Atonts, A species of Teadr 2 yellow or red fire ant that are indigenous to Planet Selcron. Being roughly the size of an average wasp, they aren't so good at being able to get attention, but they are so good at technology they have been trying for years to join the USRA, and later the Legion of Dominant Races, with little success. Now the Atonts plan to create the greatest creation in the universe: A machine that can be able to change all elements of reality! The ambitious project is under the guidence of a brillent atont sciencetist named Dr. Short-Shorts. This promises to be the most ambitious and would garrentied includion to the Legion. However, their hopes are dashed when the machine backfires and exploudes! The machine was savatoshed to spontaniously blow up to make the Atonts look very stupid in front of the Legion. Irreguardless of the Legion assuring them that these things happen, Atont offictals are quick to blame a local Atont independence advocate named Slebev-Sloa, who has been know to try and talk his people out of getting involved with the USRA and the Legion for years. He has been viewed as an anti-progressive and a short-sighted cynical jerk, but really, he's just being realistic that getting into a great allience for the time being is impossable, and that it would be best to enjoy funtioning on their own. It's almost too easy to just blame Slebev cause of his cynical views on the possability of joining the Legion and natrolly, he's arrested for possable savatosh. However, the Lougers and Heroes Act, who were attending apawn request of the Atont leader, Gerent Alte-Oucse, can't help to feel it's TOO easy. Outside of being cynical, Slebev didn't look like the type to intentionally savatoshed his own race, espeically that he actselly does admit that if it WAS actselly possable to join the Legion, he would be all for it. That means he was a victim of a possable conspiracy against him. Already rulling out the current at-large VA villains like because they're busy butting heads at the moment, the group must work to find out what is up. Both heroes have equil suspitions against a very progressive general of the Atonts named General Clail-Oxide, who was known to dispise Slebev for not being optimistic. There's even claims that Clail would wish to have Slebev exsiled to the belly of the Krobov Pit Worm if he were king or even representive of the Atonts in the Legion. Evidence all stack up against Clail, and when they further investigate this, they discover more then just an un-nessersarly complincated plan to frame an un-popular cynical nay-sayer. Clail is hypocritically against getting involved with the Legion too, cause it turns out, Clail is a racist asshole who hates "over-powered giants" who would restrict against the Atonts very badly if they joined against certain invention ideas. He thinks they over-reached their power even into races that aren't included to their inner-circle and are disruptive to universeal independence. So, he had planned to get his race so excited about joining the USRA/Legion so he can become representive, and then to proceed to cause misunderstandings that would've ruined the USRA/Legion. However, the USRA disbanned on their own cause of issues and momentarly the Legion wasn't considered powerful enough to be as effective, and for awhile, the universe did had independence, but as you know, there was abit of serious disorder as a result, the VA's founding among the chaos, and ever since the VA's end and the Legion's raise to a simuler power the USRA had before it's destruction, Clail attempted to repeat the same actions again. Clail doesn't and won't ever, and will never realise that the last time the USRA went down, everyone was after eachother's throats, and a 14-year-period of suffering under Villain uprisings almost doomed them. As ideal his beliefs of universeal independence is, and promising too, history proved it's a risk too great to take again. Clail must be exposed before he ruins the life of someone innosent and gets the chance of inadbertingly cause a new Interuniversal War.


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