Jack Frost

Jackson Overland 'Jack' Frost

Jackson Overland "Jack" Frost
is an immortal supernatural being much like the Guardians. Unlike the others, however, he is a loner, the classic rebel without a cause, sarcastic and mischievous. He has incredible control over ice and the cold. He is a spirit of games and fun times, but when at last he discovered the purpose behind his amazing powers, he became a true Guardian, representing Fun.

Physical Appearance

Jack currently has white hair, striking blue eyes, and pale skin. He has a tall stature, albeit slim. He wears a blue hooded sweater, frost collecting around the ring of the collar, trousers bound with lighter material starting from the knee down to the rather tattered and frayed bottom, and is barefoot throughout the movie.

He carries around a magical staff, resembling a shepherd's crook. It is Jack's gateway to help him unleash his powers of conjuring snow, ice, and frost.

Before Jack became immortal, he was seen wearing a brown cloak, a white woolen shirt, and a small and brown open vest. He wore the same pants as seen in the present. He had warm brown hair and dark amber eyes, rather blushed cheeks and less paler skin.

Jack is currently over 300 years old, but he is forever trapped at the age of 17.

Rise of the Guardians

Before Jack Frost became an immortal being who possesed the power over ice and snow, Jack was once a human being who had a family of his own 300 years before current timeline. Like his current form, Jack was mischevious and he liked to have fun and play tricks on his friends and his sister. When Jack and his sister got themselves in serious trouble when they were on top of a frozen lake that was cracking, Jack made up a game of Hopscotch, and using his staff, Jack saved his sister from the cracking ice, at the cost of his own life. The Man in the Moon, seeing Jack's selfless act of heroism and sacrifice, shines his light and transforms Jack into a Winter Spirit, of which Jack rises up from the frozen lake and he is reborned as Jack Frost. When Jack Frost was reborned.


Jack Frost is a mischievous teenage hellion who has no interest in being bound by rules or obligations, and rather instead favors spreading his winter magic for the sake of the personal amusement of himself and children. Despite these traits, Jack is also gentle and generous.

The source of Jack's anti-social behavior towards the Guardians and refusal to adhere to rules was mostly because of his frustration with the Man in the Moon never answering his questions about who he was or why he was created, and also because no human, child or adult, was able to see him for centuries for no one had believed in him. But as Jack spends time in the Guardians' company, each individual would have an effect on him that would change him from a mischief-making winter spirit to a full-fledged Guardian in his own right, as well a hero.

It was his refusal to give up in the face of overwhelming odds that enabled him to help one child, Jamie, keep his beliefs in all of the Guardians as well as finally believe in Jack enough to see him. And it was his desire to protect Jamie, as he once did his sister, that helped him realize his center, as a Guardian, is Fun.

Jack proudly accepted the duties and responsibilities as the Guardian of Fun. His purpose, to spread the feelings of Fun and Joy so as to spread happiness to bolster the faith children have in the Guardians.

Powers and Abilities

Jack has incredible weather powers in which he controls with the help of his magic staff. He can call and ride the wind, float like a snowflake, conjure ice and snow, freeze objects or even people solid with a mere wave of his staff, make images drawn on frosted window panes come to life, and spread the feelings of fun and joy with his specialty: snowballs. Jack also later discovered that he can unleash energy bolts of ice when he first stood up against Pitch.


Jack has a magic staff with which he can control the elements of winter. Originally, he thought this staff was the source of his power, when really it was just a conduit for him to channel the magic of winter that had really been inside of him, seen when he repaired it through sheer force of will after Pitch snapped it in half.



Unnamed Sister

After being tossed into a ravine at the south pole by Pitch, Baby Tooth shows Jack that he still has his teeth case that he took from Pitch's lair. It shows him the memory of him and his little sister on a frozen pond, and that she was on ice that was about to crack. He saved her by making a game out of hopping off the thin ice, then sacrificing his own life to get her to a safe spot. It was shown that he loved his sister very much, shown not only with this selfless act, but because, once his memory returned, he was only happy and grateful to know that she had survived, rather than be disheartened that he had drowned.

Her name has not been confirmed as of yet.


Baby Tooth Baby Tooth is one of Tooth's mini fairies that follows her where ever she goes, however, unlike all the other fairies, Baby Tooth doesn't have a blue feather sticking from her forehead. Instead she has a golden feather, just like Tooth. Jack saves her from being taken prisoner by one of Pitch's nightmares then instantly gives her the name "Baby Tooth" after seeing her gold feather. Just like Tooth, Jack is protective of Baby Tooth and Jack doesn't mind Baby Tooth following him around from time to time.


Jack and Bunnymund have a long rivalry with each other that presumably began in '68 when Jack caused a blizzard on Easter Sunday, resulting in Bunny holding a grudge against him. Bunnymund was the only one who objected to bringing Jack into the fold of the Guardians and Jack never wasted a chance to irritate or tease Bunnymund, who in turn rubbed salt into Jack's emotional wound of children not believing in him. They were competitive towards each other, seen during the Guardians collecting the teeth (with Jack blasting Bunnymund with frost, and Bunnymund making Jack fall into one of his holes). However, Jack helped all of the Guardians who, despite protecting children, never spent time with them, to become closer to them, particularly for Bunnymund who grew a soft spot for little Sophie, Jamie's younger sister. Bunnymund was touched to learn that Jack helped Jamie continue to believe in him, and they finally became true friends as Bunnymund watched in pride and gratitude when the Guardians officially welcomed Jack into their fold after Pitch's defeat.


Of all the children Jack had ever encountered, he would find himself drawn to one particular child who truly believed in the Guardians; a boy by the name of Jamie. Jack used his winter magic to give Jamie and his friends a Snow Day and guided Jamie as he rode his sled on an epic ride, ending with Jamie loosing a tooth. The result made Jamie excited for a chance to see the Tooth Fairy, which frustrated Jack, as he'd hoped the Snow Day and sled-ride he'd given Jamie and his friends would get them to believe in him.

During the climax of the movie, it was revealed that Jamie was the last child to believe in the Guardians. Jack had arrived just as Jamie was starting to lose faith in the Easter Bunny. He quickly frosted Jamie's window, drawing an image of an easter egg and a bunny in which he brought to life as a glowing image. The young boy then noticed the snow and realized he was being visited by Jack Frost. His belief, to Jack's joy, allowed the child to see him while Jack's desire to protect Jamie allowed him to realise his center was Fun, and together they reaffirmed the other children's belief in the Guardians, restoring Sandy and allowing them to defeat Pitch. Towards the end of the movie, Jack promised Jamie that he would always watch over him and meet him again one day, showing a strong brotherly bond between the two.

Nicholas St. North

Jack and North are friendly towards each other due to the fact they both (on different levels) represent Christmas and Winter although Jack's sarcasm is sometimes lost on North. Out of all the Guardians, North shows the most faith in Jack, being very supportive of him and teaching him about what every Guardian must discover for him or herself, their center, as North told Jack that his own center was bringing Wonder to the world.

This lesson, along with Jamie, eventually helped Jack realize his center was Fun. Jack respects North the most out of the Guardians and North has even shown himself to be something of a father-figure to the frost trickster.


Jack and Sandy shared a good friendship with respect for one another, and it is implied they've been friends since before the movie's events. They fought side by side against Pitch and his Nightmares. When Sandy was apparently killed by Pitch, Jack was devastated but remained to fight the good fight to honor Sandy. Jack was overjoyed when Sandy was brought back to life by the dreams and belief of the children.


Toothiana, known as the Tooth Fairy and nicknamed as Tooth by her Guardian friends, is very sweet albeit clumsy towards Jack Frost. She and her little helpers have a rather obvious crush on Jack, such as (for a specific mini fairy) fainting, fan-screaming, and shaping out hearts (at the end of the movie). The two of them grow a strong bond over the course of the film.

Tooth, who collects the teeth of the children for their memories of childhood, becomes important to Jack because of it. Jack helps the Big Four during the beginning of the quest by helping to collect the teeth in order to retrieve his memories (in order to find out who he really is and why he was created), as the Man in the Moon had never given them back when he revived him from the frozen lake.

Many fans of RoTG have been conflicting over the hug shared by Jack and Tooth towards the end of the movie on if it had any significance of romance.


Pitch Black 

Initially, Jack and Pitch only just knew of each other, and Pitch ignored him since at the time they first met, Jack was not an official Guardian. But as Jack sided with the Guardians and fought against the Boogeyman, Pitch tried to convince Jack it wasn't his fight and insulted him since no one believed in him. He went as far as to subtly arrange for a situation to make it look as if Jack had betrayed the Guardians by giving Pitch Baby-Tooth in exchange for his memories and by making Jack not there to help protect the Warren from the Nightmare's attacks on the Easter eggs, causing the Guardians to ostracise Jack. But then Pitch saw Jack as a kindred spirit, and tried to recruit him, stating what goes together better than Cold and Darkness. Jack refused, as he wanted to be believed in, not feared, so Pitch resorted to blackmail - He demanded Jack's staff (the apparent source of Jack's power) or Pitch would kill Baby-tooth, one of the Tooth Fairy's helpers whom Jack had befriended.

Jack complied and gave Pitch his staff but Pitch wouldn't give up Baby Tooth (who in rage jabbed his thumb causing Pitch to yell and then throw her across the South Pole). Pitch then broke Jack's staff and the pushed him into an ice crevice while spitefully telling him to be alone. He would later re-face Jack, now a fully-fledged Guardian, representing Fun.


  • "Darkness... it was the first thing I remember.
  • "I've been around for a long time. My name is Jack Frost. I love being on my own. No rules. No responsibility. It's as good as it sounds."
  • "No, no. The Kangaroo is right."
  • "Oh, and this whole time I thought you were. If you're not a kangaroo... What are you?"
  • "I'll give it a try."
  • "Snow daaay!"
  • "I'm in."
  • "But, uh, that's a greyhound. Do you know what greyhounds do to rabbits?"
  • "You don't want me. You're all hard work and deadlines! I'm... snowballs and fun times. I'm not a Guardian."
  • "Uh--ever hear of a 'snow day'? I know it's no 'hard-boiled egg', but kids like what I do."
  • "Slow down, would ya? I've been trying to bust in here for years. I want a good look." [Runs into a Yeti] "Whoa don't worry, never got pass the yetis. Oh, hey Phil."
  • "I thought the elves made the toys!"
  • "Wow... you've gotta be kidding me."
  • "Hey, oh. Anyone want to tell me why I'm here?"
  • "I must have done something really bad to get you four together."
  • "What makes you think I wanna be a guardian?"
  • "Hi. My name is Jack Frost, and we're gonna have a little fun."
  • "Is that a challenge, Cotton tail?"
  • "You can see me?"
  • "Am I on the naughty list?"
  • [to Sandman] "You... take the ones on the left, I'll take the ones on the right?"
  • "I'm not afraid of you."
  • "My name is Jack Frost, and I'm a guardian. How do I know that? Because the moon told me so. So If the moon tells you something...Believe it."

Role in the series

Jack appears in the Chronicles series, and seems to have a special connection with Kairi. Although, she can't seem to remember him, but can see him because her light gives her enough power to believe in him. Jack doesn't appear in the flashback of Twilight, Spike, Taiku and Alice Save The Guardians because it took place before the events of the film.

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