Preventing the villain teams from attacking Zimus was only half the battle. Now our heroes need to do two more things: Reformed the Copizat race, and begrudgingly, save the villains who started the mess to begin with. With additional allies, the heroes go forth to Zimus. And already are greeted by some Copizats that took their forms and intend to do the same as their last visitors to spread their spieces for the sake of intinctual surviveal and preservation of the spieces. The leader Copizat, who took the form of Gazelle, named The Copizat Queen, nicknamed "Copyzelle" by Icky, only wishes to take care of her people as copying others is litterally their only form of surviveal. Thing is, without morals to balence this surviveal need, they end up being at risk of being useful to villains who are abit more careful in dealing with them, which no doubt justifys why Chrysalis even freed these creatures to begin with. Now the misfits must work to show the Copizats the way to use their powers for good instead of their current path. But they must hurry because the villain teams warn that they only have five of the planet's days to change an entire race's custom AND save the other villains or else they will attack Zimus and save their comrades themselves. Can our heroes do it?

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