Inquizition Leader Koopa

Inquisitor Leader Kooge Pa Laxx

Inquisitor Leader Kooge Pa Laxx is an Alternate UUniversal Sabochan from Planet Sabochalla. He is the leader of an inquisition group known as 'The Hunters of Blasphemy'. Leading a troubled childhood that lead to the loss of his natural sense-of-smell, he ran away from home and was adopted by the previous leader of the HOB, who taught him to take his place as leader, leading him to gain a belief of 'True Enlightenment' where those who refuse to follow religion must be punished. This made him very unpopular on every sane planet, why, even planets with extremely-religious restrictions frown at the actions of the Inquisition Group. They have been troubling to even the Union Against Religious Abuse, Zealord the Zealot, and several other people. That's why the UARA had enough and decided to bring Kooge to justice, sentencing him to imprisonment in silver, and destroying the HOB forever. His group was essentially a darker verson of the Union, and sometimes likes to keep religion, technology, law-enforcement, and rights separate from each other, but for the wrong reasons. While the Union at least only blamed the actual people responsible for making unfair laws, the HOB punishes the entire religion and beyond. Kooge was a known traditionalist, preferring to rely on an old fashion whip instead of commonly-used energy whips since he believed that energy whips would 'prematurely kill the person being tortured', and a more traditional whip would not end the victim quickly, which is both oddly decent of him not to kill victims quickly, but at the same time, he is still pretty sadistic and sociopathic as he picks prolonged torture over a quick end.


Kooge was born on his kind's home planet of Sabochalla, where he was raised by farmers and sadly lead a tortured childhood in school when a sadistic bully tortured him every day over the USRA's mistakes over turning Pharagu into a garbage dump planet, implying the bully was once a native there. Kooge constantly kept trying to avoid the bully, yet even that couldn't help. The bully ultimately went too far by wounding his nose, which is a known sensitive part of any canine, and permanently disabled Kooge's sense-of-smell, threatening not to tell anyone under threat of death. Distressed by the loss of his smell, Kooge ran away from home and eventually the entire planet, and was never found since. This lead to his parents suing the family of the bully and sending him to juvenile hall, causing the authorities to go around on a search to find Kooge.

When Kooge wasn't found for 4 years, the authorities decided to give up the search, leaving his broken-hearted parents to die afterward. Kooge soon ended up getting adopted by the then-leader of the Hunters of Blasphemy after having a rare moment of sympathy for him, convincing him to raise Kooge in his youth and rearing him to become the next inquisition leader following the old leader's eventual passing. Because of it, he has since became a religious god loyalist that hunts those who are not in accordance to 'True Enlightenment', which often includes heretics, atheists, even those that simply don't want to be a part of a religion at all because they thought they don't need to believe in a god to have morals and happiness in life.

When he eventually became the leader of the Hunters of Blasphemy, Kooge became much more successful than the previous leader. He punished those who forsake religion through torture or execution, and people who suffered his wrath still bare the wounds inflicted by his deadly whip. He was even able to catch up to the bully and punish him for his actions, even when he was handicapped years ago. Now all religions have started fearing the HOB because of their cruelty, and have tried to avoid it by fleeing to other worlds. Even Zealord gets a headache from this guy threatening the Jomos religion over not sharing the tech that could save the universe from the Villains Act, but Kooge also wanted the tech for his own gain of manipulating people to follow the rules and order of any religion.

Kooge knew all too well of two of his most concerning targets in the way of ridding the AUU of 'blasphemy': The Union Against Religious Abuse, and a group called the 'Religion Without Gods' Group which was run by a known advocate named Master Bun Knee that showed a way to get enlightened without gods. Kooge thought it was both blasphemous and impossible for religion to be without gods and declared Bun Knee and any followers of him to be against religion. The group tormented Bun Knee and the followers for the founding of the RWG group, but in both thanks of the Inquisitor's known infamy with the whole AUU, his recent one included, and that he made the surprisingly-moronic decision to actually threaten to one day go after the UARA itself for being atheists that attack religion and not even see the irony of his own words, it was not exactly a covert operation.

Because this capture occurred live on the media, the UARA came and finally decided that Kooge is to be punished for his crimes against the AUU. They handled the group easily since they were not prepared for their arrival, but Kooge was arguably the only real challenge to them. He even tried to charm Xena with a 'we're not that different' speech to trick her to becoming his second-in-command and 'Inquisition Queen' and offered to unite the Union and the HOB, where together they can punish Zealord for his 'paranoid idiocy'. However, Xena knew better than to cave-in to promises Kooge might not necessarily keep or see through, and the fact that Kooge hurts more than he had to, that makes the HOB much different from the Union. After fighting, Xena ultamately defeats Kooge and attempts to execute him, but Bun Knee told Xena not to kill him and convinces her that she has 'no reason to just mirror the kind of things Kooge would do to any challenger'. Xena begrudgingly obeys the request and Kooge was arrested by the AUU Grand Council, and due to the severity of his crimes, he was sentenced to imprisonment in silver. It lead to the end of the violent reign of the HOB, causing the members to reform their ways after being amazed by Bun Knee being surprisingly forgiving even though half of them tortured him under Kooge's orders.


  • "Nobody expects NOR respects the Inquisition."
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