Javelin XLB

Javelin XLB
is a robot that was created by Alister Beaksworth after his success in restoring Jasmine Flamingo's flight. Javelin was meant to be a military superweapon, but was too dangerous to be distributed. So Alister had to delete Javelin's programming, and throw him in the trash, only to be found by SpongeBob.


After he successfully managed to restore Jasmine Flamingo's flight, the Russian military drafted him in military prosthetics by Sgt. Siegfried Oranchov, a Siberian tiger who claims to have served during the Cold War, but really is a netourious attention seeker who makes stuff up for attention. Alister accepts, and gets a hand in a top-secret military project called Project: Juggernaut, which would introduce an army of robotic soldiers with ultimate abilities.

Alister worked day and night working on a fully-functional prototype, and had finally created Javelin, which was originally named Prototype Juggernaut. In the training gym, Javelin was capable of accomplishing 25 learning sessions in the blink of an eye. Oranchov declared that Prototype Juggernaut would be duplicated immediately, and introduced in 3 days.

However, after further research on Javelin's intelligence level, Alister got concerned. He realized that Prototype Juggernaut's intelligence was far too advanced to be utilized. He went to warn Oranchov, but Oranchov would not listen. He ordered Alister to initiate the duplication, or be taken off the project, or worse. Alister, not only realising that Siegfried was the LAST person to be trusted with a machine like Javelin and that he's not what he's saying to be, wouldn't allow Prototype Juggernaut to be used in the military where it would eventually rebel against it, espeically if it's under the command of an abusive tiger that would've trigger it alot sooner, so he erased Javelin's protocols, and threw him away. After that, Alister quit the project, and returned to be with Jasmine. However, little did Alister even realised that Javelin would've been capable to raise better then to be like something out of Terminator, I.Robot, and Battle Star Galactica, and would be perfectly capable to be of a great good. If only Alister's appearent fear of "Robot Overlords" didn't end up preventing that such potainional to be the hero it can truely be... But can an unlikely certain sea sponge help it find it's potainional and proof Alister otherwise?


Javelin has massive super-strength, and can scale on walls like a cat on a tree. He also has a fast running speed, and incredible agility and reflexes, and is an expert at advanced gymnastics. His optical sensors are upgraded rapidly, allowing him to see at far distances, and the glowing lights all over him allow him to see in the dark. His arms are equipped with buzz-saw blades, and plasma cannons, which are used for combat. He is also equipped with a grappling hook, used for swinging and retrieving.

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