Inferno Cyberpunks Symbol

Inferno Cyberpunks Symbol

The Inferno Cyberpunks were a criminal syndicate that has existed since the Exo-Wars of 1598-1668, being composed of all the leftover cyborgs and robots that fought during the wars. They followed the beliefs of the mad scientist who started the war, Dr. Armalite Infernus, who was imprisoned in Oranos for declaring war on the USRA and Globex Industries, and died of old age. Fortunately, they retrieved Armalite's body which was buried in the snow of the desert planet, and placed him into cryo-sleep to rebuild him. For centuries, the remaining cybernetic forces are planning to avenge him by joining the Villains Act and wreaks the 10-year Second Exo-War which claimed dozens of abandoned Globex facilities for their own. But when the Villains Act fell, and a few cybernetic heroes who turned into double agents against Armalite long ago called the Cybartans, due to the fact that they were humans, returned as soon as the other humans did, and began learning about the Cyberpunks. They then started trying to take down the Cyberpunks, but they have a backup plan to protect them. A backup plan that involved Armalite being successfully rebuilt into a robotic super-cyborg called Inferno Max.


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