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Jeeper is an Alternate UUniversal Shariqix from Planet Wraemontir. He is a bizarre mischievous chiropteran of AUU fantasy with the ability to change color. He was an abused companion of his master, The Dark King, a lich-like magical dark lord who despises Grims because of how horrifyingly gruesome and dark they taught him and his family a lesson for their sins including accidentally giving his mother a heart attack. Swearing to destroy them all, Dark King brought in an abandoned and malnourished Jeeper, who was abandoned as a child by his family for accidentally ruining their lives. He serves his surrogate father since his abandonment left him agreeable that things like what the Grims do is very dark and scarring. He has been loyal to him, but since he had little nourishment, he is often incompetent and chronically abused. Though he has inner hatred for his master, he was at the same time thankful for saving his life, and yet wishes deeply to leave him if it wasn't for the fact he was a soul slave. Though he is eventually freed from his slavery by the Clam Lounge Squadron after Dark King's defeat, and in gratitude joins them. He is the AUU version of Creeper, but much bigger and roughly half Dark King's size.


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