(This is a glitched draft cause for the time this writing is made, there is a glitch that randomly comes forth and eats up a chunk of progress. It's yet to be determined if it'll be gone before Chrismas.)

  • Created by: Scroopfan.
  • Reason for Lost Drafting: Glitch.


Christmas time is near and Spongebob is the happiest creature in Bikini Bottom, The Entire United Universes and the Dragon Realms. Spyro, Sparx and Cynder are spending Christmas with Kairi, Boy Sora, Riku, Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Minnie, Daisy, Scrooge Mcduck, Pluto, Chip n' Dale, Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Goofy's son, Max while they help the lougers get ready for the Holiday Crossover Festival, the Mane 5 and the Crusaders are spending the holidays with the louge since they normally celebrate Hearth's Warming Day with Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and the other ponies of Ponyville doing their presentation on "Twas the Night Before Christmas" while Twilight and Spike both spend Christmas and Hearth's Warming with some old friends from their college years and Patrick is still intent on capturing Santa Claus in order to stop time and make it Christmas all year long. But when Spongebob, Kairi and Spyro are summoned to the North Pole, Santa himself gives them a warning of a great threat to the Christmas Spirit in the form of a scroogy rich uncle of Viper, Lord Copperfang, who intents on ruining Christmas by using a a curse that turns people into scrooges called "The dark man's scroogyness" and turns the weak-minded and not pure enough hearts into tainted scrooges along with the anti hero lougers including Cynder and Riku which puts them all on Santa's naughty list with Copperfang on the top of the list, all for the sake of peace and quiet, and to put an end to all those annoying carollers and those in the Christmas spirit always bugging him with carols, laughter and happiness. And it was good thing they came to the Pole when the High Council agreed to let them go, cause Spongebob, Spyro, Kairi and the others that are good are still on the nice list because Spongebob is still full of Christmas spirit, Kairi's kind and caring heart of pure light and Spyro's bond with Kairi as her dragon are too powerful for the curse, and thus immuned to the scrooge spell, but now they must also face Plankton's mad robotic abomination, again, cause the leage didn't took too kindly of their holiday beating, as well as getting Cynder, Riku and the other anti hero lougers back on Santa's nice list with Spongebob, Celestia and a special guest star becoming the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Futrue with the help of Santa's little gift, The Amulet of Miracles in hopes to reform Copperfang and show him the true meaning of Christmas before Christmas Eve arrives. Also in a subplot, Patchy the Pirate is trying to make amends to Santa for kidnapping the mailman and stealing his truck so he can get back on Santa's nice list, also to get his Christmas Wish this year is to finally meet Spongebob as well as Spyro and Kairi for the first time with Potty the Parrot doubting this, and Ironicly, he ruins his chances again before they even start by stealing a fruitcake truck and then lies to the viewers by saying he gave the delivery guy who owns the truck a day off, but it is revealed that the owner is tied up and gagged in the back, and another diving accident gets both Patchy and Potty lost after they argue about which Christmas Carol the directions to the North Pole are in again and the truck crashes in a dangerious part of the artic ruled by the Miser Bros, a rather, feuding duo, and they antagninise both Patchy and Potty by trying to make them pick a side. Where eventally he meets an attractive, but incredability anti-socal Reindeer named Ginger the Reindeer, a former reindeer of santa before her growing dislike for those who are naughty cause her to make a bad mistake and wrongfully attacked a nice kid, now living her life in soalutary having learned Chrismas-Fu, (a, holiday themed form of kung-fu) and always on a lone, undetermin path where she randomly fights monsters that roam the north pole (Like Giant Yetis, Frost Giants, and an arch-rival Ice Serpent with a bendetta against her), and finds herself in the presence of a hopless, annoying pirate and an equily annoying fake parrot. However, will a forced allience together against an eviler realitive of the Miser Bros whom they thought was punished by Mother Nature three years ago to save Christmas for all 3 of them going back on the nice list and will Copperfang's fate be sealed if he doesn't change?


Chapter 1: Christmas is Coming to the Dragon Realms, and Patchy's at it again.

  • The screen opens up in the Chronicler's library which is now decorated for Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year and we see a familiar nobody of Kairi's sitting in a big comfy chair doing a drawing which the contents are hidden from the veiwers while a familier Cricket of Pinocchio's was on her sholder.
  • Jiminy: "Well, look who came for Christmas? How ya doing!"
  • Namine: Hello, evreyone, thank you for coming to hear our story. My name is name is Namine.
  • Jiminy: Cricket's the name. Jiminy Cricket at your service. Now, the holiday story your about to hear is about what Spongebob, Kairi, Spyro, the Shell Louge Squad did this Christmas.
  • Namine: It has Three Ghosts, A scroogy rich uncle of Viper, All of the Anti Hero Lougers getting themselves on Santa Claus' naughty list, a certain pirate fan of Spongebob and his parrot trying to visit Santa again and two feuding brothers who are hot and cold forces of nature.
  • Jiminy: "Not to mention, quite a holiday expearience, too." 
  • Namine: As we all know, Christmas is a special time of the year for friends, family and joy.
  • Jiminy: Also, this is the story of how Spongebob, Spyro, Kairi and all of their friends prevented Viper's Uncle from ruining christmas for everyone and showed him what the true meaning of Christmas really meant.
  • The Chronicler Enters with a beautiful Red and Green book with a lock and has a golden picture of Spongebob,The Hyenas: Shenzi, Banzai and Ed, Spyro and Sparx on the cover.
  • Jiminy: "And thus, our story starts."
  • The Book magically opens and reveals the first page that shows Encino California.
  • We See the the title "Its A Spongebob, Spyro and Friends Christmas" appears while we see the human citizens getting ready to celebrate Christmas while a furitcake truck is seen driving down the street.
  • We see a familiar Pirate driving the truck with his parrot in the front seat. He stops the truck and sees the veiwers.
  • Patchy the Pirate:  Ahoy, there! Merry Christmas, kids. Now, I bet your wondering why old Patchy has this here furitcake truck? Well do you all recall our Tv show's current christmas episode where I got meself on Santa's naughty list for stealing a mailtruck? (Goes to the back) Well I want to make amends to Santa Claus by giving him and his elves some tasty fruitcake so I can go back on the nice list and make possitivaly sure that Santa gets my Christmas Wish this year. (Opens the back to reveal the owner of the truck tied up and gagged) So I gave this here fruitcake deliveryman the day off. And you want to know what me wish list this year is kids? Why it is too finally meet Spongebob along with that scaley purple reptile, Spyro and the beautiful princess Kairi for the first time ofcourse.
  • Potty: Are you sure you know how to get to the North Pole this time?
  • Patchy: Ofcourse, Potty ya silly parrot. While we get ourselfs on the road, lets see how Spongebob, Spyro, Kairi and their friends are doing this christmas.
  • The book flipped through some more pages to reveal a pop-up illustration, like the kind you usually see in kids books, depicting The Dragon Realms with snow falling from the ground. It is December 21, just four days before Christmas. We go into Spongebob's room as he begins to wake and a familiar song from "It's a Spongebob Christmas" Begins.
Spongebob Squarepants- Santa Has His Eye On Me Lyrics

Spongebob Squarepants- Santa Has His Eye On Me Lyrics


  • After the song ends, Lord Shen approches Spongebob and Sandy while his wolves and apes carry in somthing that is coverd by a tarp cloth.
  • Lord Shen: Good Morning, Square One and Sandy.
  • Spongebob: "Hey Shen! are you excited for Christmas? I mean, even though you don't ordenarly celibrate chrismas, you celebrate the winter feast?"
  • Lord Shen: Indeed, but what do you and Sandy think of this?
  • Boss Wolf pulls the tarp cloth to reveal a beautiful ice scuptrue of Kairi and Spyro.
  • Spongebob and Sandy: "WOW!"
  • Lord Shen: "Ah, i knew that would get your attention!"
  • Boss Wolf: "Shen was not easy about this, asked pafificly for antartic ice! and you would not believe, the trouble i went through!"
  • Lord Shen: "Now, let's check on the others, shall we?"

main temple room.

  • Icky: "Now this is a Christmas worthy room!"
  • Donkey came in, amazed by the wonder and beauty of the temple now comepletely decorated for Christmas in four days time.
  • Viper: "Incredable!"
  • Lefou: "Well ho-ho-ho me down!"
  • Savio: "Now this is chrismas!"
  • Shenzi: "Yeah yeah yeah, so when we eat?!"
  • Ignitus: "In good days time."
  • Sparx: "So where's Spongebob?"
  • Spongebob, Sandy and Lord Shen enter while Shen's wolves bring in his ice scuptrue of Kairi and Spyro.
  • Po: "Whoa! look at this thing!"
  • Icky: "Looks like it was made with genuine ice!"
  • Lord Shen: "Stright from Antartica."
  • Iago: "Explains the smell of polor bear."
  • Boss Wolf: "Don't ask."
  • Melman is seen with christmas lights covering him.
  • Icky: "Oh, heres our Christmas"Giraffe"!"
  • Icky and Iago laughed!
  • Melman: "Oh, ha-ha! very funny!"
  • Viper: "If you guys mind, i'm going to invite a spiecal guest for the party."
  • Sir Hiss: "Who?"
  • Viper: "It's a surprise."
  • Icky: "Well, i already invited some of our friends from past adventures to visit the party."
  • Viper: "Really, who?"
  • Icky: A certain nobody of Boy Sora's for example.
  • Sandy: OOOOHHHHHH, you mean that Roxas guy?
  • Icky: Not just him. I'm also inviting our old pal, Jiminy Cricket. I'm sure he's still in our debt for guiding Pinocchio to the path to being a real boy.
  • Patrick: (Still stuck in the trap) I thought that was just dumb luck.
  • Tigress: Also, Kairi's medieval realitives are coming to the party too.
  • Sandy: Boy is Kairi going to be surprised when she and Spyro see this here Ice statue.
  • Icky: "There's also, Boy Sora, Riku, Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Minnie, Daisy, Scrooge Mcduck, Pluto, Chip n' Dale, Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Goofy's son, Max, the Mane 5 and the Crusaders, because Twilight and Spike both spend Christmas and Hearth's Warming with some old friends from their college years, and the celestia princesses. Shining and Candecne are spending the holidays alone."
  • Spongebob: Say, speaking of Kairi, where's our sweet little angel?
  • Boss Wolf: "Christmas caroling with Spyro and Cynder, and some kids."
  • Sparx: Oh thats right, The Digidestined and I are suposed to be with Kairi, Spyro and their friends caroling!
  • Tai (From outside): Sparx! Hurry up, we're late! 
  • Lord Shen: "Now, to check up on dinner preperations!"

outside, as sparx and the digi kids ran off, we see to familier muppets hiding.

  • Gonzo and Rizzo are seen as apple sellers.
  • Rizzo: Christmas Apples!
  • Gonzo: "Oh hey, it's you! I bet your wondering, "What the heck are we doing here in the dragon realms, and not in the muppet world"?"
  • Rizzo: "Well, now that i'm thinking about it, the heck are we doing here?"
  • Gonzo: Well, the Chronicler, Namine and Jiminy Cricket has ask me to help them tell you veiwers the story.
  • Rizzo: And I'm just here for the food.
  • Jiminy: (Appearing from a bubble above Rizzo's head) What're you doing, Rozzo? Eating on the job? Get back to work!
  • Rizzo: Alright, alright! Don't get your undies in a bunch.
  • Gonzo: Now, to begin the story.

the dragon realms verson of new york city.

(as camera follows group, and shows various people celebrating chrismas their own way, this plays.)
Demi Lovato - Wonderful Christmas Time (Lyrics On Screen) - HD

Demi Lovato - Wonderful Christmas Time (Lyrics On Screen) - HD


(after song.)
  • (Gonzo): "Everyone loves chrismas, the young, the old, the so-n-so! it's a holiday where even naterol enemies would put their differences aside for the sake of this most wonderious of days."
  • A lizosene zooms past!
  • (Rizzo): "WHO THE JUNK WAS THAT?"
  • (Gonzo): "Let's just say, that was, the 1 percent that has, otherwise feelings torwords chrismas. In life, the Marley weasel bros. had a nasty business partner named "Copperfang Jin Juan Ping Scrooge", a snake more cold-blooded then normal cold-blooded standerds, even his condor butler, and warthog maid, obedient as they are, can't help but to feel a strange coldness in the air everytime his limozene past them."
  • (Rizzo): "Say, is it getting cold aroung here?"

Chapter 2: Copperfang the Scroogest Snake in Town, and chrismas trouble is abrewing.

The Muppet Christmas Carol - Scrooge

The Muppet Christmas Carol - Scrooge


  • As the song ends, The Limosene arrives and pulls over to a tall skyscraper building called "Copperfang Jin Juan Ping Scrooge, Alan and Drakey M. Weasel Bros' Toy Company HQ".
  • A condor dressed in a butler gets out of the drivers seat and goes over to let his employer out of the limo. 
  • Condor Butler: Here we are Sir, your office building.
  • Lord Copperfang, a snake in a suit, cape, and tophat, and a scarf slithered out without so much as a grunt.

toy company.

  • Various animals worked hard with the toys and other things.
  • A simple looking Chewawa is seen sighing in sadness.
  • A lizard came up.
  • Lizard: "Hey, John, what's wrong?"
  • John Chewawa: "Oh, Christmas is coming soon and i have no idea if the boss is gonna let everyone off for the holidays, James."
  • James the lizard: "Pfft, i wish! You know how scroogy that reptile is!"
  • John: "It's just that, my kid is starting to feel unwell recently, and, i just wanna spend chrismas with him, not locked in the office building that also for some reason is a toy factory!"
  • James: "Well the odds of him showing up is a million to on-"
  • Suddenly the door opens to see Lord Copperfang enter.
  • James: One. (glups)
  • Toy Company employees: Good Morning, Lord Copperfang.
  • A gazelle secretary: "Morning Lord Copperfang, you have 2 meetings today."
  • Lord Copperfang grubled.
  • Lord Cobberfang slithered in.
  • John: "This is my chance James!"
  • James: "I don't know about this! The last employie tried to asked for something, Copperfang got security guards to have that guy hospitalised!"
  • John: "Wouldn't hurt to try James. wish me luck."

Lord Copperfang's office.

  • Copperfang is seen counting a series of coins.
  • speaker: "Sir, 2 gentlemen, a cat and a dog are here to see you."
  • Copperfang: "(Sigh), send them in, Miss Savania."
  • He then looks at a huge portait of hemslef as a younger snake with two Buck from Ice Age 3 styled weasels with one red eye patch on the one weasels right eye, and a blue eye patch on the second weasel's left eye.
  • Copperfang: Ah, my old buisness partners. Alan and Drakey Marley the Weasel Bros, dead 19 years on Christmas eve which is only four days form now. Ah, those two and I had some great times. In their last wills and testaments they left me enough money to pay for their tombstones, (Laughing) and I had them burried at sea!
  • A bloodhound and brown tabby cat came in. the tabby was incredably clumzy!
  • Bloodhound: "Hello, Mr. Copperfang. I'm Nigel, and this is Stanly."
  • Stanly crashes into a shelf filled with glass!
  • Stanly: "I'M OK!"
  • Nigel: "Uh, right. Anyway, we are representives for a donation organization. Today's projects is to keep Prison 42 aflount, as well fonding for the local hospitals, orfanages, and our biggest one, relief for the victims of hurracane sandy."
  • Stanly: "It may had been almost 2 years ago, but that was a really bad storm, ya kno- (Trips, and crashes into a vase!)..... I'M OK!"
  • Copperfang: "Oh really? A charity scam?" 
  • Nigel: We're just collecting money for the poor, thats all.
  • Copperfang: Oh, I see. You want me to give you money for the poor huh? Well then If I help you raise money for the poor, you do realize that means the poor won't be poor anymore will they?
  • Stanly: "We just wanna make things better for them."
  • Copperfang: And if the poor is not poor anymore, you won't have to raise money anymore will you?
  • Nigel: Well, I supose-
  • Copperfang: And if you don't have to raise money anymore, then you would be put out of a job and just before Christmas Eve. (Pretending to take pity on them) Oh please, gentlemen. Dont ask me to put you out of a job! Not before Christmas Eve!
  • Stanly: "Wow, even for a snake, that's quite a venomious outlook."
  • Copperfang presses a button.
  • Bulldog scurity guards showed up.
  • Copperfang: "Get those idiots out of my sight!"
  • The bulldog security guards drag the men out of the building and threw them out into the snow.
  • Nigel: "Oh, poopy."
  • Copperfang: "Oh, relief at last."
  • Savania (via speaker): Mr. Copperfang, Your niece and some yellow-belled snake with her is here to see you."
  • Copperfang: "(Sigh), send them in. glorious heavens, I never get a break."
  • Copperfang turning back to the portait of him and his late weasel partners.
  • Copperfang: Ah, I'm so happy you two won't have to deal with Christmas anymore Alan and Drakey. The plus side is that I dont have to share 50 present of the business and porfits with you two anymore. Yet, I have to face my kung-fu loving neice.
  • Viper and Sir Hiss come in.
  • Viper: "Hi uncle Jin!"
  • Copperfang: "We been through this, Viper, as of now, i am now legely Copperfang Scrooge. Or did the ramblings of the turtle's sidekick make you forget them?"
  • Sir Hiss: "I beg your pardon, good sir. Is that anyway to talk to your niece, man?" 
  • Viper: Hiss, dont make him angry.
  • Capperfang: Ah, my same old kind hearted but dull-minded neice. Always worried about my wellfare and anger as usual.
  • Viper: "Well, I came to ask you something, dear uncle."
  • Copperfang: "Be quick about it, I'm counting my profits. Exquse me as i drink my fine glass of french wine."
  • Viper: Well uncle, I came to ask you if you would like come to our Crossover Holiday Festival and spend Christmas with me and my family in four days. 
  • Copperfang spits out his wine in shock!
  • Sir Hiss is seen wet in wine.
  • Sir Hiss: "Did it expire or something?"
  • Copperfang: "WHAT?!"
  • Copperfang smacks away his money pile with his cane in anger!
  • coins pile on Sir Hiss!
  • Copperfang: "Have you forgotten that I do not enjoy chrismas?! have you forgotten what it has done to me, you stupid girl?!"
  • Viper: But uncle-
  • Copperfang: Neice, you keep your holiday spirit to yourself and I'll keep mine to myself. I'm I making myself clear?
  • Viper: "But-"
  • Copperfang: "Do I make myself clear?!"
  • A small tear escapes Viper.
  • Viper: "Yes uncle."
  • Copperfang: "Good, now you and your snivling little boyfriend, get out of my sight!"
  • Sir Hiss: I am so sorry Viper. I knew this would end so badly.

The North Pole- Santa Claus' Workshop

  • Santa's elves are busy making toys as usaul.
  • A head elf heads for Santa's office.
  • Elf: "Mr. Claus! It's urgent news!"
  • Santa: (Pauses from reading Christmas Wish letters) Yes, Alfred?
  • Alfred: "It's the naughty list. Guess who made top dog again, for upteenth time in the row." (Shows the Naughty list to Santa who takes it check twice and sees Lord Copperfang's name on the top of the naughty list.)
  • Santa: Great Galloping Fruitcake, Lord Copperfang Jin Juan Ping Scrooge has made the top of the naughty list. What naughty deed did he do this time?
  • Alfred: "Recently or in the past?"
  • Santa: "Oh right, i have to be pafific, uh, recently."
  • Alfred: "Well, first, he had security guards throw 2 donation guys face first into the snow! Then, he reacted angerly to his own niece! I mean, wow, he's extra scroogy today."
  • Santa: (Sighs) He still hasn't learn about the true meaning of Christmas, ddi he? (Checks the nice list to find Spyro, Kairi and Spongebob's names on the top.) Afred, find Teddy and Dougie and send Teddy to the Dragon temple to pick up Spongebob Squarepants while you have Dougie find Spyro and Kairi. Oh and while your at it, get Mrs Claus to make refreshments. We're going to have company.
  • Alfred: "Uh, why do you want us to get Spongebob?"
  • Santa: I gotta talk to him, Spyro and Kairi about Copperfang and that terrible scroogy spell of his.
  • Alfred: "Say no more Santa! Oh and uh, who's coming for dinner?"
  • Santa: It will be just Spongebob, Kairi and Spyro for today, Alfred.
  • Alfred: "ON IT!"
  • Alfred runs in unbelieveable speeds!

Copperfang's office.

  • Speaker: "Sir, one of your employies requests a meeting with you?"
  • Copperfang: "Which one, missus Savana?"
  • Savana: It's John Chewawa, sir.
  • Copperfang was curious.
  • Copperfang: "Send him in."
  • John Chewawa enters the office.
  • Copperfang: Ah, John Chewawa. My absolute favorite employee. What brings you to my office?
  • John: "Well, Senor, i, wanna talk, business with you."
  • Copperfang raises an eyebrow.
  • Copperfang: "Business?"
  • John: Well the other employees and I were wondering-
  • Copperfang: Yes?
  • John: Since Christmas is four days away and we know you don't like Christmas and what it did to you in the past, and we mean no disrespect bringing that up to you again cause of it, but we were wondering if we could have Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off.
  • Copperfang: (Sighs in annoyence) Oh allright, but I'll have to duct you and the other employess half of next week's pay right after you recive your Christmas bonuses.
  • ???: "NO!"
  • Copperfang and John looked to see other employies at the front door.
  • James: "Awkword."
  • Copperfang: Allight, my beloved employees you all can take Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off, but be back here on Boxing Day and work 24 hours to make up for the two missed days and your pay ducts.
  • John: "Well, thanks. I thought you were gonna try to trick or threaten us into changing our minds-"
  • Copperfang: "Miss Savania, put the "Help wanted" sign back up, i think our entire staff misteriously vanished into thin air."
  • Crab Employee: We'll be back on Boxing Day and make up for our pay ducts, sir.
  • James: Absoultly.
  • The other employees nod in agreement.
  • Copperfang: (Chuckleing) I knew you would. (Goes back to counting his profits) I certainly did.

North Pole- Santa's Workshop.

  • Alfred: Allright, Teddy and Dougie. Front and Center, I have an urgent mission for you both.
  • Teddy a fat elf: "What's that?"
  • Alfred: We got a serious problem reguarding Lord Copperfang Jin Juan Ping who made top dog on the naughty list, for upteenth time in the row.
  • Teddy: Again?
  • Dougie a short and skinny elf: What did that stingey grouch do to get Top Dog this time?
  • Alfred: "You mean, recently, right?"
  • Dougie: Yep. Fire away, Alfred.
  • Alfred: "First off, he had 2 donation guys tossed out, face in snow, then he got angry at his niece for trying to invite him for a chrismas party, as well as counts of being too bossy to his employies, but that's his common offence, you boys are aware of that, right? Our main concern is what i meanted first and second."
  • Teddy: Of course, so what is the plan?
  • Alfred: Santa wants us to bring Spongebob Squarepants, The United Universes' current existing Purple Dragon, Spyro, and the Seventh Princess of Heart Kairi to him so the big man can warn them about Copperfang.
  • Dougie: So you want us to get the sleigh, hitch up the reindeer, get Spongebob, Spyro and Kairi and bring them here?
  • Alfred: "Yeah, that's the idea in the nutshell."
  • Teddy: Alfred, After we get Spongebob, Spyro and Kairi, you do realise we'll have to giude them safely through the Miser Brothers Territories.
  • Alfred: "I take it those two are at it again, huh?"
  • Teddy: "Yeah."
  • Dougie: "Yeah, not even birds don't flie there less they get mistaken for minions of each other!"
  • Teddy: "Those 2 can really have a go at eachother and anyone crazy enough to fly over their trif!"
  • Alfred: Yes, but unfortunatly we have no choice. I'll use my magic to teleport us and the team to the Dragon Realms and find Spongebob, Kairi and Spyro which is the easy part.
  • Dougie: And the hard part is?
  • Alfred: We have to guide the three through both the Miser Brother's territories and their crazy attempts to hurt eachother, and you bunch unharmed.
  • Teddy: "(Gulp), i feel uneasy about this."
  • Dougie: "Look, this ain't our first time at the rodeo, kid! We did worse missions then this! Remember when we migrated the yeti tribe to a better location away from Santa's workshop?"
  • Teddy: Oh don't remind me Douge.
  • Alfred: He's right. We gotta focus on the task at hand here. Come on, lets get the team.
  • Teddy: "Ok... Uh, who's the team again?"
  • Dougie: He means the Reindeer, Ted.
  • Teddy: Oh, right.

The Reindeer Stables.

  • Santa's eight Reindeer, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comit, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen are going over to their feeding pens for their daily meal.
  • Alfred, Teddy, and Dougie appeared.
  • Alfred: "Reindeer, ATTEN-HUT!"
  • The Eight Reindeer got in a military stand pose.
  • Blitzen: (In a Jim Cummings voice) Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and yours truely, reporting for duty, Alfred. 
  • Teddy: "Why do the reindeer sound russain?"
  • Alfred: "We got the "Merry Madagascar" variation as a transfer."
  • Dougie: "Sorry, wha?"
  • Alfred: "Well, as you are aware, our santa ain't the only santa, so these aren't the only reindeer, and we ain't the only elfs! the united universes is insanely vast, and a majority of worlds celebrate chrismas, so there has to be a santa to meet each one. Sometimes we like to transfer reindeer around, and we got the "Marry Madagascar" verson, a most strict and milliterry disaplent team straight from dreamworks."
  • Teddy: "So where's the team we know?"
  • Alfred: "Pay attention to the word, "Transfer", and you tell me what it means."
  • Blitzen: Afriad, what is big problem?
  • Alfred: "Short and simple, Copperfang is top dog on the naughty list, and Santa thinks he may be on the verge to be a serious problem. We're all aware that he's a chinese warlock, who in secret, is going around as a CEO of a toy company. If mad enough, he can use a powerful spell that can turn anyone, just like him."
  • Teddy: "A snake?"
  • Dougie: "An old guy?"
  • Blitszn: "Reptile?"
  • Alfred: "More along the lines of  this: Scrooge! He knows a spell that can turn anyone who's heart is not pure enough and the weak-minded into scrooges. however, it has drawbacks, one, it goes away after chrismas. Does anyone know the greatest drawback of all?"
  • Teddy: "It's a rare spell only the strongest warlock knows?"
  • Alfred: "Close but no. (To reindeer): Any of you?"
  • The other reindeer except Cupid and Blitzen just shruged "I dont know".
  • Alfred: Anyway we need you eight to help us find three people and bring them to Santa.  They are a Sponge, A special legendary dragon and a Princess.
  • Teddy: "Simple enough!"
  • Alfred: "Alright, move out!"

sky over the Miser terratories.

  • the elfs are seen flying on the sligh and reindeer.
  • Alfred: "Be careful! this is a warzone waiting to happen!"
  • Teddy: "Seems quiet so far, actselly. i mean, nothing dangerious happened ye-"
  • Alfred: WATCH OUT!!!
  • The Elfs scream as a fire ball and an iceical hits on inpact as a familier song is heard.
(here's the miser song you requested.)
Heat Miser and Snow Miser Brothers Live-Action

Heat Miser and Snow Miser Brothers Live-Action


During the Middle of the Song, Heat Miser took notice of Alfred's group 
  • Heat Miser: Ohh! Well don't just stand there, Elves! Santa's steath ops! They must be on their way to get kids to start thinking about a White Christmas again!
  • Alfred: (Via blowhorn) Acutally, we're on an importaint mission to get a sponge, dragon and girl!
  • Heat Miser: "LIERS! START FIRING!"
  • Blitzen: Raindeer! Start avast maneuvers!
  • The reindeer got them through safely.
  • Heat Miser: THEY GOT AWAY!!!! THEY GOT AWAY!!!!!
  • The Song continues  

After song.

  • Alfred: "(Sigh), Will those 2 ever agree on something?"
  • Teddy: "Doubtful."
  • Dougie: But we have to go back into Snow Miser and Heat Miser's domain again once we get Spongebob, Kairi and Spyro.
  • Alfred: And when we bring them through there, Heat Miser's going to realize that we're teling the truth.
  • Teddy: "So, how far is the dragon realms?"
  • Alfred: "Let me check the map. If i could just find it in my pockets."

Toy company.

  • John: "Oh, finally, about time to go home."
  • other employies agree.
  • A well dressed weasel passes through.
  • James: "Who was that?"
  • John: "Don't know. But who cares! I was able to have a talk with Copperfang, and live! we're gonna enjoy our chrismas, friends!"

Copperfang's office.

  • Speaker: "Mr. Copperfang, you have a visiter with interesting business propasitions."
  • Copperfang: "Oh, by all means, let him in."
  • the Weasel walks in.
  • the weasel: "Coppy, baby, how's it shaken?"
  • Copperfang: "And you are?"
  • the weasel: "Weasely Darwin, how ya doing? I am the owner of the wide-spread D-Mart stores everywhere, and I have a quite a deal for you, my friend!"
  • Copperfang: "D-mart, a wide-spread super-store that makes trillions?"
  • Darwin: "Trillions? That's bread money! Honey, we make so much money, we're talking zillions! So much, we have to invent a new word for it!"
  • Copperfang: "You are a rich man!"
  • Darwin: "Tecnecly, I'm a weasel, but a stinken rich weasel!"
  • Copperfang: "You process wealth I only wish to get! What is it you want?"
  • Darwin: "I came to have you sign a contact that garrintied to give you money by the hundereds, maybe in the zillions! I am looking for a toy company to partnership with D-mart, and you, my aged reptilian friend, you are the guy I needed!"
  • Copperfang: "Me?"
  • Darwin: "Yes! My stores are stupidly low on toys from black friday and we need to restock on toys before the sales of christmas go down! And we need ya, Coppy!"
  • Copperfang: "Really?"
  • Darwin: "Trust me gramps! We are supply and demand! We must supply!"
  • Copperfang: "Supply and demand?"
  • Darwin: "Alcourse! That would mean emplyies will have to work through the weekends, celebrations of any kind, even if it means on chrismas eve and day! Trust me, the rewards are worth it, my friend!"
  • Copperfang: "To be at par with the richest weasel ever? You got a deal!"

main lobby.

  • Speaker: "Attention employies. There will be a change in plans. For you see, I have signed a deal with Mr. Weasely Darwin, the grand owner of D-mart! This company is gonna become rich!"
  • employies get excited!
  • Speaker: "However, sacrivices have to be made. You all are working through chrismas eve and day! He has many sales to meet and supply! This is a supply and demand world, and Chrismas has no room for a modernised world! Copperfang, out!"
  • Employees: What?
  • James: AW COME ON!!!!

Meanwhile back with with the Elves.

  • Alfred: Well gentlemen, if my calcuations are correct, We're heading into the Dragon Realms right now.
  • Teddy: So, how do we find a Princess of Heart, Sponge and Purple Dragon now that the Dragon Realms is now more animal civialized and advenced ever since Malefor's downfall?
  • Alfred's pocket begins to act up!
  • Alfred pulls out a device.
  • Alfred: "Oh no! the naught-i-meter! It's Copperfang!"
  • Teddy: "What did he do now?!"
  • Alfred: "LOOK!"

Toy company.

  • Employies are protesting!
  • John: "Boss! what's wrong with you? What in the santa conbesta is going on!?"
  • Copperfang: "Darwin offered me a better deal! That's all!"
  • Darwin: "Coppy, baby, you need to put your dogs on a tighter leash!"
  • Copperfang: "Very well."
  • Copperfang presses a button.
  • the bulldogs come back with night-sticks.
  • Copperfang: "Boys, stright my employies out."
  • The Bulldogs attacked the employies 

Back with the Elves

  • Teddy: What just happened?!
  • Alfred: It appears that Mr. Weasely Darwin, Owner of D-mart has made Copperfang an offer he can't refuse and has banned his employees' dayoffs on both Christmas Eve and Day. He's getting more naughtier and badder then ever! We need to move!

Toy Company.

  • Employies are painfully injured.
  • Copperfang: "That'll be all, gentlemen."
  • the bulldogs walk off.
  • John was only half hurt.
  • John: "(Coughs), Mr. Copper, why?"
  • Copperfang: "Shut up, and get out of my office! And drag the other idiots as well!"
  • John: "But i'm just one chewawa."
  • Copperfang: "Get the company forkleft. I'll see you, tomorrow, Johnathon."
  • Copperfang leaves.
  • Weasely Darwin leaves, chuckling in enjoyment.
  • John: "How am i gonna explain this to familia?"
  • in Copperfang's desk, Gonzo and a very shocked Rizzo are seen.
  • Gonzo: "Santa's worries are very justived indeed. Copperfang's lone interest in wealth has made him forget his sense of morality."
  • Rizzo: "Gees. I thought he was a grouch before, but this?! he had 2 big guys mess them up! Aren't those elves gonna get the lougers yet?!"
  • Gonzo: Rizzo, Santa insturcted those Elves to bring only Spongebob, Spyro and Kairi to him, The lougers will find out about Copperfang's scroogely attitude in good time. But all in all, Christmas may be looking at trouble.

parking lot.

  • Copperfang heads torwords his limo, Condor butler awaiting.
  • Copperfang: "Take me home, Henry."
  • Henry the condor: "Sir."
  • John appeared!
  • John: "Mr. Copper, wait!"
  • Copperfang gets in the Limo.
  • Copperfang: On second thought, Henry. Take me to my usual lunch spot. And step on it!
  • The limo just drives off in the streets leaving John coughing at the limo smoke.
  • John just walked sadly, whimpering.


  • Henry: "Pardon my curiosity sir, but, what was that about? He said something about, "Son"?"
  • Copperfang: "Oh, just johnathon's sob story about his sick son. You know, it's just naterol selection. If he's gonna die, let him. His death will ease the problem of the sur-plus population, and one less mouth to feed. Why bother to care for someone who's death is eventual?"
  • Henry didn't respond.
  • Copperfang: "Henry? Why didn't you respond to me?"
  • Henry: "Oh, I was just asking, I, I didn't wanted to engage conversation."
  • Copperfang: "Good."
  • Henry (thinking): "Oh dear. Always so negitive. I know somewhere is a better snake under all that self-entitled wealth desiring twatness."
  • Copperfang: "I think today was a spiecal, grand day. Henry. I just signed a tremendus deal with Weasely Darwin."
  • Henry: "Owner of D-mart companies and stores sir?" 
  • Copperfang: The one and only Hen. Now, to my usual mellon collie lunch spot. I'm starving.
  • Henry: "Mellon Collie, sir?"
  • Copperfang: It is a term for my depression of Christmas Henry.

a fancy restaurent.

  • Copperfang slithers in.
  • A french poodle: Ah, misure Copperfang! Your usual table?"
  • Copperfang: Yes, please.

table 9.

  • Copperfang sit conferably at the table.
  • A familer weasel appeaered.
  • Weasely Darwin: "Well, look who I ran into in my faverite restaurent in this side of town!"
  • Copperfang: Ah, Mr. Darwin, what a pleasent surprise to see you here.
  • Weasely Darwin: "Guess what? I told the board about you, and they love ya! Your company's perfect for ensure sales! And we both are gonna benifet from this!"
  • Copperfang: "Wonderful news, Darwin."
  • Weasely Darwin: "I can see the future, gramps! You and I are both gonna benifet from this! We'll become marketing gods among men!"
  • Copperfang: Well in that case, (Lifts his wine class) I propose a toast, to the new era of my company!
  • Weasely Darwin: Oh, now your talking, baby!
  • Copperfang and Darwin cheers with their drinks and laughed with enjoyment while they are unaware that Gonzo and Rizzo where watching the whole thing via restaurent window.
  • Gonzo: While the two buisness men enjoyed their lunch and success, Alfred, Teddy and Dougie arrived in the Dragon Realms and are about to drop Teddy off in the Swamp to go get Spongebob while Dougie and Alfred get Spyro and Kairi who they and the rest of their friends are still in the Christmas Spirit caroling with children.

Dragon Realm- Swamp where the Temple is located

  • Teddy: "Oh why do I have to be in a swamp?"
  • eyes watch the elf walk.
  • Teddy: "It's so, icky, and gross, and icky, and now snowy, and icky. And icky."
  • stomps are heard.
  • Teddy turns around to see a swamp golum.
  • Teddy: "DAHHHH!"
  • Teddy makes a run for it! He gets out a snowglobe which creates a portal and vanishes trough it
  • The Swamp golum was just clueless at what he just saw.

The Temple- Spongebob's room

  • Teddy enters Spongebob's room panting after escaping the Swamp golum.
  • Teddy: Ok, I so don't ever wanna do that again!
  • spears are suddenly pointed at Teddy!
  • Wolfs are seen snarling at him.
  • Wolf: "HALT INTRUDER!"
  • Teddy: "I'm not one of them!"


  • Teddy was in the temple holding cell.
  • Boss Wolf: "Alright shorty, who are you? One of Cobra's many butt ugly abominations, or Chrysalis's changelings?"
  • Teddy: Listen you mangy mutt cowards, I am not like those naughty villain leagers! I just want to see Spongebob and take him to Santa, If you still don't believe me then you won't get anything in your stocking!
  • Boss Wolf: "I admire you for staying true to your con, but it's not gonna save ya! Boys, bring in the mini-alligaters!"
  • Wolfs begin to stuff mini alligaters in Teddy's pants!
  • Teddy: YOW?! WOW?! ALLIGATORS?! TINY ALLIGATORS?! (Takes them out of his pants quickly) Oh that is it! (Gets out some ordiments and throws them at Boss Wolf, The other wolfs and mini aligators, knocking them out uncouncous and whipping their memories of Teddy.
  • Teddy: Consider yourselves on the naughty list, FOEREVER!!!!!
  • Teddy suddenly felt something sharp inpaling him!
  • it was Lord Shen with his spear!
  • Lord Shen: "How sad when an acter dies doing what he does best, being an acter?"
  • Lord Shen removes the spear, and Teddy drops.
  • the wolfs come through.
  • Boss Wolf: "Oh, what happened?"
  • Lord Shen: "Let's say this intruder got wise on you! Thanks to me, I took care of this fool. Now take him to be crimated."
  • Boss Wolf: "Yes sir!"

the city.

  • Alfred and Dougie are still looking for Spyro and Kairi in the sleigh and reindeer then suddenly Alfred's pocket begins to act up again!
  • Alfred pulls out the naught-i-meter.
  • Alfred: "Oh no! The naught-i-meter has put The Louge's General and his minions on the naughty list.
  • Dougie: "What did those guys do?"
  • Alfred: Oh my god the peacock slaughtered Teddy!
  • Dougie: "NO! WHY?!"
  • Alfred: Obviously the Peacock and his followers where just doing their job to protect the temple and thought Teddy was one of those naughty villain leagers.
  • Alfred: "Remember the time Lord Cobra posed as the easter bunny and Chrysalis and those changlings of hers as baby chicks?"
  • Dougie: How could those Leagers pull that o- (Then remembers the Easter event) Ooooh yeah! 
  • Alfred: Also the Rise of the Guardians Easter Bunny did not take kindly to that event too.
  • Dougie: Well now what do we do? Inform the big man about Teddy's death and give that Peacock and those wolves nothing for Christmas except for coal?
  • Alfred: Thats not importaint right now, Lets get Spyro and Kairi first and if they see were Santa's real elves, they'll bring the peacock and the wolves around.
  • Dougie: And what about Lord Cobra and those leagers since Teddy's death is all their fault as a tecnecaly for using holiday icons as disguises for their meanie skemces?
  • Alfred: On Christmas Eve the next three days, Santa will give them what they deserve for causing that accident in Easter.
  • Dougie: "I just thought of something. What if they get suspitious of us too? It's not an everyday occerence that chrismas elfs wanna just walk up and talk to you!"
  • Alfred: Their suspition of us won't happen and the Lougers will know that Teddy is a real elf and we're just here for Spongebob, Kairi and Spyro. This call I'm about to make to Santa will make sure of that. (Gets out a peice of fruite cake which is actually a cell phone)
  • Dougie: "Well, we kinda have a new problem."
  • Alfred: "What?"
  • Dougie: "Those guys!"
  • Jet planes are seen following the elfs!
  • Jet pilot: "You are in restricted air space! Leave now and you won't be blasted!"
  • Alfred: Uh Blitzen, I think its time to go!
  • Dougie: Get us to Spyro and Kairi's location and step on it quick!
  • Blitzen: Roger! Ok boys, Santa Speed! Go! Go! Go!
  • The Sleigh disappeared from the sight of the jet planes at a very fast speed!
  • Jet pilot: "Whoa! i think we were seeing things!"
  • Jet pilot 2: "Well, tecnecly they obeyed us and went to land. So let's go back to base and call it a day! They're having milk and cookies!"

Spyro and Kairi's current location

  • Kairi, Spyro and their friends are still hiking on through the woods heading for the next town to carol and are unaware that Rizzo and Gonzo watching them from the top of a tree.
  • Gonzo: "Our heroes are unaware of the problems at hand, and the elfs have their own problems of being accused as villain leagers in disguise cause of past events."
  • Rizzo: Boy, I can't believe Shen just killed Teddy in Cold Blood all because of the Villain Leage disguising as holiday figures in the past. Has Scroop gone major gorey much and should we be worried about the kids in the audience?
  • Gonzo: Don't worry about that now, the accusing thing will be taken care of soon enough. As for the other things, well, that's for the producer to deside on his own. (Back to the veiwers) Anyway, After the elfs got away from the jet planes, Alfred has already informed Santa of Teddy's demise and he is now writing to the lougers at the temple about the truth and that he needs to see Spongebob, Spyro and Kairi and only them while Kairi, Spyro and their friends are in for a suprise when some of their invited guests come to pick them up and take them to the next town.
  • Rizzo: "Where?"
  • Gonzo: Over that glade.
  • Rizzo: When?
  • Gonzo: Right..
  • We here some sleigh belles jingeling and the song "Here We Come A Caroling" in the distance
A Family Christmas - Here We Come A-Caroling

A Family Christmas - Here We Come A-Caroling


  • Sparx: "Hey, what's going on here?"
  • Spyro: I think we got company Sparx.
  • Kairi: Look at that.
  • Out of the clearing comes a beautiful green long sleigh pulled by four white horses with Rutt and Tuke hitched up at the front with Sora, Riku, Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Minnie, Daisy, Scrooge Mcduck, Pluto, Chip n' Dale, Huey, Dewey, Louie, Max Goof with most of the Jungle Adventure Crew inside and Genie is driving the sleigh with Fu Dog at the front seat while Tantor since theres not enough room for an elephant was following behind with Terk riding on him.
  • Tai: "Hey, our guests! How's travel?"
  • Fu Dog: It was great.
  • The Guests and Jungle Crew: Merry Christmas, Spyro, Kairi and Evreyone.
  • Timon: "Would you guys like to come with us to the temple back?"
  • Kairi: "Ok, we just sent the children home and we were gonna have a brief look around, but i guess we could go home."
  • Timon: "Well, hop aboard and-"
  • Santa's sleigh have arrive and lands right next to The guest sleigh.
  • Afried: Spyro and Kairi I presume?
  • Kairi: "You know who i am?"
  • Cynder: "Oh no! Cobra must had hired them!"
  • Spyro: "Kairi, behind me!"
  • Genie grow big, and grabbed the slay!
  • Genie begins to do baseball poses!
  • Alfred: "WAIT! WE'RE NOT WITH THE-"
  • Genie finger flicks the elfs and reindeer far away from here!
  • Spyro: "That was close! But we have to go home, now!"

the dragon realms desert.

  • the slay was in ruins.
  • Alfred: "Well, that could've gone better."
  • Dougie: "They turned on us before we could've said anything! (cries) AND TEDDY DIED IN VAIN! (CRIES)"
  • Alfred: "It was my fault. I said their names like i already known them. alot of the leagers past attempts involved that. I jinxed us."
  • Dougie: "Oh, nice one Alf!"
  • Alfred: "Reindeer, report! is anyone damaged or hurt?"
  • Blitzen: Negetive, We're still in one peice.
  • Dougie: Well now what do we do? Tell Santa we fudged up thanks to those sepeicousness of the lougers and put them all on the naughty list?
  • Alfred: "No on the naughty list part. They're just being good protacters. Because of the leage's mean holiday icon scams, they can't afford to trust holiday icons that so happened to know Kairi, Spongebob, or Spyro, or has a growing interest on them alone."
  • Dougie: "Well, are we still gonna tell Santa?"
  • Alfred: "(Sigh), yes, but the big man's not gonna like it."
  • Familier Voice: Don't worry Alfried, I have allready send my letter to the lougers that I am Not one of the villain leage's Holiday Icon scams this time and I need Spyro, Spongebob and Kairi right away after I saw what Shen did to Teddy.  
  • Alfred: Santa?
  • Santa: "I took it that it didn't end well again?"
  • Dougie: "Oh, like a crashed slay isn't obvious enough?"
  • Santa: And don't worry about Teddy, boys, After Shen impaled him, his body was magically transported back to the Pole where he is now being revived by Mrs Claus' good healing magic. And Boys, I'm sorry for failing to perceving the Louger's paranoid distrust to me and my fellow holiday icons thanks tho the leage's holiday scams.
  • Alfred: It's ok Santa, It looks like the producer didn't put Karma on our side and we end up having a very unfortunate day.
  • Dougie: So Santa, what do we do about the leagers since their mean scam caused the louge's distrust to us?
  • Santa: "Let's just say, we're gonna have a hard time keep coal in stock this year."

dragon temple.

  • Lord Shen: "Looks like Cobra's at it again! Look at this, a latter from Santa? Everyone knows he's far to busy to actselly try to conntact anyone! I mean, he only wants to meet Kairi, Spongebob, and Spyro? And not the rest of us? Because Copperfang may be a threat? HA! Well, Santa, stuff this in your stocking!"
  • Shen throws the latter into the fireplace, with fire on.
  • Icky: "Yeah, that's showing Joke-bra! I can't believe now he's trying impersonate Santa! First the E bunny, then the tooth lady, sandyman, that flying love spreading baby, and now this?!"
  • Spongebob: "It's sads me that the leage lacks the holiday cheer, or any true respect for that matter."
  • Gilda: "Can they help it? Santa surely loads them up with those black rocks every year!"
  • Icky: "Oh yeah! No wonder theyre trying to punk santa!"
  • the lougers laugh!
  • Mr. Krabs: "And they tried to make us turn against a well-respected toy company CEO like Copperfang! It's dispicable!"
  • Viper: "I know my uncle isn't a very postive snake, but a chinese warlock? I just don't know what Mang is thinking. The poor old serpent is just a lonely snake, he propbuly doesn't even believe in magic, let alone actselly use it!"
  • Icky: "Agian, still interesting that your uncle is a top-star toy mongel. Who knew he had socal issues?"

Santa's workshop.

  • Alfred: "Bad news, it didn't work as well as we thought. They thought it was Cobra. again!"
  • Santa: "Oh dear. Their mistrust is too great. We have only one choice. We have to wait out this in-coming scrooge storm, and hope for the best."
  • Teddy: "I ended up dying for nothing?!"
  • Alfred: And as for those villain leage twats, I've seen to it that they get what they deserve early this year for causing the louge's distrust to us because of that scam of theirs as well as a lecture they won't forget.

Villain Leage Fortress

  • There is a huge knock at the gate as Cobra and Chrysalis goes over to answer it.
  • Cobra: "Who could it be at this hour, in our turf of all places?"
  • Chrysalis: "I'll check, i'll check."
  • Chrysalis opens the door, obscuring Cobra's view.
  • Chrysalis: "BLAH!"
  • Chrysalis slams the door shut!
  • Cobra: "The devil is wrong with you woman?"
  • Cobra opens the door.
  • Cobra: "My apologies for Chrysalis's behav-"
  • Suddenly he sees a big Christmas preasent with white and red striped wrapping paper and a big green bow.
  • Cobra: What the deuce?
  • Cobra checks the name tag and reads it.
  • Cobra: Best Wishes from Santa Claus to the Villain Leage.
  • Chrysalis: "But, I saw that crazy giant rabbit again!"
  • Cobra: "Oh, Chrysaly, your over-reacting again! Obviously, Santa didn't check twice! And we got a present for once! let's see what's in it!"
  • Cobra opens the preasent to find a box filled with coal!
  • Cobra: What the devil?
  • ??? With an Australian voice: G'Day, Mate.
  • Cobra turns to see a shadowy figure with a boomerang.
  • ???: I haven't see you, your fellow leagers and that organization of yours since you caused the shell louge squad's distrust on me and my fellow legends I believe. (The figure comes out of the shadows to reveal himself as a  a rabbit that stood up to six-seven feet tall, he had grayish blue fur, with flower implants on both his forehead and shoulders and bright green eyes.) It Started Last Easter Sunday, didn't it?
  • Lord Cobra: Oh my God Chrysalis it's that Kangaroo from the Dreamworks movie!
  • Bunnymund: "I'm a bunny."
  • Cobra: "RUN!"

Chapter 3: The Dark Man's Scroogeyness curse, Spongebob, Kairi and Spyro's Road to the North Pole, The hazordious skies of the Miser Bros, and Santa's Warning

Copperfang's limo again.

  • Copperfang: "A great feast to end a great day, Henry."
  • Henry: "Indeed, sir."
  • Copperfang: "Now to return home, and relax."

Near Copperfang's mansion.

  • Chrismas carollers are seen singing.
  • Gonzo's Voice: Copperfang lived in a mansion which was once owned by his now deaceased two buisness partners, Alan and Drakey Marley the Weasel Brothers. it is as blick and lonely as he is. and worse of all, he is not very fond of carollers.
  • Copperfang: (After getting out of the Limo) Hey, Get off my lawn! Go on shoo before I release the hounds!
  • The Carollers screamed and got off of Copperfang's property.
  • Gonzo: Apperently The Lougers have taken their job of protecting Spongebob, Kairi and Spyro dead serious ever since The Leage attempted to kill Spongebob with Master Xehanort nearly turning Spyro into his 13th dark vessel and thanks to the Villain leage's Holiday icon scams, the lougers disturst to Santa and his elves have ruined their chance to warn Spongebob, Spyro and Kairi of Copperfang's curse that turns people into Scrooges called "The dark man's scroogyness". And that was a HUGE mistake.
  • Rizzo: "Wait, I thought he didn't done it yet."
  • Gonzo: "Alcoruse he didn't, I was just explaining. Alcourse, given enough time, he will do it soon enough."
  • Rizzo: "Ok, I'm spectical of this guy being a chinese warlock. He looks nothing of the sort."
  • Gonzo: Anyway ever since he neglected Viper's invitation to the Holiday Crossover Festival, Copperfang has descided to make an example of the louge by teaching them that he is not fond of Christmas at all by casting his curse on all holiday lovers.
  • Rizzo: "Still specitcal."

Inside Copperfang manor.

  • Copperfang was in a magic looking symbol filled with chinese words.
  • Henry: "Sir, Miss Warts and i are, concerned about what your doing."
  • Miss Warts, the warthog maid: "Don't ya think your taking this, atad too far?"
  • Copperfang: Miss Warts, I've tried evreything I could to forget about Christmas, but it's existance has forced me to take drastic measures. And what better way to start my curse to ruin Christmas then by using a dark curse?
  • Henry (wispers): "He's gone mad."
  • Copperfang: Now then, lets begin with my neice's boy friend and those anti hero friends of hers, shall we?
  • Miss Warts (wispers): "Now he's just being crazy!"
  • Copperfang begins to quietly chant the curse's incantation.

The Dragon Temple

  • Lord Shen, Cynder and the other anti hero lougers where still checking on the preperations in the ballroom.
  • Lefou: "Hey, is anyone starting to feel, funny?"
  • Riku: Yeah, I feel like I'm gonna be sick or somthing.
  • Icky: "We didn't ate bad fruitcake did we?"
  • Gilda: I don't think its the fruitcake Ick.
  • Trixie:(begining to glow green) What is happening to me?
  • Icky: "Holy christmas!"
  • Lord Shen: "What in the name of the devines?"
  • Suddenly Cynder and Riku begin to glow green and transform into their avatar forms!
  • Lord Shen: "What dasturdly trick is Cobra up too this time?"
  • Boss Wolf: Uh, Sir, I don't think this is Cobra's doing this time.
  • Suddenly all of Shen's wolfs and apes started to glow green too.
  • Lord Shen: "If it's not Mang, then who else is capable of such magic?!"
  • Copperfang's Voice: I beleive this is all my doing because you anti hero lougers including my Neice's snivling little boyfriend are going to help me ruin Christmas!
  • Sir Hiss: "Wha, wha, Mr. Copperfang?"
  • Icky: "Ok, is Merlin punking us again with his hocus pocus? You got us good man! Great chrismas joke!"
  • Copperfang's Voice: Oh I don't think so, you prehistoric loud mouth bird.
  • Iago, Icky and the Hyenas begin to glow green while screaming.
  • Copperfang's Voice: Consider this your punishment for loving that mindless modernised holiday known as Christmas you anti-hero twats!
  • Boss Wolf: "I'm out of here!"
  • Boss Wolf makes a run for it!
  • Lord Shen: "My anti-magic charm!"
  • Lord Shen heads torwords a spiecal chinese case!
  • Copperfang's Voice: Oh, no you dont peacock, My plan for you is just begining!
  • Shen's chinease case explodes while Lord Shen begins to glow green and lets out a peacock screech!
  • Boss Wolf struggles to get the door open!
  • Boss Wolf now begins to glow green along with the remaining anti hero lougers while howling in pain!
  • Copperfang's Voice: It's no use, The Dark Man's Scroogyness is too powerful for you to overcome. As of right now, you anti-hero lougers will do my bidding and help make one Christmas that no one will ever forget. Now go out into the realm, ruin Christmas perminatly and spread the curse to others who are weak-minded and do not have pure enough hearts!
  • the anti-heros began to laugh maniacly!

temple doors.

  • Wolfs, Hyenas, and the Villagers from belle's village began to march down, with Avatar Cynder, and the other anti heros leading them.
  • Viper sees this.
  • Viper: "Hiss, where are you and the others going?!"
  • Sir Hiss: "We're gonna go to have fun ruffing up chrismas, deary!"
  • Viper: "What?!"
  • Lord Shen: "As general, you and the others are forbidden to interfear! Boss Wolf, activate lockdown protocal!"
  • Boss Wolf: "Yes sir."
  • Boss Wolf Presses a button, and a force field of engry blocks in Viper, as it surrounds the temple, preventing all, but the corrupted forces.
  • Icky: "Sorry Vipy, wish you can come along, and trash Christmas with us! NOT!"
  • The anti-heros laughed as thet stormed out!
  • Viper: "Oh no! What did Cobra do this time!?"
  • Soothsayer: "It's not Cobra this time. We must hurry to the others."
(Viper, Copperfang, and the tainted anti-heros will sing this)
Repo! The Genetic Opera - At The Opera Tonight

Repo! The Genetic Opera - At The Opera Tonight


The North Pole- Santa's Workshop
  • A loud alarm is heard as all of the elves paused from making the toys!
  • Santa: "Is it what i think it is, Alfred?"
  • Afried: Yep Santa, I think the Scroogy storm has begun. (Shows Santa the Naughty List which had all of the Anti-heros' names right underneath Copperfang's.
  • Teddy: "Oh no! This is bad! What did they do to get on there?"
  • Alfred: Copperfang cursed them into becoming humbug scrooges like him. If this keeps up, everyone with no pure heart or a strong mind is gonna become scroogey. what's worse, they're laying waste to town, and sang a song from "Repo the genetic opera", and it, kinda doesn't make sense, cause theres no opera to speak of-
  • Santa: "Calm down, Doug. But your right. this is a serious time. But we're helpless to intervene in anyway, or to contain the curse. Our only hope is the remaining lougers and their friends. It's up to them now."

the dragon temple.

  • Sparx: "Hey what's going on, why is there a force-field around the temple?"
  • Spyro: "We're trap all of the sudden! what's going on?!"
  • Devon: "Yeah, what's going on?"
  • Ignitus: This appears to be the work of Viper's uncle who has turned evreyone of the anti-hero lougers, including Cynder and Riku, into scrooges and they have the entire temple on lockdown. 
  • Phil: "Hold it! Copperfang corrupted a 3rd of our team, right? (Laugsh out loud!) That stingy old repile, a magic user? (laughs crazy again) Abra Ka-ching! (laughs out loud!"
  • Timon and Pumbaa laughed!
  • Timon: "Who told ya something like that?! What mook, made that up!"
  • Spryo (angrliey goes over to Phil, Timon and Pumbaa): You three think us getting trapped in a force-field and what Ignitus just said is funny?!?
  • Sparx: "Relax Spyro. It's just that Copperfang's nothing but a stoogey old grump, he's not a magic user! If anything, I bet it's just Mang trying to set him up! He corrupted our friends and trying to pin this on Copperfang cause he's so anti-chrismas!"
  • Phil: "That's what we're trying to say!"
  • Cornwall: "There was even a news coverage that Copperfang himself said that he's not a magic user! He doesn't even believe in magic!"
  • Alex: "Yeah, there's doubt Ol' Coppy is in anyway behind this! It has to be Mang! I mean, this mess is him written all over!"
  • Soothsayer: Like I told Viper before, It is not Cobra this time, and I do believe those elves you, Sparx, Kairi and the others met and that letter from Santa Claus Shen burned up isn't a Villain leage holiday scam this time.
  • Po: "(Laughs), And Shen always said you had no sense of humor! Like Copperfang is really-"
  • Po sees Viper tearing in sadness.
  • Sparx: Uh guys, somthing tells me that the sight of Viper in tears means that the Soothsayer's really not kidding and I can't help but think that this somewhat might be our fault.
  • Po: "What your serious? And Copperfang is..... (Stutters for a brief), You mean what he said in the news coverage is a lie?!"
  • Skipper: "Never did trusted the news media."
  • Cornwall: "And how's this our fault? We didn't do anything to Copperfang to provoke him!"
  • Spyro: Guys, Viper mentioned that her uncle hates evreything to do with Christmas and I think Sparx meant that letter and those elfs that we thought was one of Cobra and the Villain Leage's attempts to capture me, Spongebob and Kairi. If what the Soothsayer said about the elves and letter are not the leage's doing this time, then that would mean that the letter and elves were from-
  • Kairi: The Real Santa Claus?
  • Alex: (Gasps) We accused the real Santa as one of the Cobra and the Villain League's latest holiday scams.
  • Marty: Oh, we're all gonna be on the naughtly list for sure now!
  • Familiar voice: Actually, you guys arent going on the naughty list, you're just taking your jobs a bit too seriously.
  • Spongebob: "Huh?"
  • The lougers turn to see two familiar elves appearing.
  • Spyro: "Ah, haaaa....... Look, about the whole, mistaking you guys for another leage scam, it's just, like Shen would say, you can never know what they're up to..... (Nervious laughing)."
  • Squidward: "Oh and you wanna know what's worse?! We've invited our friends from Equestia to visit us! Just WHAT is Celestia gonna think when she finds Shen desimating a civilisation again?!"
  • Alfred: Look guys, we're not here to give you guys a lecture, You three are Spongebob, Spyro and Kairi right?
  • Spongebob: "Well, (gives himself a wedge to look at his underwear) I think that's what my tagged underwear said."
  • Teddy: "Tagged Underwear?"
  • Spongebob: "Well, it's a long story really, I forgotten who i was once and uh, there was this nasty king fu fox from the leage and uh-"
  • Douge: "Easy kid, we didn't asked for your life story."
  • Alfred: Anyways, while you guys were blind by your fear of the Villain Leage's attempt to get their hands on Spongebob, Spyro and Kairi, you guys took your jobs a bit too seriously and thought we were just another one of the leage's holiday shcemes when we can to ask you three to come with us to the northpole so Santa could warn you of how Copperfang is cable off, but now you know the hard way and you paied the price for it, we're going to try this one more time. Do it for your friends who have now fallen victim of the  Dark Man's Scroogeyness curse. Oh and as for the Villain leage, they got their Christmas gift early this year.

Villain Leage Fortress.

  • Chrysalis and Mang are watching this in banages with the rest of the now banaged leage.

Dragon Temple again.

  • Mr. Krabs: "Ohh, something tells me I kinda don't wanna know what you did to them, considering the way to put that way."
  • Tuilo: "Yikes. Guess the leage might be getting a "Black and Blue" chrismas today."
  • The lougers laughed!
  • Alfred: "Hey, I'm for having fun at bad people's expense too, but we kinda have a situation here."
  • Sandy: "Right, we need to warn The Main 6 and the Princesses about this before they get the wrong idea!"
  • Sora: Wait, Sanday, Most of the mane 5 and the Princesses, but Twilight and Spike are spending the holidays with some of their old friends, let's not drag them into this.
  • Alfred: And Also, you guys can't intervene with the chaos Copperfang has already unleashed, it will make the situation more worse.
  • Viper: He's right.
  • Shrek: "You serious?! We need all the help we can get out there, and it wouldn't be right to just let that grouch do what he very well pleases!? What if all of our enemies find out that the Lougers are either corrupted or are helpless to do anything and deside to cause all kinds of trouble! Team Nefarious could discover this and deside to attack a defenceless Equestia and snag away the Tree of Harmony! The Dark Dragon and the Scourge Empire will start to go on the conquest spree! And I don't think the Villain Leage will stay injured forever, and not to mention what THEY'RE CAPABLE OF?! And then there's Qui and her seriously messed up plans of making the villain teams more buddy-buddy then local travern drunks!? And I heard Prison 42 is facing Fiancal trouble, guess what happens when The Glactic Feds shut it down and try to transport them out? And if in the midst of making all of our enemies like each-other, they attack the transport and INCLUDE THOSE GUYS IN THE PARTY?! Then, it's a HOP-SKIP-OF-A-JUMP, till eventally the Darkspawn start to come back thanks to the Grand Genertor under Nefarious' control, who was made friends with the other villains, and then, IT'S BYE-BYE MORTAL FREEDOM AND LIFE, IT'S BEEN FUN! (Wispers) See you later."
  • Alfred: "...... Yeah...... On second thought, VERY BAD IDEA to leave them out in the dark, and you guys DO need to go out there to see what you can do to slow it down!"
  • Shifu: "But it's not exactly safer to get them too involved either. We do need a plan to get this under control before what Shrek said becomes reality, and our corrupted fellow lougers no longer become the only problem."
  • Matt: Well just because we're dealing with something big doesn't mean we can't still have a good Christmas.
  • Everyone stares at Matt with blank "Are you serious?" stares.
  • Phil: "Seriously? You suspect us to celebrate chrismas, WHILE THE UNITED UNIVERSE IS ON THE HIGHWAY TO HELL?!"
  • Alfred: "Yeah, I'm all about being chrismasy and festive, BUT EVEN I KNOW this situation is too bad!"
  • Girl Sora: "I'm sorry, but THAT would make us look like we don't care what is going on and look selfish."
  • Matt: "...... Sorry."
  • Po: "So, what are we gonna do? How do we get out of the Temple trapped under the shutdown protocal force sheild?"
  • Douge: Our top boys are taking care of that now.
  • Spyro: (To Spongebob and Kairi) You two ready for a little feild trip once the protocal force feild is down?
  • Spongebob: "Well, it's gonna feel, odd going without the other lougers, I-"
  • Po: "In all fairness, somebody has to go and keep Shen making a big angry bird jerk agian."
  • Sandy: "But the Media is sure gonna report that some of our friends suddenly turned mean, and increse the chance of the other villains finding out!"
  • Spongebob (To Kairi and Spyro dubbed as Brian): Then we got no time to lose! Allright, let's go to the North Pole.
  • Sparx: You three got room for one more?
  • Spyro: "Well might as well, cause your kinda my familier."
  • Alfred: "Well, Santa didn't asked for a forth, but why not?"
  • Shifu: "The rest of you, to the plan room now!"

Copperfang Manor.

  • Copperfang laughed wickedly as the choas he created to ensure Chrismas is put in it's place for good!
  • Copperfang: "I did it Henry! I finally put chrismas in a well, deserved, grave! Now, nothing, not even my brainless niece and those simpleton misfits can stop me!"
  • Henry was riddled with guilt for this.
  • Henry: "Sir please, why do this to Chrismas?"
  • Copperfang: "Like you don't already know Henry. Now, get out of my sight."
  • Henry quietly obliged.

Leage Fortress.

  • Mang saw that Copperfang hated chrismas even more then him.
  • Lord Cobra smiled.
  • Lord Cobra: "Lightbulb."
  • Chrysalis: "Mang, are you thinking what I think your thinking?"
  • Lord Cobra: "Consider it our way to get even for that brash uncalled for assult by one of the Guardians no doubt caused by the High Council favering twit Santa claus! We just need at least ONE leager that hasn't been badly damaged!"

Leage Fortess, Plankton's room.

  • Plankton is seen undamaged by Bunnymond thanks to being too small or BM forgot about him completely, as he sang his verson of Santa has his eyes on me! Afterwords, Plankton gets more mad!
  • Karen: "Aw, I heard these rants before."
  • Plankton: "Oh thank you wind from benife my wings. I tried to get even with Chrismas once, and IT BLOWS UP IN MY FACE?! I may never get the chance again...."
  • Knock Knock.
  • Lord Cobra: Oh relax, Plankton it's, just me!
  • Plankton: "Oh, come in."
  • The door opens, reveiling a banaged Mang and Chrysalis.
  • Lord Cobra: "I suspect Santa desided to give us something worse then our usual black rocks: a holiday beating from that childhood guardian Bunnymond! And I desire satisfying payback!"
  • Plankton: "So what do you want me to do about it?"
  • Chrysalis: "We know you tried to defeat Chrismas once by using Jerk-toninum and that Robot Spongebob. We want your help to convince Copperfang to require our aide to ensure Chrismas' downfall."
  • Plankton: "..... Copperfang? The toy company uncle of one of those kung fu furry freaks? Why are we interested in him?"
  • Cobra: "He turned out to be a chinese warlock and cursed the anti-hero lougers to villain out once again under an anichent spell, and I want the leage the first ones to take full advantage of this! He could use our aide to ensure even the GOOD lougers lose their crediability! And we need your robot for that!"
  • Plankton: "Say no more Coby, i been fixing it up as a side project for sometime now, (presses a  button, which reveils the Robot Spongebob) (Laughs evilly) And I had been hoping you guys would approve of it to give those holly jolly wimps their just deserts!"
  • Chrysalis: "Wow, he certainly does NOT waste time!"
  • Plankton: "Now, My autoamton monstrosity, it's time to bring hell to chrismas once again?!"
  • The Machine does nothing.
  • Plankton: "Oh yeah. Forgot about this part."
  • Plankton whinds up the key, turning it on.
  • Robo Spongebob: "I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready, Ready to destroy chrismas."
  • Lord Cobra: "Exsellent. Now, let's get Blowhole to heal us up quickly with that fancy quick heal device so we can come too Planky. Let's meet with Mr. Copperfang."

Copperfang Manor.

  • Copperfang was laughing still as he watches the ensuing choas.
  • Copperfang: "My brillience, is great!"
  • ???: "Uncle."
  • Copperfang sees Viper.
  • Copperfang: "You?! I sworn that i saw you were trapped with the other misfits!"
  • Viper: "Unexpected help came for us. I came to try and reason you out of doing this. You never told anyone you were, a warlock."
  • Copperfang: "Niece, you over-reactive simpleton, you and the others were easy to convince otherwise! Besides, once Chrismas is gone people will deside it's not worth celebrating anymore. AT last, the cycle of MY dispair breaks. By next year, everyone will soon forget about chrismas."
  • Viper: "I.... I don't understand Uncle.... What's the matter with chrismas?"
  • Copperfang: "The Matter? THE MATTER?!"
(This happened. Couldn't resist. It's suppose to be the song from "Chrismas! Bah, Bug and Hum, but i think WIki is being stupid again?!)
Olive, The Other Reindeer "Christmas! Bah, Bug and Hum!"

Olive, The Other Reindeer "Christmas! Bah, Bug and Hum!"


  • Viper: "Uncle, I have no intention to let you do this!"
  • ???: "Well, it's a good thing we got to him first, ya broad!"
  • Viper gasps to see Cobra, Chrysalis, Plankton, a moble computer Karen, and the Spongebob Robot.
  • Plankton: "Robot, send this broad packing!"
  • Robot Spongebob: "Harm, Shell Louger!"
  • The Robot commences to grab Viper, as the camera moves to a concerned Rizzo and Gonzo.
  • Gonzo: And so, while this was going on, Spyro, Spongebob, Kairi and Sparx set out for the North Pole with Alfried, Teddy and Doug while the other Lougers begin to plan a way to stop the chaos Copperfang unleashed while Lord Cobra plans to take full advantage of Copperfang's hatred for Christmas for not only for the leage to have a christmas family reunion out of the anti-hero lougers including their old leader but to humiliate Spongebob and the rest of the Good Lougers for the twats they are for reforming the anti-heroes. But little did the bad guys know is that Santa has a very powerful item that could flaw their plan and change Copperfang's life forever.
  • Gonzo: I was about to get to that Rizzo, just chill. Even though Viper was at a serious disadvantage and is hoplessly out numbered with the robot, She had to get out of there fast.
  • Viper: "Uncle, what are you doing with the Villain Leage?!"
  • Copperfang: "They're just here to ensure chrismas stays destroyed. And to ensure you misfits don't ruin my plans. You were never a smart girl Viper. I don't know what the rest of the family ever saw in you!"
  • Viper was in disbelif, her uncle has become an ultimate christmas hating and now vows to destroy it monster!
  • Viper: "Uncle.... No......."
  • Plankton: "UNCLE YES?!"
  • Viper: "How could you betray everyone like this, assuisating with them, just to get rid of a holiday everyone loved?"
  • Copperfang: "Were you honestly NOT paying attention to my song? It partically deminstract that I have problems with that, commericalised garbage of a holiday! I mean, didn't it used to be about some human from a long time agaon named Jesus? And then suddenly, toy and video game corperations made up stories about A fat, elderly human who lives in the most inhospitable part of the world, with mutant flying reindeer and, elfs of all creatures, and garbage anout a Reindeer with headlights on his owns, and a sentient showman, and Gingerbread men, and two elemental beings named Misers and, and, and, this silly story about a man who was just as enlighten as me, named Esberneiser Scrooge, who was warped by the undead themselfs to become another, weak minded fool! Everything assusiated with the Holiday is BAH, BUG, AND HUM?! And, you, YOUR THE BIGGEST FOOL OF THEM ALL EVEN PARTAKING IN THIS?! Your chinese?! Doesn't that mean your NOT SUPPOSE TO CELEBRATE CHRISMAS, A CHRISTIN HOLIDAY?! IF YOUR CHINESE, THEN THAT MEANS Y TECNECAL POINT, YOU, SHOULD BE A BUDDEST?! I MEAN, DON'T YOU CELEBRATE THE WINTER FEAST AS WELL, AND YET YOU PARTAKE IN THIS, HOLLY JOLLY, HOGWASH?! I NOW DISOWNED YOU AS A MEMBER OF THE VIPER CLAN, AND I HOPE MY BROTHER AND HIS, DEAD-BRAIN WIFE, DO THE SAME, LIKE THEY DID TO THAT BLACK SHEEP SING JIN SUE?! NOW, GET OUT OF MY HOUSE, OR I'LL BE FORCED TO ALLOW THESE LOWLIFES TO CLAIM YOUR LIFE?!"
  • Chrysalis: "You know we're standing right here, right?"
  • Lord Cobra: Whoa! Now that's my kind of pawn for a Villain's own Christmas!
  • Plankton: "I could've gone without him insulting us as "Lowlifes" though."
  • Lord Cobra: "I know, but let's be honest, it's not like we didn't do anything to justify the word, we are the "Villain Leage" after all."
  • Viper: "...... Uncle...... Please, listen to me, the leage is only helping you so they can control you in the end cause of the spell! No doubt it's to so Mang can secretly tamper the the Dark Man's Scgroogyness to be periment to ensure Chrismas' true end and/or to satisfy correction agendas agains some of my firends to ruin any chance of reforming!"
  • Copperfang: "Oh please, They only do such under MY commands, and I only wanted their aide to ensure your simpleton firends won't ruin my plans to ruin chrismas until the curse finishes by the end of chrismas by and nothing else. They're insurence."
  • Plankton: "But don't expect us to do cars or other modes of transportation, we're not Geico!"
  • Viper: "Uncle, this is not the kind of thing the devines smile apawn!"
  • Copperfang: "Well, if the devines disapprove, then may I be struck by a flying ice cream truck..."
  • Lord Cobra: Don't even bother trying to do humorious but pointlessly random comedy only those goody goody lougers can do, Copperfang, let's just get your so-called neice out of our sights and have a nice villain's night out!
  • Chrysalis: "It's abit of a shame it's only you, Viper... I kinda over-prepared. (SHREIKS A BATTLE CRY THAT SUMMONS HER CHANGELINGS!)"
  • Plankton: "OW?!"
  • Chrysalis: "Changelings, SEIZE THE SNAKE?!"
  • The Changelings were confused.
  • Changeling captain: "Uh, Did you meant, Lord Cobra, The Old toy company grouch, or Master Viper of the furious 5?"
  • Chrysalis face-hoofed in embarisment!
  • Lord Cobra: Chrysalis, next time, never sent your followers to do my pet and Plankton's Robot's job. Jabberwocky!
  • ???: "(ROAR)?!"
  • Viper: "(Gasp)!"
  • Copperfang: "In case your lost of memory.... (Points to the front door) The front door's, that way."
  • The Jabbberwocky brakes into the mansion through the window and fires a blast of purple electricity at Viper.
  • Viper dogdes it, as the beast roars and crashs around the mansion!
  • Copperfang: "Oh come now, it's gonna take me forever to rebuild this place myself!"
  • Viper constinetly avoided the Japperwocky's attack, until she finally made it to the front door, which the beast willingly stopped. It was satisfived that it at least scared away the longe louger.
  • Changeling Captain: "Oh, it IS Master Viper!"
  • Chrysalis sighed in annoyence.
  • Copperfang, being a chinese Warlock, begins repearing his home himself.
  • Copperfang: "If I ever need to have this place torn down to build a bigger home, I call you guys!"
  • Cobra: "Our apologies Lord Copperfang, the damage is pourly accsidental."
  • Copperfang: "Suppose so. Now, I do believe there are corrupted misfits to need to make sure they do their job and ruin everyone's chrismas all the while ensure their friends don't ruin it! After i fixed everything up, I am turning in for the night. I want a progress report on how many people have began to hate chrismas, just as much as I do! (Chuckles), I bet soon, people will thank me for it."
  • Cobra: "Alchorse, dear Copper, you will not be disappointed."
  • The villains left.

The lonely street awat from Copperfang manor.

  • Viper was slithering in the cold snow, crying, moving very slowly.
  • Viper: "First my sister... Now.... Uncle Copperfang."
  • Viper started to get weak. Snakes are not very adapted to times of coldness cause of being cold-blooded.
  • Eventally, Viper dropped down, and started to get weaker.
  • Viper: "Uncle........"
  • Viper softly cried.
  • Viper: "Devines..... Oogway..... Forgive me....."
  • Viper fainted.
  • A familier form of a Chewawa is seen above Viper. It was John.

Meawhile halfway to the North Pole above the world.

  • Spyro, Spongebob, Kairi and Sparx are in the sleigh with Alfreid at the reins and Douge was incharge of reading the map and show where to go, of corse Kairi's enjoying the veiw from up above along with Spyro while Spongebob and Sparx are enjoying the hot chocolate and cookies Teddy has offered them. And before they left, The Digimon Group and most of the lougers that are good gave Kairi their Christmas lists for Santa to see which she keeps in envlopes within her backback.
  • Kairi: "Again Teddy, I'm sorry if Uncle Shen harmed you, he just wanted to keep me safe from the Villain Leage, they have been a real pain to us alot of times, espiecally throughout the course of the year with their Holiday Icon scams... For as far as i can remember..."

New Years Eve, the final hours of 2012.

  • The Lougers were celebrating!
  • Lord Shen: "And another year of us stoping the forces of evil once more!"
  • Ding dong!
  • Kairi: "I got it."
  • Kairi opened the door, reveiling Cobra disguised by Baby New Year.
  • Cobra: "Goo-goo Ga-ga pee!"
  • Kairi quickly knew who it was RIGHT away and gave him a pityful frown.
  • Kairi: "Mang, I know you and the leagers are desperate to get ahold of me and satisfy your dark plans, but SERIOUSLY?! You have to do alot better then that."
  • Cobra screams like a girl and makes a run for it!

Valentimes Day.

  • Icky: "Happy Vally's day, my coo-coo griffin!"
  • Lord Shen: "A toast, to a lovely valentimes day!"
  • Ding-dong!
  • Spyro: "I got it."
  • Spyro opens the door.
  • It was Mang Cobra dusguise in a poor re-color of the Baby New Years costime as Cupid.
  • Cobra: "Happy Hearts day!"
  • Spyro frowns, knowing well what is going on.
  • Cobra: "I'm going, i'm going!"

St Patricks Day.

  • Family Guy's drunken irish dad plays as the Lougers have fun!
  • Ding Dong!
  • Spongebob: "Coming!"
  • Spongebob opens the door, to see Mang disguise as a Leperchan and Chrysalis as a she-leperchan!
  • Kairi however was not easily deterred or tricked along with Spyro and Shrek.
  • Kairi: Trying to harass me, Spongebob and Spyro again, huh Mang?
  • Mang and Chrysalis: "OW?!"
  • Mr. Krabs: "MINE MINE?! Hey, where's the pot of gold?"
  • (Alfred): "Ok miss Kairi, no need for the life story, we're fully aware of the scams!"


  • Teddy: It's ok, Miss Kairi. Santa wasn't the only holiday icon who was none too pleased with what that monster of a Cobra and the villain leage pulled.
  • Alfreid: Now you three stop being to hard on yourselfs, everybody makes mistakes, all is forgiven and the past is in the past.
  • Spyro: At least we're still on the nice list because of my, Kairi and Spongebob's powerful christmas spirit.
  • Douge: You got that right, Spyro my main dragon. Santa knew that Christmas spirit within you three was so powerful not even Copperfang's curse didn't turn you guys naughty like your friends.
  • Sparx: Man these cookies are delish!
  • Spongebob: And the hot chocolate was to die for! Any more of that and some christmas treats?
  • Alfred: "Ok, it should be fair to warn you guys, we're nearing the most hazordious part of the North Pole in the Dragon Realms: Miser Bros Terratory."
  • Sparx: "The Who-ers?"
  • A familer theme plays again as A series of fire-balls and ice spears pass through them!

Down below.


High Above.

  • Spyro: "What is wrong with these guys?!"
  • (Tman, since we can't trust this glitch to NOT fuck us over, and we can't wait for it to eventally leave, I made us a Remake X2)

Chapter 4: A Plan to save Christmas, Patchey and Pottey meet the Miser Bros and The Ghost of the Marley Weasel Brothers

Chapter 5: December 23 is Here, Miser Bros fight over a Fanboy Pirate and Pirate, Ginger the Chrismas-Fu reindeer, and The Seasponge of Christmas Past

Chapter 6: The Alicorn of Christmas Present and Cooperfang's Heart of Ice begins to Thaw

Chapter 7: The Nobody of Christmas Future, A fight before chrimas, Night Devine, and Patchey, Pottey, Ginger, and the Miser Bros Vs. North Wind

Chapter 8: Christmas Eve, A Changed Copper Fang, Robot Spongebob attacks, and Cobra's worst chrismas defeat ever.


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