Rhett Peterson Maverick, aka Ingress

Rhett P. Maverick, AKA Ingress, is a fictional Superior peacock published in Kratos' Generation Comics. He started off in The Amazing Nine's comic series as the commander of a police force that was meant to bring better law-enforcement called the Ingression. But what nobody knew was that he was intending to use this police force to upstage the Amazing Nine so much, there wouldn't be any need for them anymore, and Grotch would have no choice but to terminate their herowork permanently. Turns out, he was a criminal that the Amazing Nine busted 5 days after they were banished, and had reformed himself to become the commander of the Ingression. He was intending to take down the Amazing Nine with his police force. Sadly, he succeeds in taking them down, and they go into normal lives. But one of the members see that Ingress was intending to take down the Amazing Nine, and without them to stop him, he planned to use Ingression to commit a mutiny. They find out too late, however, and Prometheon is now under Ingress's control. The Amazing Nine stop him despite his best efforts, but he and the Ingression escape and plot revenge. Ingress is a very calm and self-controlled person, never getting angry, never being upset, and when he fails, his anger doesn't feel like true anger, but it's still anger. Ingress once had his trademark tail feathers burned off during his first fight with the Amazing Nine, and the burns were so severe, it had left his tail feathers to never grow back for 10 years. Since peacocks are a beauty-obsessed race of birds, he compensates his lack of tail feathers by having a red cape which, outside of being 'badass', also serves as a weakness as it causes easy captures by simply getting the thing caught on something because capes, outside of looking cool, are a fashion equivalent to dysfunctional, useless limbs and end up not benefiting the wearer in often embarrassing ways. His powers include super-strength, super-agility, invisibility, ghosting powers, force-field generation, telekinesis, and empathy.
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Rhett was born on Kratos as the son of a computer scientist father and an movie actor mother. He grew up and the last place he moved in was in Prometheon when he was 17 years old. When he went to school, he failed to attract other members of his species, and he was a B+ student. He still graduated, though, and when he grew up, he became a computer scientist and took his father's place when he went to a retirement home. He gained his father's work, and perfected them as good as his father would. However, he had to work with someone he hated in school, a former bully named Dillon. He didn't like him because of always upstaging him in attracting women, and constantly making fun of him. He thought that with him as his assistant, he would never become as good as his father. He decided to trick the company into firing him and replacing him with a much better assistant. But what he didn't know was that, as payback, Dillon stole prohibited technology and leaked it onto the press. Everyone thinks he was responsible, and he was fired.

Confronting Dillon at his house, Rhett decided to sue him for costing him his job. Rhett won the case thanks to having the best lawyer and very reliable eyewitnesses, leading Dillon to be punished. Dilan's reputation was destroyed, further sued by the former company, and his family disowned him, making Dilon regret ever being a jerk to Rhett. Rhett was given his job back and hailed as a company hero. At first glace, it would be the end of that. But Rhett has since also became fearful. Dilion being sentenced to jail wasn't enough for him. He knew eventally, that dilan will get out of jail, and most likely will seek to kill him, failing to realise that will never be the case. Rhett became too fearful of the normally predictable scenerio that when a bully gets punished, they would seek revenge, but really, Dilion has since reconsidered his life choices, even though he was still gonna be abit of an asshole. So, Rhett decides to murder Dillon first. He abducts him, and takes him to a welding factory to melt him in a vat of molten metal. But by taking too long with it, he allows the Amazing Nine to track him down and they rescue Dillon, though leaving his legs broken, which mentally destroys dilan as the overcompident jerk as he is, and became better for it, then they battle Rhett, only for him to burn his tail feathers off in the molten metal. He was sent to jail for his assault and attempted murder, and he found out from the hospital that his bottom was too burnt for the tail feathers to grow back, and won't recover for at least 10 years. Blaming the Amazing Nine for all of this, he concocts that the best way to take them down is to seemingly reform himself.

6 months later, he appears to have already reformed. He decides to start a new life over and the police forces have their doubts. But, they find that he actually doesn't do anything bad, and even pays a visit to Grotch Prometheus after obtaining all the computer technology his father had, along with a dark-red cape to replace his lost tail feathers until they eventually grow back. This technology makes him qualify for a role in making a new police force, one of which he should name 'Ingression'. He even gives himself the name 'Ingress'. In only 2 months flat, Ingression has become a very strong police force that confuses even the Amazing Nine. They decide that it's not a big deal, but they start worrying when they come to the conclusion that, because Ingression is doing heroism just as good as The Amazing Nine, that there won't be any need for them anymore. Despite trying so hard, they eventually get accused by the people they saved of being jealous of Ingression. Despite Grotch's doubts, he decides that he has no other choice but to take away the team's privileges of being heroes.

When he finds that his plan had worked, Ingress then decrees that it is time for the next phase of their plan. 2 days later, Ingression begins invading Prometheon, and even Grotch is locked up in one of his own cells. Fortunately, Wise Guy Jackel had found out about their plans already, and got the entire group ready for action. Despite the fact that Ingression accuses them of illegally resuming herowork, and tries all in it's power to stop them from reaching the Prometheus Temple, they fail, and the Amazing Nine confront Ingress. After a big fight against Ingress, the Amazing Nine wins when Ingress' cape gets caught in an air vent, leaving him unable to move. This leads to the Amazing Nine able to cuff him, and try to send him to jail. But they immediately get overwhelmed by Ingression, which frees Ingress, and take him away, leaving them to fight another day.

Since that incident, Ingress has constantly been looking for a similar cape that doesn't snag onto things easily and restrain him. Each one seems to get the best of him, even a cape that's not that long. Regardless, despite Ingression's attempts to talk him into losing the cape, he refuses because he still holds onto wearing one until his tail feathers eventually grow back. In fact, in one plan, he stole quantonium that grants him a healing factor, allowing him to instantly regrow his tail feathers. However, when he was defeated in the same comic, he lost them AGAIN, and even had his healing factor removed, leaving him back to wearing a cape again. He still battles the Amazing Nine to this day.


While he is an expert in combat and fighting, he usually carries an assault cannon with him, as well as a few energy grenades which he can launch with the assault cannon. As a peacock, he can fly, but without his tail feathers, which he requires in order to keep balance in the air, he can't do it very well. He has the ability to lift over 5 tons with his super-strength, and he is capable of keeping his balance on certain surfaces and has fast reflexes and great stamina. He also has the ability to become invisible, able to become undetectable to the naked eye, and he is also able to walk through walls with his ghosting powers.

He is also able to protect himself through force-field generation, creating energy bubbles that are nearly impenetrable. He's also capable of telekinesis, able to levitate solid objects as defense, offense, or aid. His last superpower is empathy, able to psychically read the emotions of those who feel them, and even use his intelligence to analyze them.


  • "And people say bad guys never win... Well, maybe those bad guys, didn't had my intellect, my patence.... And an awesome cape, I may add."
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