Jackson T. Russell, AKA Jackson the Mutt, is a Jack Russell Terrier from the Madagascar world in Hoboken, New Jersey. He lives there because he was involved in the incident in Denmark involving Skipper and Hans, as his owner was a crime boss, and he himself was a smuggler who successfully sold the perfect open-faced sandwich formula to America thanks to Hans' sabotaging Skipper's mission to keep it of Denmark origin and transferring it to a Danish restaurant protecting it from Jackson. Thus, after learning of the Penguins' clear hysteria against Hoboken, he tricked his crime boss owner into moving there, hoping the Penguins would never find him there. However, thanks to the work of fellow Copenhagen Zoo resident Hanne, his crime was discovered, and after all the work he did that day was taken from him, he swore revenge against the Penguins. As an agile dog breed, Jackson is capable of not just common dog abilities, but also capable of gymnastics and acrobatic stunt work, as well as a knowledge of self-defense moves, but since one battle with an animal agent caused him to nearly get arrested, he got help from another source in the form of a Japanese spider crab samurai named Hao the Disgraced, as well as a group of ninja Irish Wolfhounds. He is unlike much of the dogs who have a common stereotypically-enthusiastic behavior, only behaving that way in front of his owner, yet acting intelligent in his own criminal setting. He is like this because he was raised this way as a puppy, sadly defelupting and mirroring his owner's lifesytile and became a face of the animal crime world, and proven to be just as infamous North Wind top-punk wanted list worthy even on-par with Dr. Blowhole and Dave.


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