Jaq Tyler Ornithorynque

Inspector Jaq Tyler Ornithorynque

Inspector Jaq Tyler Ornithorynque
is a platypus inspector similar to Perry the Platypus. He lives in France working with the Dragon Realms Interpol in Paris. He appears when SpongeBob's pet snail, Gary, goes missing in France and winds up with Pierre Sailas.


Jaq's egg was laid in the Dragon Realms version of Australia, but was sent to an orphanage in Paris when his own parents gave him up since they didn't have time to raise a baby after they had more important matters to deal with, like jobs. Jaq's egg was soon purchased by a beaver couple. His egg hatched, and the beavers raised him as their own.

By the time he was age 21, Jaq found a job as an Interpol Agent, and helped his community any way he could.

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