Ingression Logo

Ingression Logo

The Ingression is a fictional agency published in Kratos' Generation Comics. Being lead by the evil Ingress, Ingression was meant to be a law-enforcement agency meant to boost up the failing police forces. However, Ingress meant to have it cause a rebellion to take down Grotch right after being so successful, they terminate The Amazing Nine's hero privileges. While they do succeed in taking them down, they are discovered to have been planning a rebellion, and they are able to take down Ingress. But Ingress wasn't locked up, and he and Ingression retreated to fight another day. They have been making 5 other plans of evil ever since. Ingression was known to be extremely strategic, have 5 kinds of battle vehicles, have advanced equipment and weapons, and have started with only 6 major bases on Kratos. 3 of them have already been destroyed by The Amazing Nine, and even they had a difficult time battling their military forces.


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