After almost dying from her own cowardice, Leliana decides that she wants to be as brave and skilled as Leliana X. She eventually gets her wish out of nowhere thanks to what's known as a Fiction Reaper, an Outer God that can bend the bounds between both fiction and nonfiction, drawing from both the cartoon multiverse and our own real multiverse, giving her what she wants. However, this wish has unwanted repercussions. Her wish affects San Samson and Remmy Brandybutt, making them evil, and even threatens to wipe away her own identity. Plus, reality was rewritten to fit the fictional characters' history, altering the history of the Villains Act in which Qui will be replaced by Scareye, and the Villains Act will be so successful it would resurrect itself. Thus, the Heroes Act and the visiting Lodgers have to undo this by seeking out the Fiction Reaper in question, aptly named Fan Servicsa. But they also have to tend with that Servicsa has been contained by other Fiction Reapers, warning that the bigger outer gods are rather displeased about Servicsa's unintetional revival of the VA, deeming it an act of distrupting balence. Now the Lougers will need the help of Star's Outer God Defect friends from the Realm of Rejects to resolve this since they obviously have the better idea of how Outer God politics work, and rescue the reknownly misguided Servicsa, who actselly has abit of a track record of having made even worse screw ups happen before.

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