Jasiri is a hyena from the Pure Hyena era who was the father of Shenzi until he and his wife, Uzuri, were murdered by the treacherous Merlock.


Jasiri was born as the son to a hyena bandit leader. He caused crimes in Africa like stealing meat from other animals, torturing animals, burning down habitats, and even attacking humans. Once he stole a diamond given to Uru by an local aardvark. He wanted to use it to do a unique illusion when his other diamond was stolen by a lizard thief. Unfortunately, he was arrested by pure hyenas whereas they found him by following his tracks. He was forced to give back the diamond or be executed. He did as he was told, and was sent to a prison in the elephant graveyard.

For over 3 years of jailtime, Jasiri got use to being a jailbird. He felt like he really deserved it. He escaped many times to try to find his family, but he couldn't find them. He had not known that since his arrest, his pack was forced to move to the lawless zone of the Pride Lands. He searched all over the Pride Lands for them until he was attacked by the Rhino Police. As he spent his time in prison, he became more guilty for his crimes. Then one day, he actually found his father fiddling about on the Pride Lands. His father was happy to see him again, and planned to round up a resistance to get revenge on the Hyena Council. But Jasiri didn't like his idea, and argued with him about his own crimes being wrong. So he abandons his family, and goes back to turn himself in. Someday, he would redeem himself.

2 years later, Jasiri finally redeemed himself when he somehow escaped to stop a burglary of Pride Rock. A greedy monkey named Nyani was stealing the diamond to bargain for himself a million bananas. Jasiri stopped him by grabbing his tail. The chase was wild because of Nyani's agility, but Jasiri caught him. Because of his heroism, the Pure Hyena Council freed him from prison and put Nyani in his cell.

Jasiri was taken under the wings of a Pure Hyena Councilman, and later met Uzuri. He was no longer dishonest, and later on married her when she fell in love with him, and they gave birth to Shenzi. The next day, the Pure Hyenas were invaded by the darkspawn. The darkspawn couldn't kill him and Uzuri because they were too powerful. Then suddenly, Merlin and other heroes scared the darkspawners off.

Jasiri stayed at home taking care of Shenzi while Uzuri was off doing her duties. Jasiri actually loved playing with Shenzi. He made a slab of meat look like it was walking to make Shenzi laugh. He even held the meat over Shenzi and watch her jump for it like a dog. It seemed peaceful until he heard tremors. It was lots of herbivores heading straight toward them. He saw Uzuri run toward him, and told him to run. But Jasiri wasn't going to risk Shenzi, so he challenges Hasira the Wildebeest to a fight. The fight raged on, but Jasiri lost his eye. He thought he was dead meat until Uzuri defended him. Hasira and the herbivores chased her off, giving Jasiri enough time to get Shenzi to safety. He watched as his wife triumphed over Hasira by causing him to fall off a cliff to his death. Then he saw Kitako and Ahadi tell her they need a hyena leader until Shenzi takes over. She agrees, and meets up with Jasiri again.


Jasiri was killed when he was brutely clawed in the face and then disembowled by a villain named Merlock. His daughter was saved from harm by Uzuri's old friend, , who took it upon herself to teach Shenzi the last Pure Hyena magic spell known as , so that she could use it to defeat Merlock and his evil once and for all when the time came.

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