Javy Fryll

Javy Oronk Fryll

Javy O. Fryll is an Alternate UUniversal Buzom from Planet Aie Prog. He is a fly-like shrimp who was the former assistant of Doctor Alspund for Alspund Omnics during the Omnican Rebelion against the Tibella Inquisition. However, he ended up coming to believe that he was not getting the credit he deserved thanks to falling to an obvious lie, so he bratyed Alspund and the Omnicans and went to be a patsy to Tyberious Tibella, the shorce of the lie, always being around to rat out on good people because of his grand stealth operations, and always being a total jerk to them. However, that doesn't mean Tyberious is any better in the credit-giving department. In fact, he's actselly worse as he claims the credit for whatever Javy does and clearly lies through his teeth that he gives Javy any due appresiation. On top of that, Javy is not a great fan of the Inquizition's "racist crap" and personally hates himself working with them, and should he realised that he made a serious mistake, you can bet that he won't stay loyal forever. He has a similar personality to Tito getting into much trouble by being both a stealthy assistant and an occasional saboteur.


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