Jaxon P. Hazzard, AKA Jaxon P. Argonaut, or Jaxon the Krononaut, is a Common house gecko from Pastoon. Starting off as an inventor of hardships, he was quite the nuisance and was hated by his people. But when he created a time machine that malfunctioned and caused a mother's child to be erased from existence, he was threatened to be hung, and thus he ended up turning his time machine into a teleporter as it took him to Kratos, but he ended up transporting to it's beginning days during the Good-Evil Wars. He accidentally discovered quantonium that turned him into a time-travelling Superior. However, what he did at that time lead to the basis of the ban of outsider animals being Superiors. He was presumably killed when he sucked himself into a rip in the space-time continuum when using his powers irresponsibly. But in reality, he went outside the space-time continuum, where no laws of physics existed, and this was where he made his hideout, especially since he was ousted by the Superiors of the past, and after learning it's what caused the ban on outside Superiors, he thought that he could do great things with his newfound powers since both worlds hated him, especially when finding a home for himself was not possible. Every world he tried to make a home on shunned him, including Equestria, as they ousted him from an expensive hotel. In response, he erased many of those worlds from existence with his chrono-terrorism, as his residence in the outside of the space-time continuum has left him immune to the effects time-travel causes, including grandfather paradoxes that commonly cause feedback loops that poison the fabric of space-time until it is cracked open and destroyed. Though, funny thing, he doesn't end up getting away with his revenge on Equestria since one of it's modern-day heroes discovers that she could fly so fast, she could travel through time. She, along with a scientist penguin, will proceed to stop him.


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