Java Xa Pendis

Java Xa Pendis is an Alternate UUniversal Dracthonfly from Planet Maragon. He is a griffinfly-like insect who has grown up in a land of poverty which only valued magic for profit, selling them all across the AUU for the highest bidders. Being a spoiled little delinquent, Java did nothing with his life other than magic smuggling and watching magic fight clubs despite it's long-banned status, and learned ill-gained magic and used it for personal gain once or twice. But what landed Java in big trouble was when he ended up stealing an all-healing serum and auctioned it until it was a widely-popular substance, unaware that it belonged to AUU God worshippers who considered such power for Gods only. Thus, they prosecuted Java for desecrating their Gods with theft, and attempted to crucify him for this crime. Though being rescued by his distressed parents calling he police, his blaspheme comments almost resulted in a terrible war that would've devastated the planet AND the system. Thus, as punishment, Java was sentenced to community service with the worshippers, where he was constantly abused. However, he later ran away and swore to never come back, stowing away on spaceships and going to Magelio, keeping his past to himself even though one of the members of the Magelio Elder Council knew of his past, and suggested he train as a student in magic in hopes that he'll make something better out of himself. Thus, he became a slacking student of the Magelio Academy. He is similar in personality to Sparx as a wise-cracking jokester who nevertheless uses his magic responsibly.


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