Iago: ".... Owch."
  • The duo got up and saw where they were in.
  • Iago: ".... Am I seeing things, or does this look like a more real verson of the inside of Glowrod's lair back on Xenaros?"
  • Icky: ".... Iags.... I think this is Pre-Garbage Dump Planet Pharagu! Or, rather..... Based on the logic of these crazy dimentions.... This is likely one where somehow, Cheesepuffus never got to pitch this place as a perfect place to get rid of garbage."
  • Iago: "Or just as much, he was stopped before he saw it through."
  • Icky and Iago heard faint sounds of a celebration as the two looked from bushes to see Pharaguians phrasing Madam President and other UIS leaders.
  • Icky: "(Quietly) Wait a minute, what the crap?! UIS is still a thing?"
  • Iago: "(Quietly) Keep in mind, Pharagu was but one major screw up the USRA races did, if though an epic one."
  • Icky: "(Quietly) Well, yeah, but what's C'old-Ass doing here? Pharagu was the reason why the Skep-heads got involved!"
  • Iago: "(Quietly) That's what we're gonna find out."
  • Madam President: "Dear people of the beautiful Pharagu, today is the anniversery of when the Skep people had saved Pharagu from the recklessness of Cheesepuffus and the dopeable USRA races. We all remember it, as the story goes."


  • (Madam President): "Back in those times, the Skeps used to admire the USRA and had desired to join. But then, the Skeps-"
  • Suddenly the flashback stops play as Deadpool showed up.
  • Deadpool: "Yeah, we already know this from the first UIS episode, so we're skipping to the part actselly related to the big change!"
  • Deadpool Fastforwords the flashback and gets to the change.
  • Deadpool: "Your welcome, SAF fans."
    Deadpool leaves as the flashback resumes.
  • (Madam President): "After that fateful meeting, the Skeps became concern about the USRA's tendingcy for mistakes. The Skep representive, even when he had doubts, desided to make a visit to Pharagu earlier then his intended date to speak to the Pharaguians about this, only to discover that his fears were confirmed when he discovered difinitive proof that the USRA were making this plan."
  • The Skep representive found Xs being made by USRA drones on where the garbage would've been dropped down.
  • (Madam President): "So the representive acted quickly, and got the Skep people to intervene for Pharagu's defence."
  • Skep ships blockaded the entire planet just as USRA garbage ships were arriving.
  • (Madam President): "The Skep representive was able to show that Pharagu indeed had life on it and that the USRA were stupidly close to ruining innosent lifes just to resolve their petty issues. Thus, an insodent was avoided, Cheesepuffus was fired as Yurun governor, and the Skeps wisely desided that UIS were indeed the better opition, as we joined to protect Pharagu from any more recklessness like that ever again."

Flashback ends.

  • Madam President: "And now, we celebrate that Pharagu got to stay beautiful and wasn't sacriviced by the USRA to resolve their own petty issues. May it continue, to prosper."
  • Icky: "(Quietly) So basicly, the Skeps were able to learn about the epic fuck-up Cheesepuffs was about to pull and stopped that from happening and got with UIS cause of still being proven that the USRA races were fuck-ups."
  • Iago: "(Quietly) Though, that makes me concerned. If Pharagu didn't bite the bullet of being turned into a Garbage Dump planet, then what happened to the USRA races?"
  • Icky: "(Quietly) Well, if I were to make a guess....."


  • The USRA race leaders were seen looking on forelornly as the USRA worlds were covered in trash and garbage.....

Back to Icky and Iago.

  • Iago: "Ya seriously think that the USRA would litterally end up allowing their own home planets to turn into trash-heaps?"
  • Icky: "Well when ya think about it, horrorable as it was, Pharagu being the planet to take the garbage bullet, did save their asses, even if their reputation with the Pharagu people, the Skeps and the races of UIS took an epic nose-dive from it. I figure that, in this reality anyway, without Pharagu, the USRA folks were helpless to resolve their trash issues, so, their worlds ended up being the ones who are a mess.... So that makes it a, 50/50 scenario universes. It's a best case scenario for Pharagu and UIS, but the USRA races got the shit deal from it, and the USRA ended up disbanning early due to their homeworlds becoming balls of garbage, thus leaving them homeless, while UIS of this reality was quick to swallow the AUU and got them to start relying on themselves, which because Pharagu being garbage dumped on was considerabley a considerably early USRA event, the Universes didn't came to rely on the USRA TOO MUCH and independence resurgency was possable and easier. In this reality, the USRA was a short-lived dream and UIS is the one who calls the shots. Granted, in our reality UIS was still boss because of sheer power, but their enfluence was balenced out by because the USRA races were more mainstream with people."
  • Iago: "Actsely, now that I think about it, the Pharagu mess is supposedly an early USRA event, yet, certain USRA races were seen there, even the Yaterons who were said to join late into the party yet were still included into that flashback. How, does that-"
  • Icky: "My guess that the USRA had a system simular to what they're doing now with the other future USRA races is that they didn't get to be offictal members yet but they got to parpisipate with their polotics none-the-less."
  • Iago: ".... I suppose that makes sense because of how ill-define the USRA's timeline is."

A Hija Tecna Victory AUU

  • Icky and Iago were tossed from the portal crashed into an office, surprising a businessy looking person.
  • Business Person: "GOODNESS?!"
  • Icky: "Ohhhhh...... Sorry bro. We can't control these crazy inter-reality portals, they just happen at random."
  • Buisness Person: ".... Inter-reality portal?.... Goodness, then those Neverums are right! Guess we'll have to decrise rent on their home planet."
  • Icky: "Well I guess you sho-"
Chris Griffin- Whaaaat?

Chris Griffin- Whaaaat?

  • Icky/Iago: "RENT?!"
  • Business Person: "Oh, right, you guys are from a different reality, ya don't exactly know. Maybe my superior would be the best guy for answers."
  • Icky: "Well yeah! Cause I doubt the Grand Council would allow this sort of shit!"
  • Business Person: "Oh, that no longer exists since the merge, it's now called The Guild of Planet Lords."
  • Icky and Iago looked at eachother in confusion....
  • Business Person: ".... Yeah, again, my superior offers better context."

The Superior's office.

  • Icky and Iago came into the office and saw a chair facing a holographic window that stares into space.
  • Icky: "Okay buddy, we want answers! What's up with all "Planet Rent" and "Guild of Planet Lords" Bullcrap?!"
  • ???: "Ah, yes, I had saw intersection 87#HUMNA's office camera feed about the matter of the Neverums being right about other realities and the fact that we may have to decrise rent. (The chair turns around to reveil Govenor Hija Tecna) What an interesting oppertunity indeed."
  • Icky and Iago got surprised.
  • Icky: "Holy shit! We know you! You're that guy Chase's dad stopped from booting out those AUU Amish people off their land over a grudgematch about their illplacement on a land your family had legel rights to!"
  • Hija: ".... Am I to assume that my fateful encounter to whom I assume you refered to that pesky ethicist Oswin, went differently, in your reality?"
  • Icky: ".... Well, like I said, he stopped you from booting off the those AUU Amish folks back to their original planet just so you can get at some fancy, youth-granting metaphasic radioactive crystals, as Kolwalski once said, because you saw them as the sure-fire way to stop the VA!"
  • Hija: "Well, in this reality, Oswin was never able to do so, because I had more relay with the good offictals of Carbungia. I had simply convinced them that if they sided with Oswin, that without the crystails, millions and millions would've DIED to the VA's madness. Thus, I saw Oswin being rightfully jailed, and eventually a day after, I finally had those filthy land-thiefing Eramish sent back to Borgon where they belonged! My family name of Tecna, had been redeemed, and those christals were finally put to good use after missing out of being helpful in the Interuniverseal War. Thanks to those christails, the VA's ability to be a threat was forever undermined, as I had predicted. Granted, those scoundrels tried to get their filthy hands on it to even the playing field, but I made sure the christails were so heavily protected, even the likes of Tex were not able to get them. Eventually, Qui was forced to capulate around the 14th year after they kept losing wars. The secret founders got exposed, and Qui was discovered to be from another United Universes, albeit a much more, rustic and primitive United Universes by our standerds. Even the relitively more advanced socities actselly still relie on glass windows and often their robotic companions are often not much for intelligent coversations beyond exceptional machines. Heck, your gaming systems for interactive virtual reality, is still in it's infantcy! Never had I seen such a primitive socity! But reguardless, we simply exiled Qui back there since legally we have no athority to a non-native of our universes. As a result, because of my contribution, the Grand Council offered me a seat amongst them for saving the universes."
  • Icky: "Well, the VA still lasted 14 years here."
  • Hija: "Well, yes, I admit that the VA's downfall didn't happened overnight with the useage of the crystails, that is an unmistakeable truth.... But the christails did, lessen the horror of their actions. The crystails properties has redused castalties to a whopping 100%, even in some of the VA's worse actions, like with Gordon's attempts at genoside or the fiasco with Issac, the VA's cruel stunts were undermined thanks to these death halting crhsitails. And it was because of that, the VA could no longer use death as a threat, ergo, it was why Qui capulated. It was impossable for them to be taken seriously if death has no more meaning. Thus, with my newfound Grand Council status, I quickly had the Grand Council merged with my family's old real estate business, and became, the Guild of Planet Lords. Where, as new leader, I created the perfect measures that would reduse the problem of fanacticisum ever rising in planets again.... We created, the planet renting system."
  • Icky: "..... Planet, Renting System?"
  • Hija: "Here's how it works."


  • (Hija): "The Guild's renting system works like this.... As of Guild law, planets, are no longer treated something that is sacred in the sense of the old ways that they're something to be over-valued..... Instead, they are now in the same status as property, like lands, buildings, and modern convinences. We basicly adopted the Edgulon philosify for planet renting: That any planet, even something your native to, is no longer automaticly yours just because of historic reasonings. Believe me, I grew tired of that excuse the Eramish and sympathisers like Oswin used. Ownership of planets must be EARNED, as now, planet ownership, is a privilage, not a right! And this privilage is maintained, by all planets coming to do our standerds of things and everyone of being of equil tecnological levels."
  • (Icky): "Uh, isn't that, abit extreme buddy? To basicly turn planets to being no different then how it works in the residenceal industry?"
  • (Hija): "Well sometimes the greater good, requires accepting the extreme. Because consider everything that has happened because of the era of Planet Entitlement: Wars were common, Planets were incompidently handled and mistreated by those that lacked acceptable standerds, like being primitive or rustic, or failure to curb their fanactics! Or in the Neverums case, because they believed in crazy nonsense... Albeit, in their case, that's what we thought, but I diegress. If you had those problems, then your rent of wealth and shared reshorces shall be incrised tenfold, and if you failed to pay the rent as it is, then the Guild shall take legal claim of your planet, gather all of the planet's sentient natives, and put them to work in Asteriod Mines to learn an ability to follow our ways.... But alchourse, thanks to having proven that the Neverums were not crazy, we'll have to decrise their rent by 80%. Though given that they were right, that means an extra 10% has to be added because they pottaintionally have access to even more reshorces then expected."
  • (Icky): ".... Dude, that, that's some very dark capitalist practices here!"
  • (Hija): "Again, the greater good, requires intense sacrivices. For all this is worth, you cannot deny how greatly conflict is redused. It was because of the system that we decreased Phend enfluence in pretty much the entire Tilocrum Sector and there by getting them to stop their fanactical ways in return of keeping the planet they are on now, as well as putting those Fangpo brutes in their place for causing their bad behavior to begin with! We forced and strong-armed UIS into ceasing their crazed isolation projects! We ended every crime-ridden world imagineable with Seymour's help, why, we even brought down the Hobnobbers, though with their crazy president killing off his own council, it wasn't that hard, I albeitly confessed. We've made all primitive or less advance races shape up and step up their games and become Teadr 2 so their primitiveness doesn't slow us down, or cause another fanactical uprising. In fact.... I'm even considering having the Guild start doing the same to the United Universes Qui is from, because from my understanding, they are terrorably disorganised."
  • (Iago): "No dice that the High Council of this or any verson of our United Universes would stand for that shit!"
  • (Hija): "Oh, be assured.... We're no stranger to forced confrontations. Perhaps I also should've mentioned that I have semi-legalised Astro Lasers in my reality, albeit I took a page from how the Keucaians did it and make them weak enough so only a select target will be destroyed. Those such devices will helpful in.... Taking care of, undesireable goverments that DARE try to rebel against us."
  • Such an Astro Laser was seen being used against a goverment of a planet that attempted to rebel against the Guild, destroying only the capital building and leaving a giant hole.

Flashback ends.

  • Hija: "Now, I know, that's AWFULLY extreme.... But once more.... The greater good, requires sacrivice. And if peace has to be maintained through spilling the blood of disobedience, then what's the lives of anarchial rebelers to the lives of those that choose to be obedient?"
  • Icky: "..... (Gulp)..... Well, as, much as it was a plus that the VA gave up like wusses cause of you and those christails, an AUU where neutered Sudo-Death Stars are being used to waste goverments that ain't playing by the rules, and that planets are being treated no better then owning a house and car, is still, kinda worse case scenario!"
  • Hija: "A pity you believed that. But then again, why should I have to contend with you, when I can simply, lead the Neverums to your direction? (Presses a button) Sectratary, call up the Neverums, I have some people they would be interested to see."

An Awesomely Equarian Vert-Gex AUU

  • The portal opened as Icky and Iago crashed right into the center of the room!
  • Icky: ".... Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww."
  • Iago: "........ Owch."
  • Icky and Iago saw themselves in the midst of what looked like the Grand Council room, but being given an extreme Vertse, Urdian, and Galaxunian make over.
  • Icky: "..... The fuck happened here?"
  • ???: "May I help you gentlemen?"
  • Warson dressed in an outfit mix of Vertse, Urdian and Galaxun wear came in.
  • Warson: "Meetings weren't until several days from now."
  • Icky: "Warson? What up with the get-up?"
  • Warson: "A better question would be, why are you two without clothing? (Claps his hands and caused Vert-Botitised Censor Bots to go up to them and cover them) I mean, I don't disrespect the old "Nu Natoal" look, but please note that this is a civilised socity, and even IF with you two being birds and having retractable genitals or not, it's still rather improper!"
  • Icky: "(Quietly) Alchourse, he doesn't know us, cause, different reality. (Openly) Listen, Warry, we, might not be from around here. We're actselly from, an entirely different reality. To make it basic, the Grand Council room.... Didn't looked like it got a badass makeover."
  • Warson: ".... Well, I guess those Neverums were onto something about others of our universes. I, personally thought they were only very determined multiverse theoriets."
  • Icky: "Yeah, the Warson of our reality said that too."
  • Warson: "Come, you must see VertSpek, he would just love to make your accquintence, and I bet you, he would quickly tell that the two of you are not of this realm."
  • Iago: "Duh."
  • Warson excitedly began eschourting Icky and Iago off.

VertSpek's room in the Nexx Tower.

  • VertSpek was seen gently humming as he had oversaw the improvement of socities from across the AUU, as Icky and Iago were brought in.
  • VertSpek: "(Gentle Speaking voice) Ahh, Warson, old boy. Do I detect a strange anomamoly within these two birds?"
  • Warson: "Oh, yes, they're from another reality."
  • VertSpek: "As indicated that I felt a prior interdimentional disterbence earlier, but I got too caught up in my work to notice."
  • Icky: "So, Verts, what, exactly happened, that allowed you to get like this?"
  • VertSpek: "Well, it's inadvertingly thanks to what was once the Villains Act getting the ingredients of a perfect socity in motion unknowingly in a misguided vain for rulership under their mantra of fairness for an underappresiated minority. The VA had started as typically."

VertSpek's face turned into a flashback.

  • VertSpek's voice: "The VA was already off to a rather unpleasent start in the first 2 years of their growing reign. However, here's the first key difference between the VA here and that of your reality: The VA's GTA, Gex Trade Agreement, was actselly successful, because Qui took the time to learn about who Ae Poex really is under his negitive hype, and earned enough of his appresiation to have began the trading of Gex. This, lead to many changes. Many of the VA's earlier wars were won faster and had ended quicker, per exsample, the Yellow Revavent got to see the rise of their communistic socity thanks to Gex, Tarvox's Crimson war was won with little to no serious resistence cause of Gex, A second Sioephus invadtion proved more fruitful with the planet under devided control between the VA and a resistence group, Rulership of Nimboo became vastly more stable cause of Gex, Souvis became a shared terratory between Grand Council backed forces and the VA annexing forces that were present, again, thanks to Gex. I'd go on, but I believe you would came to understand."
  • (Icky): "But, that's what's bugging me.... Our VA weren't so curtious to our Overlord Poex! How was that so?"
  • VertSpex's voice: "Ahhh. Alchourse. It appeared that you helped me correct a memory banks error. You see, prior to this, it was because that Mooku was more successful at showing the proof of Equaria's existence, in due to Caelestis ended up having some difficulty of making the planet disappear and ended up doing so abit too late as the VA had already witnessed the planet before the cloak spell was completed. And alchourse, it lead to Mooku to inform her that the VA already saw the planet and that she may as well undo it, which, was the easier part. Thus, Equaria ended up seeing itself to be a world that openly supported the VA, but.... Not without it's catches. Caelestis would only promise the VA to be able to accquire the world's magic and their undying support, is if the VA were to become more moral then what occured with Jenovis. With Mooku's insistence that Caelestis was firm on this, the VA begrudgingly came to accept, even at the price of no longer having faster means of conquest."
  • (Icky): "So, basicly Caelestis ended up fucking up the spell, and ended up doing a disappering act in front of the VA, who knew that happened and made her drop the hocus pocus shit and go play ball with them?"
  • VertSpek's voice: "A rather, mostly crude analogy, but accreate. And as said, because the VA had to practice better morals, it allowed them to study people more. And as stated, it allowed Qui to better understand Poex's true nature, and thus won him over, and got Gex cause of it. And not just that. It made them, abit more careful who they accepted. For exsample, they avoid using the anti-robot rights nutcase Roboface and just had Mooku peacefully convinced Boing that the VA were interested in Vert-Bot Tec and myself, and that he promise the interest would be peaceful if Boing made this trade."
  • (Iago): "But isn't that basicly the same thing Roboface had said in our reality?"
  • VertSpek's voice: "The difference was that Mooku was more, charismatic, polite and gentlemenly, while Sping would've been.... An utter fool that-"
  • (Icky): "Would've caused you to make the Vert-Bots go after Boing, yeah, that's exactly what happened in our universe, Spekky."
  • VertSpek's voice: "As a result, because Mooku wasn't outwordly untrustworthy, the secret trade of Vert-Bots and access to myself, happened with little hitches. It thus lead to the Starbot line to be given a radical upgrade from their simple forms and had become Vert-Botisied. It allowed them to become more effictent, effective, and more co-ordinated. It had lead to an easier annexing of Corollia, prevented a disgruntled Dreadlocker Champoin Gordon from using stolen VA weaponry from seeking out his genisideal plans, the Cloak Clan's cloaking devices were contained more, morally, and I was able to prevent Yarge from using the exspearimental minion factions to cause a rather unproductive revolt, though because the clones were too self-aware, the robogangers proving corruptable, and that Caelestis complained about the GELF monsters, those three factions still had to be, discontinued."
  • (Icky): "Is the term "Yarge-Out" still a thing?"
  • VertSpek's Voice: "Yes. The only difference that Yarge was spared from a harsh death and was simply exiled to be arrested by the Grand Council for prior crimes as a Yurun Seperatist."
  • (Icky): "But what about the Jomos War?"
  • VertSpek's vocie: "Well, thanks to the VA being more moral, Xena saw no wrong in teaming up comtemporary with the VA thanks to Caelestia' insistence she'll discourage any desires for abuse or mishandling, and that the UARA have exclusive rights to utilise Jomos tec as they see fit, and that Jomos is NOT to be cogured, but liberated. Thus, Jomos was liberated from the miguided Zealord the Zealot in a matter of weeks into the war, and Jomos was freed from an ill-translated religious testiment. The unfortunate Consiquence is that, due to Zealord being a dear friend to Warson, made the Grand Council abit more willing to be fuzzy with the VA once more, thus, rebelions got intense, and VA rulership entered a serious tiperope. The year 2004 happened as I suspect it mostly did with your reality. The difference is that the VA helped exposed Waeetis' unforunate past and cure the original natives, Tex still made his peace and avoidence clauses, and the Gronan Renigades still had to be contended with. And alchourse, the big difference, is that they avoided trying to force Issac Carlyle from secretly supplying them in figuring that it might go horrendusly south."
  • (Icky): "(Quietly) Something tells me we may have to look into that Issac guy one of these days."
  • VertSpek's Voice: "Korthos and Chimerum came to be annexed without adopting needlessly extreme measures, though an overtly abused Soldier named Beacher was adopted into the forces out of sympathy due to abusive and remorseless superiors. The Groon-Mas were refused and their silly war torwords them was ignored.... And that was it. The VA, simply ignored them and the Groon-Mas just, gave up."
  • (Icky): "Yeesh, those AUU Super-Amish guys got off easier here."
  • VertSpek's voice: "Annexing Maragon was still difficult, Dirk's War Spiders were still adopted, the VA refused Foul Cheese's framing acts and had him exposed for what he had done. A year later, the VA refused to scam a respected pirate anti hero because an old rival didn't liked him, but then, came the event that chaged, everything....... I had discovered that Tolkath was gonna have the secret founders intentionally botch up a mission for Tex to be able to disable the Thunder Chasers from preventing the VA from annexing the Square Province for being a prodominant VA critic. As such, I was forced to have the Starbots turn on the Secret Founders and have Tolkath to answer his crimes. Unfortunately, Tolkath was resisting and ended up dead from retailisation as a result. As a result, because a founder was lost, the Secret Founders were no longer in full power, thus, the VA were without serious leaders. The VA as it was, crumbled, and members left because one of the Founders turned out so, dispicable, espeically when a Miss Wauiffe had reveiled the truth. Thus, Qui retired as leader and left for her native universes to find her family, while Mooku and Tex came to become the only leaders, of what is left of the VA with Equarian and Galaxunian support, and held down to members like Caera that were moral enough to still back them. Thankfully, the secret founder who maintains Corruption Co. Support desided to stick around, but with many changes. Corruption Co were transformed to Vert-Incorperated, and the VA, now stood for The Vert Allience, in honor of that it was I, VertSpek, who saved Tex from a misison intentionally designed to make him fail. Cause of it, the Grand Council tecnecally saw that as a victory to them given that the VA as it's original form had died and it's rulerships undone, thus making rebelions retire due to the fact that the VA's own morality ended up defeating itself, thus leaving the Grand Council to focus more on Old VA loyalists in an event they would've tried to make a new Old Ways VA. However, now the Vert Allience has trouble maintaining stability because of how it came to have lost everything the Old VA had gained. 2008 ended up being a rough year, until the Vert Allience ended up earning the sympathy of a well intentioned, if albeit crude, man of the Beofynzeny System, the then-controverseal Awesome Jaxtom. He was inspired by the fact that we had the courage to surrender the oppertunity of power in favor of wanting to do good now. Thus, he offered to cause the merging of his part of the Armatage Corperation with Vert-Incorperated in return to help him make the due amends to a system he was a controverseal figure in, and help him prove his long denied point correct at last. And so, we accepted. Vert-Incorperated now became Vertamage Enterprize, all Urdian Vaults were uncovered, why, we even inadvertingly found a way to bring the Udrians back and had them reveil that the Vaults were always meant to be a gift to the people of the system for them to use, proving Jaxtom's Ethicist Oppressors wrong at long last, allowing him to have make true peace with the system, as he surrendered his control back to a rebirthed goverment borned from a rebelion once dedicated to try and stop him, to carry on being the new owner of Vertamage come Backer's early retirement in having lost his vengeful urge against Globex. Eventually, the Grand Council and the Federations came to adopt the Vert Allience and it's brave new accomplishments to make the Universes a better place, for both USRA races, and even UIS. Utopia was succeeded, as all ills were amended."

VertSpek's face returned.

  • VertSpek: "The Vert Allience saw that all long existing conflicts were met their amends and injustices corrected."
  • Icky: ".... Oh-ho-ho, THIS AUU'S KICKASS?! REALLY SUCKS THE VA GOT NONE OF THOSE THINGS WHERE WE WERE FROM?! Also, imagine the face on our Caelestis when she realised she could've made this Universe an awesomer place had she fucked up abit!"
  • Iago: "Ya do realise this is CLEARLY another best case scenario universe, correctamondo? In our AUU, it wouldn't've been that simple! There's so many things that could've gone differently that you need to be like Twilight to be able to cover all of them!"
  • VertSpek: "Ahh, yes, true. True. One never can predict how events would play out. Not even me, and I'm pretty much amongst the smartest programs of this reality. Oh, by the by, I detect another inter-dimentional anomamaly, and it felt like a big one, so, I, may have to suggest you carry on."
  • Icky: ".... AW NUTS, THE NEVERUMMERS?! (Icky and Iago opened up a new portal) WE'LL BE SURE TO VISIT YOU GUYS SOMETIME?! (Icky and Iago jumped in)!....."
  • VertSpek: ".... What nice interdimentional travelers. Ashame they have a bit of a tiffy with the Neverums."

A No Human Advancement AUU

  • Icky and Iago appeared and plopped right into the floor of a dark looking office.
  • Icky: "... Welp, at least it wasn't painful- (Guns are pointed at them) GEEEEEEEEEEEEE?!"
  • Iago: "WHAT, THE?!"
  • Icky and Iago saw that the gun holders are the Vexxomites.
  • Vexxomite 1: "STATE YOUR BUSINESS?!"
  • Icky: "..... Accsidental alternate reality jumpers?"
  • A Vexxomite aged veteran ordered his troops to back down....
  • Veteran: "..... So, the old Neverum therioes were correct. Alternate realities, exist. I suppose we owe them an apology."
  • Iago: "Uh, care to explain what's going on? In our reality, uhhh..... Let's just say, the Vexxomites no longer exist thanks to the Humans intervining for the Cunones and-"
  • Veteran: "I have to stop you there, other realiter. Explain. What is, A Hue-Man? Do they come in an arrangement of colors? Are they basicly off-shoots of those high and mighty Rabodans or those phathic Ohrugans? Explain!"
  • Icky: ".... (Quietly), Iags, I think this is an AUU where the Humans, just not happened."
  • Iago: "(Quietly) I'm detecting that we just entered the negitive relaities over here. (Openly) Well, let's just say, the Humans were this race that artifically assended to higher Teadrs inadvertent thanks to the Naurodans."
  • Veteran: "Tch, is that what humans are? The Marbonians? Well here, that never happened. A Nauradan named Magistraite Rules was able to completely take away the Marbonians' tec and left them in the primitive dust to the point that it was hardly remembered anymore. Those Nauradans are always persnickity basturds like that."
  • Iago: "So, basicly, this asshole Rules guy, he was able to take away the Humans tec much quicker and thus, the humans never got to advance?"
  • Veteran: "Well, it was hardly relevent history to us, so we don't think much about it. Now, let me tell you of the rise of the greatest empire ever. Let Commander Faluklahas explain."


  • (Commander Faluk): "It all started, when the the Vexxomite empire, successfully and easily taken over the main planet of our then to be servents, the Cunone race. We made proper use of those felines yet. We turn those feloot rip-offs into proper subservients. They tended to our needs, we made their silly tecknowagey better, and ours, as now the kitties are basicly our pets that can only ever thrive in our planet, when we left theirs uninhabitable thanks to us winning the war."
  • (Icky): "Yeeeee. Man, that's gonna make our Cunones appresiate the Humans more."
  • (Commander Faluk): "Alcourse, we disided that after that, the power of conquest.... Felt good. We desided that just owning the Cunones is only the beginning. We turned our attention to those filthy savingers the Yuruns next, who thankfully, we didn't need to use our Astro Lasers on because the cowerdly vermin knew their place well enough. They made perfect garbage personal and cleaners, and we gave their planet all the garbage they can ever had. But then, those pernickity basturds the Naurodans began to gave us trouble for our success. And we desided we weren't gonna have that. But the Nauros were more..... Challanging, then the kitty feloots and rodents. They were compident in what they tried to do. So, we made an allience with their neightbers, the mighty Vezzerecks, who were more then happy to see us be able to sub-due their annoyingly restrictive adversaries. Our allience was a success, as we forced the Naurodans into their place, as they now serve in the Vezzereck's interests. As a result, what was meant to be comtempoary, became periment ather how great our power proved togather. As a result, the Vexxomites and the Vezzereck, began to claim the Episilon Universe, in perfect unison. It was a magnifisent union, that not even those mangy Sabus could've stopped, who were also made into the obedient hounds they became. Then, we came to the Delta universe. Although, it was where the Ohrugans and Radodans came to become, a nusence to our allience. Forunately, we discovered that the Ohgugans were enemies with the Kraetans, so we recruited them into our allience, along with the Zhajerus who were harrased victims of the Rabodans because of their self-rightious glory. As a result, both of those apes were put into their place, as we caused the collapse of the Rabodan empire, and left the Ohrugans to be serventised into the Kraetans. Then we came to befriend the Pharcum race when we found Eta, and they served our allience well in annexxing all of the Eta Universe. Eventually, we began to befriend more powerful races, Bullarns, Vyrans, Bullas, Our Old Fangpo Weapon Trade Partners who subplied their Astro Laser creation to us that made this all so possable, the Byzans after we helped with their Xuron taming problem, and it, goes on. Until we would have become the Great Empire of Superiority!"

Flashback ends.

  • Faluk: ".... How interesting that based on what you said, had the Marbonians had their illgotten tec still, this would never happen."
  • Icky: ".... Yeah, uh, me and Iags are going now, BYE! (The two jumped into a portal before Faluk and forces can respond)...."
  • Faluk: "..... Well, shoot. That would've been nice to start utilising their access to Neverum tec so we could've start expanding our greatness to other realities.... Oh well. Ya win some, ya lose some men."

A Never Disbanned USRA AUU

  • Icky and Iago came from a portal and screamed as they crashed into the streets of Xorizome.
  • Icky/Iago: "GOOOOHHHHHHHHH?!"
  • Icky: "..... (Muffled) This shit's gettin' old, Iags."
  • Iago: "(Muffled) How the fuck do you think I feel about it?"
  • The two got up and saw a USRA-esed Nexx Tower.
  • Icky: "..... Oh, wait. Let me guess...... This is an AUU, where the USRA, never got disbanned, am I right?"
  • ???: "Hey, Icky, Iago!"
  • They saw Xandy who was fighting against Tolkath, who both are radically different!
  • Xandy: "Didn't figure you guys would visit today! Mind helping me out with this creep?!"
  • Xandy: "See, this is why you're among the USRA Rangers' top punk lists, Tolky! Ya kinda answered your own question, ya joyless loser!"
  • Tolkath was about to charge at Xandy, but was quickly knocked out by Icky who tossed a Hammer Bros. Hammer at him!
  • Tolkath: "D'OHHHHH?! Ohhhhhhhh. (Faints)."
  • Xandy: ".... Thanks guys. Though, what exactly brought you guys here?"
  • Icky: "Safe bet this is an alternate reality where our Universe still became known to them, and known without the VA being a thing, assumingly."
  • Xandy: "Pardon now?"
  • Iago: ".... Xands, let us be blunt, we're from an entirely different reality."
  • Xandy: ".... Wow! Those Neverums were right! Guess I owe Xerxes 20 bucks!"
  • Icky: "Whoa whoa whoa, wait a minute! Did I, heard that correctly? Did you say, that you owe Xerxes 20 bucks? As in, like he's a bud?!"
  • Xandy: "Well who else would he be if not that?"
  • Icky: "You?! Friends with Xerxes?!"
  • Xandy: "Yikes. I take it that's not so in your reality?"
  • Iago: "Yeah, you're obviously too innosent to know the full truth, so, let's just say, in our reality, the USRA disbanned and, subsiquint bad things happen, including Xerxes doing something, bad to you guys."
  • Xandy: "Yikes. Diffently not my kind of reality. Well thank goodness I prevented my friend Xerxes from becoming your Xerxes by stopping that doughe Xandronian from trying to foreclose Xerxes' kingdom over a water tower that everyone knows wasn't exactly the most stable on it's own, never mind with an innosent prank happened. Course, I had to try and get some USRA help for it, but other then that, I say I did good."
  • Icky: "(Quietly to Iago) So I take it that cause the USRA never went kaput, for reasons I will ask about, that the VA never got to be even be considered a thing, cause the secret founders never met via AUU Jafar cause socity wasn't crappy enough for it because, well, it's the freaking USRA, thus Xandy was borned and grew up right around the time Xandronian tried to give Xerxes' parents shit on his own."
  • Xandy: "From there, after I put that doughe in his place, Xerxes and I became close friends ever since. I later on desided that I liked doing good after I got Xandronian fired from being adviser, so I joined the USRA Rangers. I made such good friends, I even got a boyfriend out of this. (Brings out a photo of her being with Hudson and the other usual HA heroes, plus some new faces.) You likely know Hudson. I, admited to have been crushing on Clifton even when he had Samantha, but a situation with Garlock got me to realise that Hudson and I, were just meant to be. I mean, had you been this reality's Icky and Iago, ya'd know that, since the Lougers came and helped put down the Pain Administers, a group Tolkath and Xandronian was apart of, along with that other jerk, Jling Sling, after he lost out on being in the Grand Council to Xerxes' friend Kung Hao."
  • Iago: "(Quietly) So the Secret Founders ended up meeting later then earilier instead?"
  • Icky: "So the "Pain Administers" are this reality's "Villains Act"?"
  • Xandy: "Villains Act? Abit too on the nose, don't you think?"
  • Icky: "Oh and "Pain Adminsiters" so damn subtle?"
  • Xandy: "Good point, but, at least it is abit more so, when compaired to outright using villains in the name. That be like if the Rangers were called "The Heroes Act"."
  • Icky: "Well, before we get too side-tracked, care to explain how, (Points to the Nexx Tower) The USRA managed to not disban like in our reality?"
  • Xandy: "Oh, that's easy. You likely didn't got a reality where Dr. Infernus made the famous Infernus Lawsuit."


  • (Xandy): "After Infernus lost his job for calling out Jackary for being a dick, Infernus wanted to get even. Now, initionally, he had this pipedream about starting an uprising group and declare war on Globex, but before he even got started, he quickly realised that it would be more civil, to do what a normal man would've done."
  • Jackary: "WHAT?!"
  • (Xandy): "Infernus managed to get this case right into the USRA court, and with many geniuses coming forth to bring up how Globex screwed them over, Jackary wasn't so smug anymore. (Jackary was sweating like mad, along with fellow corrupt CEOS)."
  • USRA Judge: "Jackary A. Holey, you are to be sentenced to the upcoming prison planet Oranos for the act of idea infridgement, with the removeal of your title, which goes double for your friends, and that Globex must legally combinsate every single victim of your scam, and that they are to create a rule that will prevent them from ever having to repeat these sins ever again! Court's ajorned!"
  • (Xandy): "As a result, Jackary became among the first prisoners of Oranos, and was never heard from again since, while Globex made due on it's sentence of giving proper amends to the wronged geniuses, even Infernus who got his job back, which thus gave rise to the Infernus Rule. Granted, Globex suffered a momentary finacel crisis, but thanks to the accepting of more honest practices and proper reckindition to the initional geniuses, it was a brief moment of trouble, and life just went on as it should."

Flashback ends.

  • Xandy: "After that, the USRA got to enjoy more prosperity and peace, minus instences like the Necktronians making a scene, and the occational head butting with UIS over terratory and the USRA's other hiccups in the past. And the only real serious problem came from the Pain Administraition, where Jling and Xandronian, and several others like Tolky, founded the Pain Administration and usurped the rulership of Peerbon, where they banned things like Kraansmas, Pranks, or just generally loved things, and put mentally troubled folks in consintraition camps, among other things. It was something the USRA wasn't gonna pardoned. So the USRA declared war on the Administraition, and it ended up lasting 14 years because the Administraition, dispite only having Peerbon, kept surprisingly strong with their over-spending on millaterry. Then eventually, our lougers showed up, and, that's about it."
  • Icky: "Yeah, this is obviously another best case scenario AUU, if though more balenced and not as overtly ideal. But it does have that utopian vibe."
  • Xandy: "No kidding. Sure, we ended up with another brief problem with UIS when our Louger's Gazelle became a thing, but, we've ended up bringing the USRA and UIS closer togather during our probation with them."
  • Iago: "Well, we gotta go now. We're kinda in a tiff with the Neverums. It's complicated. (Icky and Iago got into a portal)."
  • Xandy: ".... Tch. Just like our Lougers. Always getting into shenanigans, those two."

A No-Vexomite Defeat AUU

  • Icky and Iago fell into a space station laboratory, surprising some Cunone sciencetists as they cat screech and ran off!
  • Icky: ".... Ow....."
  • Iago: "Ugh.... Bad news, Ick. It's not getting old yet. But it sure does feel like it!"
  • ???: "FREEZE?!"
  • General Phaser and some troopers were seen....
  • General Phaser: "State your intentions!"
  • Icky: "Inter-dimentional travelers."
  • Phaser: "..... Strangely, with the Neverums in mind, that actselly makes believeable sense. But ya still wrecked the lab! Ya just costed us weeks of work. Now it'll take even longer to get our due justice against the Vexomites. Espeically after what they did to our planet."
  • Icky: "..... Do, you know what humans are?"
  • Phaser: "Tch. Who doesn't? Those incompident over-glorifived blowhards failed to save our planet! Along with those smelly garbage eating Yuruns. The Cunones have to become a space-fairing race ever since the failure."


  • (Phaser): "It was the eve of the Great Vexomite war. The Vexxos were just about to use their bought Fangpo Astro Laser against us and send our planet out of orbit. The Yuruns were trusted to hi-jack the thing and used it against them instead..... The Vexxos ended up getting wise to this, and killed the useless rodents before they could get far. The end result..."
  • The Astro Laser knocks Cunoone out of orbit!
  • (Phaser): "..... The fall of Cunoone."
  • Cunone ships are seen leaving.
  • (Phaser): "We'd lost the war, and had to evacuate from the planet.... The Cunones became homeless now, forced to become a space fairing race. It gets worse. The Humans and the Yuruns desided that we weren't worth avenging by making a peace treaty with those bugs! Oh, sure, the treaty forbid the bugs from making good on enslaving our crippled planetless race, and you can argue that it was more for our benefit and that they felt fighting them was a losing battle thanks to the Astro Laser.... But it's the PRINCIPAL OF THE MATTER?! The fact they made peace with those basturdious bugs at all, and not avenged us, shows that they didn't cared that greatly about the loss of our planet, which is now a frozen wasteland!"

Flashback ends.

  • Phaser: "Everything about our culture, was gone. Cunoone is now indistintishable from Oranos. The Humans tried to make a brief-lived allience calle the "USA" or whatever, but it failed because the Naurds and the Yuruns weren't good enough. So, the universe became a place where everyone relied on itself."
  • Icky: "So basicly, UIS' dream universe?"
  • Phaser: ""UIS"? I think you meant UIC: Universeal Independence Council. Founded by the Brains, Skeps, Vyrans and Bullas, they recruited a great number of systems and races to make independence more of a commen thing. With UIC, they only intervine if it's too serious to ignor, or if it threatens independence. (Shows a list of names, which hosts the usual UIS races, along with those that would've been USRA races, like the Atonts, Sabuchans, Zharphalls and Fugopaths, among others) They ran the universes WAAAAAAAY better then the Humans' stupid allience would've did. Because they let the universes make their own decidsions. And as long as weapons like Astro Lasers stay out of fights, we can afford to fight the Vexxos for what they did for as long as we want. However, you guys kinda set us back to weeks. Now we have to cancel another invadtion, AGAIN! And neither Human or Yuruns got to screw us over again this time!"
  • Icky: "Look, it's mainly an accsident, we're trying to utilise the Neverum portal opener properly, and- (Inadvertingly opens a new one as Icky and Iago got sucked in)....."
  • Phaser: "..... Wow, they are amaturs at it."

A Never-Ended Teadr 1 Age AUU

  • Icky and Iago crashed right into an entirely different room.
  • Icky: "Good, grief, this freaking joke, Iags! We need to get Scroopy and MSM, and/or X if he's involved for today, some writing reavalu- (Saw that he is in a room filled with Teadr 1 races)........ Ment......?"
  • Iago: "..... Oh, don't tell me. This is an AUU where the Teadr 1 age never ended and that these guys managed to avoid the dishastors that caused their "Extinction", right?"
  • Different Urdian Leader: "Well, based on what you said, I think it's safe to agree that the Neverums are actselly very correct on their thories. (The other Different Leaders unamiously agreed.)"
  • Differnet Ehswan Leader: "Though I think we can agree that it's best we keep our curiosity of what their reality is like, to ourselves."
  • The Leaders agreed to that as well.
  • Different Ceallan Leader: "So, would you be interested in learning about-"
  • Icky: "Guys, we can already predict that you simply avoided your respective dishastors, and thus you guys pretty much came to create like, basicly a Teadr 1 USRA and had handled things, SO much better then what actselly occured, so, no offence, but I saw the writing on the wall on how crazily utopian this socity is, it is obviously a SUPER-best case scenario, it's as simple as that, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sure it's an interesting story all the same, but, ya know, ya know, it was kinda spoiled to me ahead of time, just from seeing you guys here, I'm very sorry, me and Iags will just go. (The two left for another portal)...."
  • Different Urdian Leader: ".... Goodness..... Were we, that predictable?"
  • Different Ehswan Leader: "Goes to show that the capability of Teadr 1 and our legacies in different realities had proceeded us."
  • The Leaders muttered in agreement to that.

A Qui Rescue of the Rotords AUU.

  • Icky and Iago crashed into another street!
  • Iago: "Where are we now?!"
  • The two got up and found a not at all destroyed Rotord city.....
  • Icky: ".... Pretty much a reality where, either Gordon never happen, or Qui was able to stop Gordon in time."
  • Iago: "(Looks at a certain direction) I'm, lending more torwords the second possability. (Iago points to a Statue of Liberty sytile of a statue in Qui's honor as she stood proudly on top of Gordon's deceased body.)."
  • Icky: ".... Well hey, good on Qui on correcting the VA's numbskull mistake of accepting Gordon into the VA on time. Well, in this reality anyway."
  • Icky and Iago got to a TV store where an interview show was seen.
  • Rotord Interviewer: "We come to you live, to talk with our new governor of the planet, Rita Francis, to talk about the Great Qui who saved our planet from Gordon the animal. Govenor?"
  • Rita: "It's more like "Goveness", but, I am happy to. I remember when I saw the news of what has occured."


  • (Rita): "I saw the report on how Darkness Qui was fighting against Gordon in one of the atomic bomb facilities, in actselly trying to save us. I was amazed. I mean, yes, I heard rumors that Gordon was denounced of being a serious VA member and that he was at this point being a renigade, but, Qui was fighting to save our world from Gordon! It was, awe-inspiring."
  • Qui was able to finally kill a screaming Gordon!
  • (Ria): "He killed Gordon in a clash, his armor rendered useless to her mighty claws, as she stood victoriously about the corpse of that filthy ape. The people, rejoiced her name."
  • The Roptords cheer for Qui's victory over Gordon.
  • (Rita): "We were willing to dedicate our lives for her cause. However, it was almost ruined by those stupid USRA aliens! (The Federations Showed up and arrested Qui)! They only saw capturing Qui as a means to cripple the VA and forced the Secret Founders into exposure. The Roptords, were not having it. So, we declared war on the Federations, and used our bombs against their homeworlds!"
  • The USRA Worlds suffered from atomic attacks!
  • (Rita): "As such, the surviving members surrendered Qui, willingly, as their federations crumble into nothing."
  • Qui was freed.
  • (Rita): "Though the VA already crumbled into nothing as well come the majority of the Secret Founders' arrest apawn being exposed, Qui stayed for 6 years as our savior, and protected us from UIS expandsion apawn the USRA races' downfall. However, a remaining secret founder, by the name of W, came to Qui and reveiled her true life as being of the other universes. Thus, she desided that she need to go and find her real family. She gave the Rotord people a final goodbye and left on her quest. As a result, I would come to become govenor of our planet and continue her legacy to keep our planet safe from UIS' vicegrip."

Flashback ends.

  • Rita: "Though I do must offer some sympaties to the endangered USRA races now subugated to play by UIS' rules. But I can offer the universes a new means to stand up to UIS. I aim to proprose the Qui Allience, where we join forces with races that came to admire Qui's heroisum for even only our planet. Togather, we can keep UIS from forcing their icy-grip in forcing us into isolationisum, and see a brave new universes unfold."
  • The Audience on the TV applauded.
  • Icky: ".... Yowza. This is a weird best and worse case scenario combo platter mess of a universe! I mean, yes, it's great the Roptords, DIDN'T get wasted by Gordon, but, the messed up aftermath! The USRA races are the endangered ones now, UIS is on a conquest spree, and as we know, the Rotord's race creators, the Priemans, are bound to get involved in this! This universe is on the path of a losing battle with UIS!"
  • Iago: "Or worse, the Priemans are already involved and are just waiting for the perfect moment to ambush these guys before they get started?!"

A Never-Defeated HPA AUU

  • Icky and Iago crashed right into the lobby of an impourent base.
  • Icky and Iago: "D'OWWWWWWWWW?!"
  • Icky: "..... This joke's not gonna leave us alone, isn't it?"
  • Iago: "It's, likely, a theme joke. Comes with the terratory of these comedy adventures."
  • ???: "Ahem."
  • Icky and Iago looked up to see an athoritive Immanuel Zeno Opponhelmer.
  • Immanuel: ".... Can I, help you gents with something?"
  • Iago: "Wait, weren't you that New Human Protection Agency guy?"
  • Immanuel: "New? Why say it like that? Why, that would imply that the HPA had ever fell to begin with. But I ensure you gentlemen, it didn't.... Also, put on some pants! (Censor Bots appeared and covered up Icky and Iago). You can hide behind being birds and/or not having your genitals out and about thanks to genitraction, but there's a principal to it, good sir! Also, we don't have a gymniain-policy here, so don't bank on that."
  • Icky: "Wait, so, this is an alternate reality where the HPA was able to avoid being wasted by the VA?"
  • Immanuel: "V, A? Ohhh, you mean that minor uprising group from 1997! I admit, they nearly pulled a fast one back in the day, but thanks to us adapting to it in time, we were able to thwart the attack and rendered it moot and pointless. Afterwords, we pretty much took down the group after at least one day of them being able to hold Peerbon in their group. Wait, you said something about alternate reality?"
  • Icky: "Yeeeaaaah, let's just say, from our reality, you guys weren't so lucky."
  • Immanual: ".... Well by jove. Guess the Neverum belief had accreacy after all. Well, let me tell you of the progress we made afterwords."


  • (Immanuel): "Though the secret founders escaped, we did capture a Miss "Darkness" Quidilen. She claimed to be a Zewinsaur who-"
  • (Icky): "We already know the backstory in our reality."
  • (Immanuel): "Oh. Anyway, when we went to investigate that story, well, we discovered that she was a victim of deception, and that she, was from another United Universes. Apawn Qui's own discovery, poor thing was broken up on how she almost ruined our Universe's socity. Alchourse, the Federation Leaders desided to be good sports about it and simply, give an improptu exile back to her universes to seek out any trace of who she really is. Afterwords, we halted Xerxes' genoside attempts after a latest battle with a local Sea Squirl he wronged. Her name was claimed to be "Xandy", who went own to be a protective vigilantie for her spieces. With Xerxes' arrest, along side some loyalists, the Kingdom saw a recovery from what could've been a rather unflattering reign of violent revenge over an old dispute about a flimsy water tower. Then, the Grand Council was founded in a desire to prevent more instences of bad things happening over petty nonsense like that again. In the meantime, the HPA went on to hunt down the Secret Founders. The Majority of them weren't so surprising, from a warbothian mad at a beloved holiday, an embittered gang-war victim, a criminal who's synicate we busted awhile back, a rogue Auguran, some disgruntled burocrates, an ex-currecty troupe member and a former businessmen of Globex, even a terrorest who framed a twin brother in Tarcidon, of which we corrected alchourse. Though the real shocker was that Kafar, one of our own humans, was a main founder. He subsiquintly lost his position, along side humanity's respect, and was locked up in Oranos ever since with his ill-gotten partners."

Flashback ends.

  • Immanuel: "Some people even thoriesed that if it wasn't for us, the "VA" as you call them, nice abridgiation by the way, it really rolls off the tongue, point is, if it wasn't for us, some fear that they would've potaintionally had been much worse."
  • Icky: "Well trust me, we're from a reality where they proved that throey right. All ya need to know, is that the VA would've been 14 years of major-headaches for everyone."
  • Immanuel: "And I'll take your word for it. Since that time, we also quelled a defected Globex Branch with a rather on-the-nose name of "Corruption Co.", we busted several rogue individuals from time to time, we stopped a crazy ape from genosiding races from a war he NEVER EVEN SEEN, why, we stopped him before he even got started on his first planet! Anyway, we've eventually captured that naughty seperatist Yarge, we've done good to keep the Gronan Renigades at bay, we uncovered a nasty truth behind a moon governor's regressive treatment of his moons, we cleared a soldier's good name from that scary bug Ogel, we captured the Helix Lord before he really did some damages, and, so on and so forth."
  • Iago: "Oh yeah, this is a very best case scenario universe.... Ish."
  • Icky: "But still, props on keeping things from going downhill."
  • Immanuel: "All part of the job and what not. Although, I suspect that you two may have an issue with the Neverums, because, well, I understand they are strict about traveling to other realities all willy-nilly, and-"
  • Icky: "Say no more, we're goneso! (Icky and Iago jumped into a portal!)"
  • Immanuel: ".... (SIghs), This, will be very hard, to explain, to my superiors."


  • Icky and Iago fell through and crashed RIGHT into a mess hall.
  • Icky: "D'OH'OW?!"
  • Iago: "D'OW?!"
  • Icky: ".... We just couldn't stop crashing into things, can we?"
  • ???: "AHEM!"
  • Marson was seen with other soldiers.
  • Marson: "I do have to inform you suddenly-appearing-from-nowhere gentlemen, that the Dynasty Cruser as of now is a private millatery ship! (Notices that they were naked).... AND THAT WE DO NOT HAVE A GYMNIA-FRIENDLY POLICY?! CENSOR BOTS?! (Millaterrised Censor Bots covered up Icky and Iago!) And you can say that you're birds or bring up Genitraction all you want, it's the prinipal of the matter, son! And being in the buff, is not proper millaterry protocal! All your doing is making it easier for the enemy to take you down!"
  • Icky: "Enemy?"
  • Marson: ".... Son, have you been under a rock or lived in a cave?"
  • Icky: "More like we're from a reality different then this."
  • Marson: "..... Well son of a gun, those Neverums have a damn point. Then allow me to ready the most impourent film ever constructed in OUR reality. MEN AND WOMEN?! (Some soldiers readied a holo-film projection screen and projector as it played."
  • Soldier 1: "OH YEAH, LUNCH, AND A SHOW?!"
  • Soldier 2: "We already seen this one, genius, we've all seen it at this point."
  • Soldier 1: "Yeah, but it's a fun watch, well, as far as propaganda is concerned."

In the film.

  • A title appeared that read "The USRA/UIS War and You!"
  • Narrator: "Dateline: 1883, an aftermath of the Exo-Wars. Sometime after the Necktronians proved to be undesireable, the USRA was at an all time low. It was on the verge of collapse as hints of a slightly different war was being in the works over the crumbling of Globex industries. However, the USRA was inadvertingly saved, by a group that albeitly, tried to do the oppisite..... UIS."
  • Drumatic music played as the UIS initionals rose above the Xorizome capital city.
  • Narrator: "UIS had seen the growing disability and weakness of the USRA as a chance to spread their belief of universeal independence around. Now, by all means, Universeal Independence is all fine and dandy, but I'm afraid that's only sweet icing a tough cake to chew. Now, fair is fair, admitingly, a universe dependent on a singuler group can be a recipe for dishastor if things go wrong, and with the Exo-Wars and the downfall of Globex's popularity in mind, it tecnecally wasn't much of a streach that our socity would've collapse in on itself, and who knows what could occure from there on out? However, UIS in control of everything could have undesireable effects in our communities. The price of this universeal independence, well, for starters, we pretty much have to start relying on ourselves. That means, no Globex."
  • The Globex logo vanishes....
  • Narrator: "Now, I know that doesn't seem so bad to you, given that they WERE in a nasty controversey and all, involving a few, less then desireable gentlemen and women in CEO positions, and by all means it was good that those geniuses and inventors got their justice onto it, but, try not to altogather forget that before the wrong people got the job, Globex was pretty much how the communities under the USRA had florished. Now, would've had it been possable for communites to do so without Globex? I'm not one for denying, it can be possable and has been historicly proven that Globex was not as old as time itself, but things would've ended up moving no more faster, then this little guy."
  • Shows a picture of an AUU snail.
  • Narrator: "Alot of accomplishments Globex made would've taken much, much longer without Globex then it has with one. So, life without Globex, would've ended up delivering the things we've all came to take for granted, much much slower, heck, you might not even get to see even only half of those such things in your lifetime if not for Globex. Now, I know that nasty controversey and the Exo-Wars weren't fun for everyone, trust me, it wasn't fun for the USRA too, espeically since they felt they could've prevented that mess by implanting a rule like the now present Infernus Rule way earlier then how it happened. Problem is, with UIS, they're not so understanding about the should'ves and could'ves, and quite frankly, they weren't thrilled with how the USRA funtions. Now, they have their understandable reasons. But think about the price of those reasons."
  • Exaggeratedly cartoony caracaptures of UIS races were shown.
  • Narrator: "For the Skeps, they want to see Phargau to not be a garbage dump planet anymore, which, let's be fair here, wasn't the USRA's best treatment of the planet, all things considered. But think about what that would mean. Phargau not taking garbage anymore, without an alternate shorce like a Space Garbage Dump Station, would mean that we would have a new garbage crisis,"
  • Garbage began to pile up in the city.
  •  Narrator: "And our clean pristine cities would become a thing of the past. The Yaterons used to have a disagreement with the Vyrans about how the Yaterons reached their Teadr 1 status, and if the Vyrans have their way, the Yaterons would be back to basicly, being cavemen, and thus their legacy undermined, because it didn't exactly happened in a more naterol growth. The Bullabulls aren't fond that the USRA is about intervention in serious matters and about helping all, along side a personal issue about Lyrma Solo. Now, again, this is about respecting independence and letting things flow naterolly, to be fair, but consider the fact that the USRA had prevented alot more inter-planetary wars this way, whether the Bullas would admit that or not,"
  • Sights of more smaler scale conflicts began to occure.
  •  Narrator: "And in the best case scenario, everyone would just be more unfriendly with eachother. And now, let's talk about the brains of the operation: Brainiacaazks, or, just the Brains for, an easier time talking about them. What do they want? Well depends on how you asked. While the Grandmind is certainly a decent enough leader, the fact of the matter is, for the other Brains, UIS is mostly just a boasting project in that they can make the better allience.... But, to their credit.... Inadvertingly thanks to our tendingcy to make mistakes, they kinda did. And now, they saw that the USRA was in a weak position, and now, they see that as a means to make the USRA, vanish."
  • The Nexx Tower vanishses.
  • Narrator: "And the penultamate result had they succeed? The end of all things USRA. The first thing to go is USRA approved capitalisum and businesses, which may include C&C's, (That vanishes), the T-Malls, (That vanishes as well), but most impourently, our connectivity to all worlds. The next thing is that they'll undo every exile sheild and offictal ban state on certain troublesome races in the past, because they don't deem them "Moral", thus, well, imagine Pharcum trouble making becoming more common beyond their native system, or a new Weavoid War, the Kraetans going uncheck, the Byzans being back, or who knows what else UIS would free."
  • The Conflicts get more intense.​​​​​​
  • Narrator: "But the scariest concern of all, we could lose the USRA races in some form. Now, for the most part, the worse that would happen to the majority of them is either losing their tec privlages or being subugated to UIS' standerds, but the poor Tiikens, Aufones, and Uouans.... They don't have it so lucky. Because the Skorners want to obilierate the Tiikens to extinction because to Skorners, the race are an embarrisment for having three personalities, the Aufones could be doomed to going back to being slave labor for the Coraaks, just imagine them like amfibianised Grutts and you'll get the picture, and the Uouans, don't currently have it good with the Ka'Navi, and we worried that the Uonans might not be able to cope with the Ka'Navi being free to punish them as they see fit for the loss of a sacred treasure. Worse case scenario...."
  • The Uouans vanished....
  • Narrator: "They might no longer even be around. So, as you can understand, UIS and the worse case scenairio of their rule, pretty much forced the USRA to put aside petty issues, and unite our part of the United Universes and stand up to UIS. As a result, we now live in a life of war with UIS, and now we thrive on an ecomamoy dependent on this war, which made Globex trusted again, it made us all more appresitive of what we have vs. what we didn't, but most of all.... UIS inadvertingly made those that care for the USRA and their races, far more closer togather then what they had intended. Now, maybe it's true what I bring up what UIS would do, is maybe abit worse case scenario. Maybe their rule actselly wouldn't be so bad. But the biggest problem with a UIS rule is, we don't know the answers of WHAT could happen because this group is rather vague and mysterious. Maybe they would be good to us, or maybe things would be worse then what I had suggested, which is why you must understand why this war exists. We'd rather not take that chance, even for promising ideals, and show UIS that there is nothing wrong with relying on the USRA. So sign to your local millaterry today."
  • Saluting soldiers were seen.

Film ends.

  • Icky: ".... So, since you guys entered a war with UIS, does that mean, there's no Villains Act?"
  • Marson: "I'm sorry, the what now?"
  • Iago: "(Quietly) That's a good confirmation that there's diffently no VA."
  • Marson: "... Oh, right, you most likely came from a reality where UIS DIDN'T tried to take over us. Well, I guess cause of UIS wanting a fight with us, it made our comminites more united and togather, and thus, well basicly, it prevented any kind of evioment that would've encourage something as crazy as a "Villains Act". What, am I expected to believe that there's a hero verson too?"
  • Icky: "Would you actselly be surprised if I said yes?"
  • Marson: "..... Wow. Your reality is abit on-the-nose about those two groups, ain't they?"
  • Icky: "So, I'm guessing that because UIS was the one to start causing problems, the things that could've caused the rise of the VA and the other subsiquint wars this one prevented, never happen?"
  • Marson: "Yeah, pretty much."
  • Iago: "(Quietly) Imagine how much this effects our universe because of it?"
  • A LT showed up!
  • LT: "Sir, there's a Neverum fleet ship intersecting the Dynasty Crusier, they insisted that they have to intervine."
  • Icky: "LATER?! (Icky and Iago retreated back into the portal)......"

A If Iallog Stayed Peaceful AUU

  • Icky and Iago fell in into sand!
  • Icky: ".... Welp. At least it wasn't something hard. (Spits out sand)......"
  • Iago: "Well with sand, it could be just about any desert planet world."
  • They see a city not too far from here.....
  • Icky: ".... Let's get to that city, Iags."
  • Icky and Iago flew off torwords the city.
  • The two arrived at the enterence and saw a familier face as they gasped in surprise.
  • Scarla (From Keucan Revolution): "Greetings travelers. Welcome to the peaceful world of Iallog."
  • Icky: "SCARLA?! What happened to you?! You look..... WAY better off?!"
  • Scarla: "Would that imply I was ever in a bad position, friends?"
  • Iago: "(Quietly) Ick, I think it's a safe bet this is an AUU where Iallog didn't fell apart. Maybe it's best she doesn't know what you meant by that."
  • Icky: "(Quietly) Got ya. (Openly).... My apologies ma'am, I mistook you for, someone else. So, as two totally innosent tourests, can you explain Iallog's history, spefificly any time where it came close to having actual conflict?"
  • Scarla: "An, unusual request, but okay. There was only one, and it was over the Kraan religen."


  • (Scarla): "The court of the two brothers looked to be as if it was about to go down an undesireable direction.... Until the leader, spoke up! He suggested, that why not update the tradition to offer more religious diversity and diversity in general instead of trying to remove the Kraan religen? And, everyone, went for it. The traditionalist brother was abit scorned about this, but, he came around eventually. Thus, Iallog remained peaceful. And this peace would inspire generations of other worlds, to resolve conflicts peacefully, which redused so many of it's pointless conflict problems."

Flashback ended.

  • Scarla: "Even when the VA became a concern, intense negosiations eventually lead to a peaceful resolution."
  • Icky: "(Quietly) Diffently another best-case scenario AUU."
  • Scarla: "So, may I offer a tour into the beautiful city?"


  • Icky and Iago ended up appearing in what looked like a historic museum.
  • Icky: "AW NOW WHAT?! (The two looked up to a sign that reads "The HIstory of UIS's success.) The history of UIS's success?...... Well shit-tronics. Is this to be assumed that this is a dimention where UIS was more successful with people?"
  • ???: "Not nessersarly that, friends. (A museum robot guide showed up) It is a museum in tribute to UIS' assendion as the rightful rulers of the universes, and ensuring that we were never taunted by the colonial madness of the USRA, ever again."
  • Iago: "..... Oh boy. It is one of those dimentions."
  • Icky: "Well, for the sake of getting this over with, we may as well play along. Okay Doc-Bot, enlighten us on how that happened?"
  • Museum Robot: "Alchourse. It all started with the founding of the 15 year-spanned Villains Act."
  • Icky/Iago: "15!?"
  • Icky: "(Quietly) This must be an AUU where we ended up not showing up... Or, potaintionly didn't existed, I don't know, alternate realities bug me!"
  • Museum Robot: "At the start of this cold 15-year period, the Humans of the failed USRA, cowerdly retreated to another dimention and never came back during that time. But some humans, remained..... These humans, under Weiss, would forsake the cowerdly initive, and instead secretly coinsponded with UIS races. In that time, the defect humans evolved into the Neohumans and became vastly more superior then Human originals. After the 14th year has passed, the Federation races desided to give up on eradcating the VA and desided to aim to negosiate peace talks with them and treat the VA as a legit force of goverment."
  • Icky: "(Quietly) Yeee, then maybe it was a good thing we bumbled in like we did."
  • Museum Robot: "This has betrayed so many worlds that had hoped that the USRA races would protect them from expanding VA boarders. It was the perfect moment for UIS to gloriously saved the day, espeically with the Knowledge that UIS can harm the VA after their embarrising attempt to chip away at them with their brief includtion of the Pro USRA Corolition. The Neohumans vanguarded the great UIS invadtion and single handedly defeated and contain all VA members that were in attendence to the planned peace talks. The USRA's failed HA were adopted into UIS, and became UID, Universeal Independence Enforcers, who were vastly more successful at aquiring heroes then USRA controled forces were. Qui and all corinsponding leaders, including the greatly exposed secret founders, have been sentenced to life imprisonment in Alpha Station of Corionus System. It was when UIS exposed an even bigger betrayal to the universes then the idea of making peace with them by the USRA forces: One of their councilers were a secret founder."
  • Iago and Icky got more and more concerned.
  • Museum Robot: "Now, the nuance existed that Jling was a Secret Founder first and him joining the grand council was a secondary position for him to obtain for the purpose of spying. But still, the betrayal was too disgusting for the embittered universes to ignor. In espeically because that Jling was the one who cohersed the Federations to make these peace talks happen."
  • Icky: "(Quietly) Yet further piece of proof that Jling's a shit-ruining asshole."
  • Museum Robot: "As a result, the Grand Council was disbanded, apawn the annexing of the USRA capital planets, and UIS's rebirth, as the great UUIS, United Universes of Independent Systems. As such, the false USRA guardians, have been given equil punishments... The USRA Federations, disbanned in shame. And UIS, and/or their victims, got to deside their fates."
  • Glowing Displays were seen.
  • Museum Robot: ".... The first punishment was the Pharagu Clean-Up..... UIS forces cleaned up all of the garbage of Pharagu, restored it's beautiful nature, and send the garbage to the Yurun planet, after the entire populace were collected by the Naaars to forever be farmed and kept in the Naaar colonies in finally having a stedy supply of their faverite food. The Vyrans saw to it that the Yaterons were redused to Teadr 7 as they had intended, as now, the Yateron race are exspearing a more naterol evolution of their tecknowagey, albeit, slowly. The Skorners finally got to see their long-awaited cleansing of the Tiikens, and removed every trace of their existence, even using an Astro Laser bought from Ugoldest, on the Tiiken planet, after the race were wiped out. The Finkur finally got to enjoy mimicing the Xurun race as much as possable, at least until the Byzanks were released from their exile sheild, and finally completed their indoctrination of them. With great negosiations and purifying of their great Plexnet, the Byzanks became great UIS allies. While the Finkurs carry on with the lost legacy of Xuruns and still get to enjoy their finally free for use tec. The Sailnecks get to enjoy that the Aufones would never return to their system when the Coraaks finally annexed the entire race back into servitude, this time, some Sailnecks vollenteered, to make sure that the Aufones and other servituded amfibians, are kept in place. The Weavoids had been freed and are being successfuly intregrated back into socity after the exicution of Oakan, and exposure of his wicked intentions. The Uonans suffered a painful extinction by the Ka'Navi in finally enjoying them no longer having USRA protection. BEIG merged with the crumbling AUU Currentcy Trope and became far stronger then ever, owning complete capital on all currentcy. The Askerites enjoyed an allience with the Ohrugans infamous enemies: Kraetans, who not only saw the Ohrugans being booted out of the Askerties rightful home system, but the Kraetans entered a great rematch war with the Ohrugans, and this time, won, and subugated the entire race into a servent class race for both Kraetans and the Askerites. Cordensians saw the return of the re-servituded Atonts. The Naroudans found themselves made second class citizens to the Vezzerick's take-over of their native system. Cunone socity had fell apart apawn the crumbling of USRA credability, and the planet went into choas. They came to be rescued, by the reveiled still alive Vexxomites, who had freed from the goverment that caused their claimed extinction, the Veexomite and their former Seron allies came to rescue the socity, and, under UIS blessing since the isolated Vexxomite colony was of UIS terratory, the three made the solemn allience, where they declared eachother the only friends they will ever need. The Sabochuns are redused to lifestock for blood harvesting by the Icexdactyls, who became friendler to other blood festers of UIS, where Sabochun blood, became a faverite. The Rabodans saw their many hard-earn colonies reclaimed by the name of UIS, and exiled back into their native system, forced to remain there, by a wall of isolation, created by the Zhajerus, that obstructs the entire system, leaving the Rabodans to never be heard from again. All UIS races, got to see their desires come true, even if in limited fastions. And then.... There were the original humans who came back a year after. The Adviser Kafar was exposed as a traitor in being the last Secret Founder, and the actual mastermind of the fiasco, who was promptly imprisoned and left behind. The Neohumans ensured that the originals, were not returned to applause, but with shame. The Neohumans, subugated the originals, back in their original primitive state before the first Naroudan encounter, and were placed back in Marbon, as they deloved back into primitives. The Original Humans, were obsolute. And it was, the final nail, in the coffin that is, the now deceased legacy, of the USRA. UUIS, is all that remains, and shall remain, for all time...."
  • Icky and Iago were given shocked and depressed faces......
  • Icky: ".... We're going. (Icky and Iago leaved the place through the portal)...."

Inter-dimentional paths.

  • Icky and Iago came out.....
Rick and Morty Screaming

Rick and Morty Screaming

Icky and Iago screamed like this.

  • Icky and Iago sigh repeatedly.
  • Then, Icky and Iago break into screams and cries!
  • Iago: "SO YOU AGREE?!"
  • Iago screamed!
  • Icky: "I mean, Jesus Christ Iags, I'm shaking from this, (Shows his wings) Look at this, I'm trembling more then the sad puppies from those fucking ASPCA COMMERCALS!?"
  • Icky: "..... After this Iags, we're getting a vacation, and we're keeping this depressing shit to ourselves, and taking it, to our graves."

A Passifived UIS AUU.


A Phend Dominated AUU.


A If the Skeps Joined the USRA AUU



  • Icky and Iagoc crashed into the floor!
  • Icky/Iago: "G'OOHHHH?!"
  • Icky: "..... Ya know Iags, the sooner this joke is retired for the episode, THE BETTER?!"
  • Iago: ".... No kidding. Ow."
  • The two got up, looked at a building wall and saw a concerning insigmia. It looked like the USRA's logo, but instead, it read URIS.
  • Icky: ".... I have a strong feeling this is another "different way UIS and USRA races have settled things and became pals" kinda universes, if though through darker means based on how CREEPY that fucking logo is!"
  • Iago: "I almost don't wanna know how this occured."
  • A cerimony was heard, as Icky and Iago cautiously looked in, and saw that the USRA Races and UIS races were solumly sharing the same rooms peacefully, as pictures of the UIS' races planets were seen all over the walls.
  • The USRA and UIS leaders were seen togather in formal clouthing.
  • Weiss rose up to get all's attention.....
  • Weiss: "..... Good evening, all present members of URIS. Alot of time has passed since that fateful event in April 11th, or, 4-11 as URIS came to reckindise it as. Things, had change. We saw the long awaited return of the original humans, all UIS races have fully recovered to their numbers, and the Universes began healing from the mistakes of the USRA and UIS alike. Though.... While time heals all wounds, we bare a wound that could take eras and eons of healing, even within our 23rd Aniversery of that dreadful event, when Meteor Missles from the UUF were able to harm UIS home planets, desistating, millions, and millions..... And all done so by the wicked fanactic general, Atomsmash!"
  • Icky and Iago gulped.
  • Icky: "(Quietly) I get the feeling that this is either an AUU where Atomo failed, died, or, more preferably, didn't existed, because I doubt any form of him would've allowed this shit to happen."
  • Weiss: "The tragity went as followed...."


  • (Weiss): "Atomsmash of UUF credentials, managed to create horrorable weapons in the form og Meteor Missiles, fired at UIS planets and caused, untold destruction, just to cause the isolation to end..... But the Farther Rim Barbarians, did not get to enjoy their victory. Neohumans went forth, and destroyed UUF, and made the isolation, stronger.... But it was no longer for their sake of independence..... It, was exile. Thus, we got the USRA races togather, even got the humans back from the Tranquility Zone after absolving an, unrelated event, it was Neohumans that brought both sides togather, and made historic peace in the face of tragity. Our universes, thrived, as a result."

Flashback ends.

  • Weiss: "May our communities become strong from this, and to never forgive the isolated."
  • Icky: "..... Iags, I'm depressed again, let's scram."
  • The two leave solumly.

A Reversed United Universes Roles AUU.

  • Icky and Iago fell from the portal and landed face first down into the ground, painfully!
  • Icky and Iago saw that the Clam Loungers and the Villain Leagion are in the roles akin to SAF, as they were seen fighting like them.
  • Icky: "...... This is a reality where the AUU was bacily like our United Universes, isn't it?"
  • Iago: "..... Eeeeeyup."
  • Icky: "..... Hey, may as well sit back and enjoy the show. (The two sat down and watch the battle unfold)."

(Work in progress).

A Jalladome Confederation Dominated AUU.


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