Jasiri is a hyena cub who appears in The Lion Guard. She is a friend of Kion who believes that hyenas and lions are alike in many ways, and wants them to be at peace wit one another. She is not like the other Outlander Hyenas because she is much more nicer and helped Kion out of the Outlands when he got lost in them.


Season 1

Never Judge a Hyena by Its Spots

When Kion gets separated from the rest of the Lion Guard, he finds himself lost in the Outlands. As he desperately seeks Flat Ridge Rock, he is confronted by Jasiri, who teases him for not having noticed her sneak up on him. Kion bristles at this and claims to have known she was there the whole time, but Jasiri continues to poke fun at him.

She catches his attention when she calls him out for being the leader of the Lion Guard, and she points out that his shoulder mark is a dead giveaway. Kion questions if she's a part of the Outlanders, but Jasiri answers ambiguously, asking Kion why he's in the Outlands. Though defensive, Kion tells her that he's hoping to get back to the Pride Lands, and Jasiri points out that he's going the wrong way.

Jasiri takes a distrustful Kion in the direction of Flat Ridge Rock. Along the way, Kion gets stuck in a bush, but he is freed by Jasiri, who teases him for being so foolish. She reveals that most hyenas respect the Circle of Life and voices how similar lions and hyenas really are. Together, she and Kion sing "We're the Same (Sisi Ni Sawa)".

Upon arriving in Janja's territory, Jasiri and Kion part ways. However, when Kion leaves, Janja and his clan arrive and try to attack Jasiri. She is able to easily defeat Cheezi and Chungu before being pinned down by Janja. Luckily, Kion returns and saves her by using the Roar of the Elders. The Lion Guard arrives and at first thinks that Jasiri is a threat, but Kion convinces them that she is a friend. Jasiri and Kion then part on good terms, with Jasiri returning to the Outlands while Kion follows his friends back into the Pride Lands.

Lions of the Outlands

Jasiri ventures into the Pride Lands, where she finds Bunga and greets him. Kion arrives, and Jasiri informs him that she needs his help back in the Outlands. She explains that some lions have taken over her clan's watering hole and won't share it. They are surprised to hear that lions are causing trouble, but Jasiri assures them that she knows what a lion looks like. Kion decides to go to the Outlands to solve the problem, and Jasiri thanks him, then hopes that everything is a misunderstanding.

On the way, Jasiri voices her initial doubts that Kion would help her, as this time the antagonists are lions, unlike their last encounter. Kion is still confident that the lions aren't being intentionally harmful, and Jasiri agrees that it took time for the pair of them to trust each other. They reach Jasiri's clan, where Jasiri introduces Kion to her sister Madoa. Jasiri notes that they all need the water, so Kion quickly leads her forward. He's telling her that lions are reasonable when Nuka pounces on her, angrily ordering her away.

Kion comes to her rescue, and Jasiri stands by his side when Nuka, joined now by Kovu, threatens him. She informs the two lions that Kion's father is Simba, which causes them to take Jasiri and Kion to their mother, Zira. Jasiri crouches and glares at Zira as she approaches, but does not hesitate to tell the lioness that she brought Kion to the Outlands, and that Kion is her friend. Zira declares that she underestimated Jasiri, as she did not know Jasiri was friends with royalty, and Jasiri adds that Kion is the leader of the Lion Guard. She is confused when Zira suggests Kion use his Roar to give her water and looks beseechingly at her friend. She watches in awe as Kion roars at a cloud, producing a brief rainstorm.

Jasiri asks if he knew of this power, and he denies. When asked, Zira states that she feels uncomfortable talking about the Roar in front of a hyena, to which Jasiri snaps that she just wants her watering hole back. In an undertone, she tells Kion that she doesn't trust Zira, but hopes that he will be able to convince her to share the water. Zira takes Kion for a talk, giving Nuka the opportunity to growl at Jasiri. Zira orders her son to play nice, and Jasiri bites at Nuka, startling him. She laughs and mockingly agrees to play nice.

As they wait for Zira and Kion to return, Nuka becomes impatient and charges at Jasiri. Kovu intervenes and points out that Zira told them to be kind, but Jasiri laughs again and assures "Green Eyes" not to worry, confidently pronouncing that she can play any game that Nuka wants to play better than he can. Nuka makes to attack Jasiri, but Zira arrives, causing Nuka to hold Jasiri close and claim that they were just playing nice. Jasiri moves away, causing him to fall, and asks where Kion is. Zira says that they've reached an agreement; the watering hole belongs only to lions. Jasiri professes that Kion would never agree to such a thing, but Zira aggressively commands her to leave. Jasiri reluctantly complies.

Dejectedly, Jasiri is heading back to her clan. She runs into the rest of the Lion Guard, to her surprise, and inquires what they're doing. They tell her that they're looking for Kion, and she notifies them that he's joined Zira. They recognize the name, and, when asked by Jasiri, assert that Kion would want no part of her doings. Jasiri is not shocked by this, realizing that she should never have believed Zira's words. She returns to Kion, who is surrounded by the Outsider lions, with the Guard. Laughing, she exclaims "Surprise!" as the group rushes to their friend's defense. She chases an Outsider lioness, grinning and snapping at her tail. Although Kion is hesitant to use the Roar due to the lies he had been fed from Zira, Bunga clears his head and Kion regains the courage to use the Roar of the Elders against them, forcing them far away. When Kovu, misses the blast, Jasiri glares towards him angrily until he leaves.

With the Outsiders gone, Jasiri's clan is free to return to their watering hole. Back at the watering hole with her clan, Madoa reveals that she has changed her mind on how she views lions and is glad Jasiri has Kion for a friend. Jasiri adds that she's glad to have all the Lion Guard as friends, and Fuli agrees. Wema and Tunu approach Kion but soon flee after Kion assumes that they have gotten over their fear of lions, but Jasiri assures him to take it as a compliment to his ferocity.

Rescue in the Outlands

Janja's clan are looking for the jackals with hopes to ally them on Scar's side. Jasiri confronts him and, questions what he is doing in her territory. Janja protests. Jasiri mockingly asks if he remembered to mark his territory for the dry season, before marking the area with her paw. She offers them safe passage, but Janja would rather take it back by force. He attacks but misses. Jasiri jumps on top of him and kicks Cheezi, Chungu. Janja frees himself and pins Jasiri down. She quickly pushes him off and, knocks him back. Janja, angry at his defeat, asks her to "Cut it out". Jasiri replies by telling him to stop fighting and go back the way he came. Janja reluctantly agrees as he and his clan retreat.

Later in the day. Jasiri is playing hide and seek with Wema and Tunu. She finds the two cubs laughing behind a rock. She tells them that they're all going to look for Madoa. As they search for Madoa, Janja and his clan spot them. They quickly move into position. Janja yells to get Jasiri's attention as Cheezi and Chungu sneak up behind her. When the attack begins, she is separated from Wema and, Tunu. She successfully holds her own against six hyenas and rescues the cubs by pushing Cheezi and Chungu away before they can strike. Unfortunately, Janja manages to knock them into an open steam vent. Jasiri quickly tries to jump out but fails. Madoa realizes she can't fight all of them alone and goes to find the Lion Guard.

Soon, the Lion Guard arrives, much to Jasiri's relief. She attempts to keep the cubs calm despite the rising lava and steam. After Janja's clan is defeated, Beshte pushes a large slab of rock into the steam vent. Jasiri and the cubs to jump on the large rock slab and ride it to safety. After Janja's clan retreat, Jasiri, and the two cubs join the Lion Guard, willing to fight against the hyena. Noticing that he is outnumbered, Janja leaves, promising Jasiri that it isn't over. With the clan gone, Jasiri thanks the Lion Guard for their help. However, she notices that Janja's attack was more aggressive and personal than before, certain that it was something deeper than territory issues. Kion is certain that it is down to the Dry Season since animals have been known to do crazy things during that time. Jasiri, Wema, and Tunu, part ways with the Lion Guard safe and, sound.

The Hyena Resistance

Jasiri peeks out of a cave and giggles softly, seeing Janja and the others slammed into a wall. When Kion has chased them out of the Pride Lands, Jasiri pounces on Kion. She says to him that she has noticed that the hyenas, jackals, crocs, and vultures all seem to work together, and asks Kion what is going on. Kion tells her about Scar, and Jasiri takes it properly but knows she has to warn her clan. Kion then asks Jasiri if she and her clan want to stay in the Pride Lands. She thanks him for thinking about her, but softly declines, saying that home is home. They return to the Outlands, where Jasiri tells her clan about Scars return. Her clan is afraid, but she tells them about them forming a Hyena Resistance. Her clan was irresolution, but Jasiri reminded them of Kwetu Ni Kwetu, Home is Home, and that they have to fight for their home. They all began to be confident and agree, to form a Hyena Resistance.

When Janja walks through a canyon in the Outlands, Jasiri hears him and says that the Hyena Resistance will see about it. The resistance pushes a big rock down the canyon, causing a rock slide. Janja and his clan run away in fear but come back. Janja then tries to climb up the rockslide, but falls and slides down. When Cheezi asks if this is how hyenas get things done, Janja answers that this is how hyenas don't get things done and goes back to the volcano. Jasiri hears it and says to herself, that it is actually how good hyenas get things done. Later when she hears Kiburi speaking of the new plan, she gets the Hyena Resistance ready, and they make a trap in the Pride Lands, where Kiburi and his float fall down. Jasiri and her resistance push a rock in the opening of Reirei's cave, blocking her from even getting out of her cave. When Kion and others have just chased out the hyenas and crocs, Jasiri and her resistance appear. Jasiri goes over to Kion and tells him, that the Hyena Resistance is a success, and tells Kion it is actually kinda fun messing up Scar's plans.

Madoa comes back to the Outlands after telling The Lion Guard about Scar's new plan. Jasiri is happy to see her, but Janja, Reirei, and Kiburi spoil it by sneaking into them. Jasiri asks them if this is one of Scar's schemes too. Janja is surprised that she knows about Scar. Kion and the guard then come, and they all start to fight. When Jasiri pushes Cheezi away, Janja confronts her and wants to show her how a real hyena fights. However, a crocodile accidentally hits Janja instead of Fuli and makes him fall into a steam vent. When Kion has roared the others away, Jasiri hears Janja asking for help. She doesn't hesitate and runs over to him, seeing that he is about to fall into the lava. She grabs Janja's mane and pulls him up, saving his life.

Shocked and confused, Janja asks Jasiri why she helped him. Jasiri replies she would have helped any hyena and says Sisi ni Sawa. Janja wonders if they're the same. Jasiri says that he and his clan don't have to be on Scars side, and he should join the Hyena Resistance. Janja hesitates, but ultimately rejects the offer and runs away, saying that they're not the same. Jasiri smiles, scenting Janja's empathy which makes her hopeful and confident he'll come around soon and whispers "we'll see".

Kion still offers Jasiri to stay in the Pride Lands, but he gets the same answer. She tells him that Scar can't hurt them if he can't find them, and runs away with her clan underground. Despite their concerns, Kion assures the rest of the Lion Guard that they've made the right and best of choices to protect their homeland.

Battle for the Pride Lands

When the Lion Guard is all grown up Jasiri helps them fight the Army of Scar. Kion uses the Roar and Jasiri watches along with Anga. Soon, King Simba and Rafiki come up to them. Simba gets a plan to defeat Scar once and for all. In the still torched Kilio Vally Janja thinks that maybe he should team up with Jasiri. He thinks that there's "A new way to go." Later when the Lair of the Lion Guard is on fire with the guard and Janja's clan trapped inside Janja goes to get Jasiri. He says "Sis ni Sawa" and Jasiri thought he would never say that. The two hyenas soon go off to help the Guard. However, the Guard gets out safe and sound another way. Scar soon reveals himself on top of Pride Rock. After he's gone Janja says that he knows a way to defeat Scar. At first, Simba doesn't believe him but Makuu says that Simba trusted him so he can trust Janja. Janja says that the Roar of the Elders will stop Scar. After making a plan for the next morning, Kion leads the herds into the Outlands. As the Lion Guard goes into the volcano, Jasiri helps the herds attack Scar's army. Once Scar has been defeated, the Outlanders aren't happy, and Janja says that Jasiri should now be in charge of the Outlands.


Unlike the devious Outlanders, Jasiri is friendly and open to making friends with lions. However, her tie to her species shines through in how often she laughs, for even Kion notes that the world is like a giant game to her. She's a little sarcastic. Bold and spunky, Jasiri is a hyena through-and-through, but unlike Janja, she is a friend to the Pridelanders.

Jasiri is able to look past differences and focus on where different species have common ground. Unlike Janja and his clan, she is disgusted by selfishness and gluttony, and respects the Circle of Life.

Role in the series

Jasiri reprises her role in the series, and wishes that, ever since hyenas were exiled to the Outlands again following the events of SpongeBob's Adventures of The Lion King since the people of the Pride Lands viewed them negatively since they helped Scar nearly ruin the Pride Lands, Jasiri, while often being confused for a deceased Pure Hyena of the same name, feels that hyenas and lions should live in harmony and not be evil like Janja. She serves as one of the protectors during Simba and Nala's time off-world with The Jungle Crew.

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