Ierlith Pearla Blast

Ierlith P. Blast is an Alternate UUniversal Hydran from Planet Uridia. She is a bounty hunter, mercenary, gambler, and is what's known as a 'Censen', a being who used their Cerwan's Mutation (A mutation common in humans and rarely in alien beings that allows them to evolve through their growth span) to harness the phase energy of the Beofynzeny System's home race, the Teadr 1 Uridians that are now commonplace since Uridium, an energetic substance valued across the AUU, is spreading. Ierlith and her sister Taya became one of them. Raised in what was once a bustling Uridian metropolis called Uridium Mux, she discovered her first Uridium crystal as a young child and lived with her single mother who was one of many Hydrans to actually get over their rejection of technology and roam the stars for a new home. Thus, after her mother was killed by the AAF following Awesome Jaxtom's rise to power, she and her sister took off and became mercenaries, later on joining the Vault Seekers after doing much in the fight against Jaxtom. She even faked her own death to save her inexperienced sister, and became a godly figure named Firebird in the Coldfire Canyons of Inia, intent on keeping herself unknown until Taya mastered her powers. She did so later and she rejoined the fight. But she, her sister, and their 6 other VS friends eventually get mind-controlled by Jaxtom so they can help him search for the 88 Vaults and use their technology for his own corporate purposes, all under the eye of Commandant Steelea. She has always been loved by the public despite her career choice, not just because of her dashing pretty looks, but also for the fact that she's a Censen, and Steelea considers mercenary life a shameful and disgraceful misuse of her phasepowers, and the two have hated each other to the point where she became wanted for conspiracy, 'witchcraft', theft, and murder. She is an AUU parallel to Borderlands Lilith (Siren), and has similar powers, but unlike Sirens, more than six can exist at any given time and Uridium is not required too much to replenish these powers.


Ierlith was born to be a member of a cult of Hydran Censens intent on safeguarding the sanctity of uridium, and psychotically killing people who used it for technological advancement, seeing such an act as a sin based on the Hydrans' rejection of advanced technology. But her pregnant mother refused to accept this life any longer and abandoned them, leaving them to be taken out by the Phaseforce. Ierlith and later her sister Taya were raised in Uridium Mux, a megalopolis that thrived from the underground mining of uridium. But one former member of this cult abducted Taya and tried to use her as an agent of revenge. Thus while Ierlith tapped into power in a uridium crystal she found, Taya was forced into the same thing, and even being forced to try and kill her own mother. Ierlith rescued her, but the former member made good on his threat and killed their mother, getting himself killed by them in turn.

Now orphans, the two were taken in and raised by Morco, the head of Morco Munitions, and they, along with 6 others, heard great stories about the 88 Vaults, which held unknown treasures, power, and opportunities of wealth. The 8 sought the system looking for these vaults, but never found them, and grew out of it when they grew up. The 8 however did vow to reunite and finish their journey if they did turn out real. Afterward, Ierlith and Taya moved on with their lives. They even found out that their mother was still alive as a figure of phasepower. They thus helped her give the best of uridium to the Beofynzeny System to empower everyone, especially with the growth of crime rate.

However, they failed to realize that this could be used against them. When Jaxtom took over the Armatage Corporation and annexed the Huncus Corporation, he had his AAF kill their mother for good by using her own life essence to power a very powerful mining laser drill for obtaining the richest sources of uridium: their own stock. With their mother lost, the two swore to avenge her and became mercenaries, as well as reuniting with their six friends after realizing what Jaxtom was after, and saw that someone like him with what the Vaults had to offer was not allowed. Thus the eight became the latest Vault Seekers.



As an amphibious being, Ierlith has the ability to breath in land and in water, specifically by opening and closing the gills on her neck. Though her race is technophobic, she is one of the beings who embrace it considering the setting she is in. She enjoys technology as much as the rest of the people in the system. She especially grew up with a versatile ability to use any of it with which she can find.

Because of her trading mercenary life, her arsenal is not specific, as she uses any and all forms of weaponry of the main manufacturing corporations in the system. She mainly carries a Huncus RES-190 Recharging Energy Shield, and a Huncus ISD-500 Infinite Storage Device which she uses for storage and protection. Huncus is her preferred weapon to use in combat as she feels that Armatage is not only overkill and was utterly plagiarizing to Huncus considering their past feud, but considers it disgraceful considering who's running it, thus she sells any Armatage gun she comes across. She uses a Dohl-manufactured Emulator Device which she uses to determine her location, health, and anything else important, and she also uses several other Huncus-manufactured technology.

Her main power is the fact that she is a Censen. As a Censen, she uses the harnessed Uridian abilities and thus uses the races' phasepowers. Her strongest phasepower is Phasestroll, or the ability to turn intangible, invisible, and sees in highly-enhanced vision for a limited time. However, this power drains her energy much faster than any other ability. But other powers include phaseblasts where she fires energy from her hands, the ability to screech like a Uridian for imtimidation, and she can use Phasearmor, or an ability to manifest energy-based hologram-like purple armor that defends her and absorbs energy and damage, though it takes less energy than Phasestroll.


  • "S'up?"
  • "Ever seen a Censen in action? Here's your chance."
  • "Is there no end to my power?"
  • "Getting stronger by the minute!"
  • "I just keep getting better!"
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