The UARA had found themselves in a serious struggle between a powerful enfluenceal Rabodan General named General Crass Crude Baneoson, and the entirity of the Xamian race of UIS fame, thus caught between the two. The Xamians are a philistopical race of Antelope-Eqsed Goats that worship an Apex Predatory beast in the form of a Snake-Mantis Monstrosity named after the planet and the system, called The Xame Beast. The Xamians tend to annually feed it lifestock that are sacriviced to the creatures in believing that it'll grant a good fortune and harvest for the coming seasons. However, the USRA deemed the Xame Beasts to be monsters that have to eradicated, but the Xamians surprisingly fought back, fearing the slaying of the spieces could lead to no more harvests and fortune. Then UIS came to aide them and solitify the Xamians creature of worship, leading to the Teadr 3 race to join UIS in gradatute. However, Baneoson proved to have an unfair trick up his sleve, he used an exile sheild to entrapped the Xamians' UIS protecters, rendering them useless while Baneoson's army of USRA soldiers were free to invade and corner all of the sacred beasts to be exicuted at a later date while all the Xamians are jammed into consintraction camps to make them stop believing in the creatures as mystical creatures. Thing is, while the creatures really don't have anything mystical about them, they are however highly impourent to the planet's evioment and eco system as they're litterally the only predators around in a world dominated by quickly reproducing herbavores that would end up being left uncheck once the Xame Beasts are all killed off. The UARA desided that they went after the wrong religen, intense as it is, and did the right thing by alarming the HA and Lougers to it, to not just stop another thorn into wounding already fragle as it is blooming relations between UIS and USRA, but to stop an eco-collapse doomsday being caused by a reckless insult to the Rabodan name. Can out heroes halt Baneoson's recklessness?

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