An Infinitary.

are Outer Gods that act like the Infinity Libarians' scribes, which also happens that they are cousins of the Infinity Libarians, only they are able to do more heavy lifting things Infinity Libarians, even in the role of book tender after no longer having a reality to record, can't always be able to do, having an unlimited capacity for knowledge, and thus are omniscient. They know literally everything including things that mortal minds cannot possibly comprehend, and even act like scientists, coining the terms like the unit 'plancks', which define the amount of magical energy which is truly antimatter in the form of molecules charged with quantum energy which can warp reality, and even 'humes', the unit of reality present in an area, useful for measuring the power of reality-benders like Outer Gods. Even so, numbers are hardly significant to them. These beings are even so smart, they're the only Outer Gods that can exist in and out of universes, and take secret occupations for occult and confidential organizations like Area 51, Illuminati, and even the SCP Foundation. Some question on why the Infinitaries don't replace the Infinity Libarians with this kind of skill, though the answer is simple. Infinitaries are humble about their skills, and only wish to aide the Infinity Libarians in their purpose to record knowledge. That, and their feather pen-like hands aren't very good with writing, ironicly, though at the same time it's hard to do so when litterally it is like writing with a stub and mistakes are common.
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