Because of improving relations, The Madam President of the Skeps herself has requested aide to the Lougers and the HA directly on an issue their impourent support race, the Zxvasect race, are going through. A teadr 2 race of insects that have all insect features imagineable (Not all at once, certain individuals have features that suit their location) because of having a rare genetic condition that allows them the ability to morpth into what best suits their location. This ability is indeed incredable, but they prefer to seclude it to themselves, not trusting outsiders to use this in the wrong way. But when the USRA aimed to make the Zxvasects reveil their secrets, they joined UIS to make sure their ability stays exsclusive to them. They created a great wall-like mech that blocks out AND attacks would-be USRA expandstion to Isolated worlds. However, they have been under threat of a stubbernly persistent noblemen of the Yurun race: Sir Urine Icup, the 1928th times removed cousin of the Yurun race leader, Master Coru Nuwenhie (By Marriage of a family member), who got diplomatic immunity from having Coru by the finaical balls as being the president of Yurue's impourent ecomamy flow that would be thrown into choas on a whim if Coru doesn't let him do what he wants, and right now, Sir Urine wants to force a negosiation table to have the Zxvasects to finally share their secrets onto the AUU at large, deeming the secrets to be a potaintional cashcow! And the Zxvasects are forced into this because Sir Urine threatens to make a war that'll end in 30 seconds thanks to a weaponised pesticides bot that would overwealm them, even with their genetic adaptations. Can the lougers and the HA put this sproiled brat of a rat in his place?

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