Jagom von ger Bathyms

Jathom von ger Bathyms

Jathom von ger Bathyms is an Alternate UUniversal Iobrog from Planet Harbanisan. He is an infamous smuggler of aquagens, or drugs that are capable of granting temporary aquatic abilities usually for a full day. He moved to Harbanisan for his corrupt business because of it's constant amounts of aquatic activity, usually with it's main race, the cetacean Harbins, who act as companions for snorkeling individuals. One day, when hearing of the Villains Act defeat in the hands of interdimensional heroes, he sought an opportunity to sell aquagens to other dimensions, specifically ones where such technology didn't exist. He later finds that chance in Kenny the Cat, who was humiliated for an attempt to pose as an aquatic thanks to Sandy and SpongeBob. He is quite a slippery jerk who does a lot of nasty things, and his family has been infamous in one way or another, one of his brothers being a shameful aquaphilic fetishist, even stealing much of his drowning tanks to use to execute enemies. One day, he crosses paths with Sandy and SpongeBob in his plans to spread his career, even Sandy who winds up feeling sorry for Kenny and getting him out of a position that's bound to be unfulfilling with help from his friend Gifford Labbs. He has an army of giant Bosbirs and Pottahogs, a pet Junja Shark whose egg sac he stole, and he has a top Aqapith bodyguard named Wallows, who is secretly a being of pure water after a crazy incident involving Jagom's brother. While a great mad genius, he's held back by his love of Villain Traditions, even ones modern villains don't use anymore and with good reasons.


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Role in the series

Jathom is one of the many Epic Chronicles villains made by MSM, as he wanted to introduce an episode with Kenny that would obviously look like an anti-catism violation until the revitalization of Pang Bing and Capper gave him a chance to reintroduced the concept of their EC episode, 'Don't Hold Your Breath', into this series without looking like an anti-catism violation.

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