Infinity Libarian

An Infinaty Libarian

Infinity Libarians are direct race creations of The Amoral Ones and keepers and preversers of all of the Multiverse's knowledge. They are robed book-headed beings with great cabailities in knowledge, philosify, and intelligence. They are however, extremely order-bound, logic-dominated, and very guideline heavy beings. Their infinate knowledge allows them to understand, reckitnise, and comprehend every form of magic, power, science, and even the powers of devine and demonic effertlessly. It is so they can be able to accreately protect The Multiverse Book, of which they came to adapt and learn to resist being made to forever read it's never-ending new pages. Of the Amoral Ones' creations, the Infinity Libarians are, at the very least, the most considerably benevolent of them, if though the Libarians mostly exist to just preserve knowledge of dimentions, otherwise, they're just as amoral as the other creations, if though the Infinity Libarians tend to look down to certain outer gods like Wasteland GuardiansFearbenders, and The Xexaxez, as prime exsamples, Wasteland Guardians looking replusive and bruteful to them, Fearbenders, well the name speaks for itself, and the Xexaxez being deemed boarish, monsterious, and overtly brutal to any universe that dares get too powerful if not a glitched universe. But a respect for obeying the word of law prevents any Infinity Libarian from interfearing their sibling creations and intervining for mortals, though it doesn't always mean they never contributed to give some aide, even if it's not always the absolute greatest. They commenly reside in the immortal dimention of the Dimention of Knowledge.

Named Infinity Libarians.

  1. Booksmith- The Head Infinity Libarian and Libarian Knowledge recorder of The United Universes created by The Grand Designer.
  2. Millsberry- A broken hearted and depressed Infinity Libarian and once knowledge recorder of Lord Millipede's Home Universe Dimention before it was devoured by the Xexaxez, now redused as a book tender that keeps things in order with simple tasks to keep him with a purpose and avoid the Hybernation Realm.
  3. Zoologica- A female Infinity Libarian, Knowledge Recorder of the Outer God Animal Kingdom Dimention, and one passionate and infomrative of animal spieces from across the Multiverse.
  4. Mewstral- A female Infinity Libarian and once knowledge recorder of Mewmanity's dimention, but apawn it being devoured by the Xexaxez, she ran away in sadness depression and ended up in The Realm of Rejects. Even with already the typical distaste for the Xexaxez all Libarians process, Mewstral has defelupted quite a nasty opinion for them, and if ever given the chance, she would vow to give Mewmanity a great ally in stopping the Xzars from finishing them off.
  5. Cree'Py Paasta- An extremely creepy and unhinged outcast of the Infinity Libarians. He is usually held into the under-corridors of the Infinity Libary "So he doesn't creep anyone out", implying the Infinity Libarians have abit of shame about how he turned out and also fear his existence would taint their reputation.
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