Jack I. LaBeaver is a beaver lumber jack who was once canda's finest. He was renowned as a lumber worker, capable to tear down a thoundson trees in an instent. This lasted until a screw-up ruined his career when, while no death happened, it did do almost unreserveable damage. He soon fell down the wrong path even after he begged so hard for another chance. He has since grown bitter and arrogant, and became a lumber-themed super villain and caused tree-based insodents whenever he commits the act of robbing banks and Jewerly stores. He was hard to contain by both police and Lougers cause he always escapes thanks to his logging and natrol dam building abilities. He would soon assist Bad Luck Tiger in his quest to finally win his first race during the UUniversal Omega Grand Prix in the race in Cutter Rainforest. Though he doesn't nessersarly like Bad Luck Tiger by any means nessersary, as he's mainly just a "hired mercenairy" of sorts and is doing it to get the cash prize Bad Luck Tiger doesn't care for.


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