Inigo Jr

Inigo Junior 'IJ' Drummond

Inigo Junior 'IJ' Drummond is an Alternate UUniversal Dipiniton from Planet Ithoron. He is a senator son of Councilman Inigo, who's a well-recognized member of the Alternate UUniversal Grand Council. IJ had the misfortune of being dethroned as senator by radical religious fanatics called The Churchmen and was forced to serve as a slave or be banished to the Sin Realm, an artificial hell created by their alchemy which was a banishment site for those who disrespect their religion. IJ was helpless to stop these corrupt creatures when they were intending to take over the entire Ichgee System, and possibly even the entire Animal Square Province. It wasn't until Inigo called the Union Against Religious Abuse that something was done to try and stop them, as the Union ended up freeing all prisoners from the Sin Realm and in a sense of poetic justice, banished the Churchmen inside of it forever. IJ then joined so he can offer a more 'diplomatic' side to the UARA so the AUU Grand Council wouldn't think of them as just vigilantes who 'treat religion like it's a joke'. Inigo was only forced to call the UARA because they were the only hope left to stopping the Churchmen. Though relations are still on a thin-line due to Headmaster Warson being widely unsure because of his friendship with Zealord The Zealot, the major enemy of the UARA.


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