Alistair Oren Invictus

Alistair O. Invictus is a Superior hippopotamus from Kratos who trains in the Hades House of the Renaissance School. He is a rough and tough brute who has the powers of invincibility and the ability to increase strength and give himself new powers the angrier he gets. Since accidentally killing his mother at birth, he has always had anger issues and this makes him frightening among people and the other students in the Renaissance School, and has had a series of violent incidents that he refuses to talk about as he wishes to change after he made a mistake that cost him the only true friend he had that had equal anger issues, as he was even reported 'impossible to teach' to anger management classes. He aspires to be good and fears turning evil. He is the Superior version of Eijiro Kirishima, aka Red Riot from My Hero Academia.
  • MCode: IvbSs.


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