Fergus A. Pyrothost, AKA Incinerator, is a fictional Superior fox published in Kratos XD Comix. He is known to have been a torture and sabotage expert during the Kratosian Civil War who had taken extreme fun torturing victims of Lord Genocide. When the War ended, Incinerator moved on to be his own villain. He is still a cranky and smart fox who has been known to literally burn his victims. He owns his own factory that came from a weapons-manufacturing company called Damnation Corps, and he built his own torture devices and weaponry to become a challenging opponent like his old master. That was when his first strike of fireworks caught the attention of the Titaneers, who had been trapped in the factory with no way out, forcing themselves to face the menacing grasp of Incinerator. His factory was a maze of obstacles and hazards, and each of the Titaneers were captured one-by-one and tortured in the worse ways possible. When they were able to find him, they battled and defeated him, having him sent to jail. Incinerator has only made 5 other appearances, and have been stopped each time. Incinerator is a serious arsonist, saboteur, and torturer who shows no mercy to his victims or opponents. He has a cranky personality, a high-squeaky voice, a twisted sense of humor, and a very cunning reputation. His powers include super-endurance, super-flight, super-longevity, sublimation, fire manipulation, self-detonation, and ghosting powers.

  • MCode: FmGhSdSeSfSlSul


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