It Came Back To Goo Lagoon

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The giant mysterious bubble of super goo from Goo Lagoon is back. This time on a far larger scale. As expected, Plankton asks the Villain League to use it to their advantage. But shockingly enough, the Dragon Scourge and Team Nefarious also want it. But problem is that the Lodgers are already looking into it. Sandy explains the last time they dealt with a super goo bubble like this and how Plankton tried to use it for his formula-stealing schemes, and that after further discovery, discovers that the super goo patch was merely a combination of goo (underwater water and a denser hydrate), mud, water, fossilized material, and many other unstable substances, and it can be lethal when used in a dangerous level like it did in the distant past, and had even caused a ton of damage back in Bikini Bottom's prehistoric days, as the volcano erupted not just lava, but triggered a superplume of super goo that intoxicated all life within a 500-mile radius. Worst off, that pocket of super goo was only the beginning because, as of now, another superplume of super goo is waiting to erupt from the crack Sandy thought she had sealed up. Turns out, it is weakening in it's integrity, and if the crack is reopened, it could mean disastrous consequences, and a chain of events result in everyone, hero and villain, discovering this, and thus the three villain teams seek to destroy Bikini Bottom through this as revenge for the Lodge's years of interference. But will they succeed with the Lodgers once again on their tail?


(Final Battle Theme)

Family Guy Back to the Multiverse Crippletron Boss Music

Family Guy Back to the Multiverse Crippletron Boss Music


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