Chi-Yu Lin, aka Jade Eye, is a Greater green snake from the world of Kung Fu Panda. One of the worst modern chi parasites, he too sought the Wellspring protected by the Panda Guardians and the Four Constellations after he used his chi to obtain a cobra-like form and the ability to control others' chi with a literal jade eye. Though he was responsible with this ability for a while, he grew mad due to being corrupted by a remaining Xird that worked with a rogue Xexaxez that tried to take over Dreamworks China and tried to use it for evil. But his ability to manipulate the chi of others beyond the Chi Parasite Standerds, which is basically chi-based blood-bending, and control the bodies of any would-be opposition, makes him cunning. He is also able to turn such oppendents into Jade Statues to keep them prisoner for a later day, create replacement body parts made of Jade from the eye and perfectly enfuse it into the body of those that lost the part. Jade Eye has been known to do this to those he had favored the most into becoming his 20 generals of his Jade Cult and those of his cult army which were often originally bandits or millita from China and Mongolia alike being dragged into serving the Cult, for he aims to gather the strongest of the strong to create the perfect army worthy of the rogue Xexaxez. Thus, in comtemporary placement of the Wellspring, he settled for conguring the Four Constellations' old homeland after a failure to make a new Four Constellations, and defeated and enslaved Jade Tusk, who's original name was Zhǎng Yá Yu, a prodominat chi master trainer, defeated her almsot anti-climaticly quick with the Jade Eye, and forced her to give up apawn turning her father and mother into Jade Statues which were threatened to be destroyed there after if Jade Eye didn't submitted to his will. Thus, the made new usurper of the land proceeded to humiliate and torture Tusk in unusually cruel and even near-barbaric ways shunable by even Mongolians, which included repeatingly whipping Tusk in the back with his own snake body like a whip, and even having the monsterious strentgh to effertlessly yanked out Tusk's original tooth, and replaced it with her now iconic Jade Tusk, created as a symbol of her newfound slavery to the Cult and ineditable fate of becoming a general in it, along with far darker plans Jade Eye had in mind. However, he would momentarly lose Jade Tusk inadvertingly by having her try to assassinate a beloved Abbot as a proof of devotion to the cult, of which turned out to be Jindiao, who's basicly the proto-chi parasite AND also a rogue Demi-Dragon trapped in a vulture's body, who long saw this attempt coming and appealed to Tusk's personal hatred to her slaver and won her over to his side. Ever since, Jade Eye would be determined to have Tusk back when she never reported back and when the Abbot was still heard alive.

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