Zircgard. A temperate planet which is known for it's large global ruins of what was once a primitive ecumenopolis that was ravaged by an earthquake, leaving plants, wastelands, and new civilizations to take the global city's place. The fight for an ancient artifact that can restore everything created three factions that want to use this artifact to remake it the way they want it: Techdytes, the technologically-advanced faction, Jitsudytes, the traditionally-primitive faction, and Wardytes, the warmongering faction that has killed more people and steals from the other two factions. These three factions have continued fighting in a war that lasted over a thousand years. This battle has created a deterring reputation for anyone else in the AUU, as they prefer not to deal with this bloody war, as anyone arriving on the planet has never survived. However, a thousand years later, they seemed to have forgotten the purpose of the war was to begin with, and they now just want the resources to survive in such a wasteland. The artifact has since been left forgotten and there is no info found that reveals it's location. However, three such warriors from each of those groups, Kleo Tecnor of the Techdytes, Jala Tradit of the Jitsudytes, and Waro Blasturd of the Wardytes were disputing against eachother over a small stream of water, until the feuders bumble right into a sacred cave that leads to the very lair of the artifact their factions sought for many years, The Orb of Restoration, guarded by a giant golden pteradautyl beast that breathes a rainbow fire! The creature promises that the orb will be allowed to be used in only one condition: their factions must forsake their plans to take over the planet and live in peace, seeing no point if trying to determin a sole dominater at another's detrement. The trio realise that they have a best shot at restoring their world, so they agree. However, their less then reasonable masters, Master Tecno, leader of the techs, King Prim I Tivious, the king of the Jitsus, and finally Overlord Khan Quest of the wards, all instead desided to claim the orb for themselves, dispose of the creature and destroy their rivals once and for all! Kleo, Jala, and Waro desided that they can't do this alone, and with Kleo's help, called out for help of any willing strangers. This managed to get the attention of the Grand Council, and, though relucent due to the nature of Zircgard, they realsied that there could be an oppertunity to bring peace to that trouble world and bring the factions to harmony WITHOUT it's less then reasonable leaders. To their relucence, the HA are on their way to the infamously violent world, along side the Lougers. However, Overlord Khan Quest turns out to be a VA benufactor and has recruited Glowrod and friends to fight for his cause to give him an unfair advanage over his rivals, while Techo has buildt probes out of Astro laser tec designed to destroy entire armies, and King Prim has a deadly secret weapon in the Bruud. The presence of all of these more then make the HA MUCH more willing to save this world from the factions' idiotic and feudulent leaders and bring Zircgard away from it's violent ways. Can our heroes unite a long devided world?

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