Jan-Wu the Progressor

Jan-Wu the Progressor is an Alternate UUniversal Shoredarter from Planet Banlovomn. She is a member of the Union Against Religious Abuse and the twin sister of a anti-evolution nut named President Kung-Ju. Religen didn't originally existed in the planet and the people of the planet from the get-go knew that they evolved from a lesser creature in uncountable years of evolvulion success. Jan-Wu was gonna be choosen as Madam President and basicly continue the path, but her faturnal twin brother stole her chance through rigging and cheating the election to introduse religen for the first time... And the people hated him for it. The Twin Brother got offended that his relijustus agendas are rejected, so he turned full on tyrant and had guards attacked innosent people. Jan-Wu, under broken heart, was forced to stood up her brother, and with help from the Union, her brother was taken down for good. Though she managed to convince the union to spare him of the usual death sentience the worse relijustus tyrants usually get, her heart is still needed to be amended when her brother had to be instead be incased in silver. She joined to help prevent more power abusers use religen as an excuse to be a tyrant. Jan surprisingly has feelings for Palque, the union's rudest member, because Jan, while thinking his opinions are albeit too harsh, she felt that Palque has a side that's truely kind and sensitive if given the chance to leave it's rude and nasty opinionated shell, but she's too shy to admit it cause she knows Palque is rather cynical about Xena recruiting someone related to a relijustus nut they just defeated awhile back and is afraid he would never like her because of it. Wesper, knowing Jan's true feelings, and seeing it as an oppertunity to finally get Palque to stop being the hopeless romantic that he is AND get him some mannors, helps Jan to become not only more social, but more assertive to control Palque against his tendingcy to open his big yap on Jan.


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