Loylia. A semi-ecumenopolis wasteland planet noted for it's mechanical and metropolitan graveyards, it's dull-colored plants, it's passive-aggressive wildlife, it's purple sky due to it's small amounts of argon, it's dense forests and wet jungles, it's active weather, and for it's large mountains and rock formations. The world is post-apocalyptic as the result of a catastropic plot by terrorists that caused a portion of the planet's moon to impact it's surface, destroying much of civilization, including the OmniNet. Fortunately, these extremeists did not go unpunished, but the damage was still done. Much of the planet was lost without it, and communication was difficult. Then the planet's prime science corporations wanted to rebuild the lost civilization into corporatocracies of their own, and thus they established new data networks that are a new form of communication, connected through personal cybernetic implants that allow them to see media, broadcasting, information, and others from their brains. The corporations rely on the individuals who are able to courier data using these implants, as they hope that their influence will give them all the resources and profit they need to build their new communities. They provide suppliments and support for their people, and in exchange, they use their products and give them profit and support back. So far, the corporations have built many civilizations that all use their particular technology. They still do this corporate competition to this very day. All the while, these corperations have also aimed to rebuild the planet itself, make the parts that weren't destroyed much more durable, and flat out banned terrorisum. The original aim of the extremeist attack was simply to have the Omninet destroyed in order to bring back the outmoded AUU internet, but because connections became too shity for even that, the extremeist faction, Net-Regressers, did too good of a job and yet also failed their mission and made the world connectionless instead. The then-goverment of Loyia did well to punish these self-surrendering group who admited defeat in realising that they only did more harm then good. Thus, all they did was replace the Omninet with an even more effictent system, and still left the Internet relitively outmoded. The only reason why Omninet hasn't been replaced by the new method is because the method of accessing cyberspace through your brain is deemed rather controverseal, untested, and risky, even if terrorisum is banned. Concerned critics and/or tec exberts warned that if a group even more extreme then the Net-Regressers, only more well-hindsighted and more calulated, if they really wanted to, they could release a computer virus that can control, harm, or even kill people, or even give them malware that'll always make them aware of their presence and see the atrosities unfolded by them, siting that, even with a ban, Loyia is no more safer from extremeists then they were post the rise of this new tecno age. Fortunately, the corperates acknowledge these concerns and take them seriously enough to send out patches and software updates to make the people extremeist proof. But the gestures, as great as they are, do not at all deter three of the most infamous hackers straight from planet Ilalog. The extremeist trio known as System CrAsH, aim to turn the "Internet Heads" into their army of "Peace Restorers" to be used to bring Ilalog into true peace at long last. Webz, the Spidklon web exbert who knows where the best webs for strikes are, Hack/Crash.EXE, the desert lizard with the best know-how of the best viruses for the job, and the leader, a rouge Ilalog-raised Phend named Cyber the Hacker, the best hacker of the trio. System CrAsH aim to use the very foundation of the planet's own internet-head craze against them and build an army against the leaders of Ilalog. It's up to the Lougers and the HA to save the day once more.

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