Injury and Fear

Injury (The fat one) and Fear (The Skinny one)

Injury and Fear are the much more incompident and embarrising identical cousins of Pain and Panic that formerly serve Hades until they were banished for being "bigger idiots then Pain and Panic" and were teleported as per the banished that Hades unknowingly banished them to Equestia. The best way to tell them apart from Pain and Panic, is that Injury is even more sensitive to pain then Pain himself is, and that Fear is even more cowerdly and afraid, making the original duo more brave in compairison. They eventally fell into servitude to Death Coffin, who hasn't exactly been any better to them cause of their legit idiotcy, but in fear of disappointing him motivates them well enough to do well enough to NOT upset him with failure. They wore paint in coloring of skulls as tribute to Death Coffin and dressed like Grim Reapers as well. They were content in serving their new master, but soon, Death Coffin will make them take the biggest, butt-ugly risk of their lifes: compromising with the keyhole of equestia to bring back the Alicorn race, and they will obey it, to their relucentence.
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