Jade Tusk.

Jade Tusk is a water deer and secondary antagonist in the upcoming Amazon Prime series Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny. She serves as the assistant to Jindiao, the series' main antagonist, and leads a group of water deer refered to as the Poison Clan, Prime among them are her three elites Suyin, Xin, and Bingwen, and by unwanted extention Huifang, who only got involved because her uncle was of a high imperial status.

(Alright. So canonly, she lost her tusk as a fawn because she was a brawling traveler and went into Jindiao's aid out of fake compassion. And fanonly, she lost it because of grief of a failed attempt to redeem her attempted murder of Kun Lao. So, here's how we blend them: Jade Eye, as a snake of unbelievable manipulation and divine power, was the unspecified boss of the thugs who took out her tusk, training her to be the perfect slave through pain, and she was a lone fighter before becoming her own master, and she ran away due to the abuse. But when Jindiao took her in, Jade Eye used him and the White Bone Demon to expose the location of the Wellspring. In the Divergent Timeline, just the canon backstory was what happened. Kind of like a time traveler unintentionally creating the present as it is. Fanon being an 'edit' of that timeline.)

Role in the series

Jade Tusk and the Poison Clan

Jade Tusk and the Poison Clan (Suyin, Xin, Jade Tusk, Huifang, Bingwen)

Jade's real name is revealed to be Yu Zhang, and she is distantly related to Kun Lao, the previous emperor of China before Lu Kang, but only to a separate family branch with history of the Four Constellations and the Chinese Zodiac Kung-Fu Animals Society, to the point where one of her clan, Huifang, has an uncle who works for Lu Kang. She in actuality of appearing to be a personal student of Jindiao (Of which canonicly has been confirmed, but SAF has declared that a Divergent Timeline), was actselly a master of her own right from a secret kingdom that trained a python named Mangshe, a bull named Niu, a musquito named Wenzi, and a peacock named Kongque, and had intended them to become the new Four Constellations, but it was ruined when the Constellations came to know of Kun Lao's actions against the River Dolphans, and cause the originals don't want to risk another dragon master being corrupted cause of this unfortunate family sin, the Constellations refused Jade's students. In a rage, Jade went on a rampage, attacked the Imperial Palace and aimed to kill Kun Lao for his "Unforgivable crime" that costed her everything, only to be defeated by her own students that snapped her out of her rage before Kun Lao's life was taken, of which Jade broke into a crying fit as the four took her away before soldiers had a chance to respond. Her own sinned actions only proved what the Constellations feared, thus, her students could never be accepted as the new constellations. And things, would only get bad to worse when Jade Eye and The Jade Cult arrived. She tried to stopped it, but was over-wealm instinty by Jade-Eye and hus chi-malmitulating jaded eye. With that, Jade Eye usurped the entire kingdom and turned her father and mother, the present rulers of the land, into Jade right in front of her, further causing her spirit and heart to shank, made worse by the torture and abuse Jade-Eye would put her through, and the great pain she endured, espeically when it concerns how she got her jaded tusk, a symbol and reminder on how she was forever a slave to them. Jade-Eye envisioned turning Tusk into a new general by having her assassinate a beloved Abbot of a respected monistairy.... Only for it to be that Jade Eye inadvertingly basicly gave Jindiao free minions when he litterally sees the attack coming miles away and easily convinced the broken deers to serve him instead, which would come to serve a major rule in the events of the Amazon series. Course, Jade does realise the risk of litterally playing devil's advocate to the guy that caused the originals to die to begin with, espeically when he did NOT kept that a secret from them, so thankfully, Jade's students were not far behind and secretly helped her to make sure that the Poison Clan didn't suffer any real serious losses, espeically when working for Jindiao proved commenly hazordious.
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