Jeff the Weavoid

Jeff as a baby and adult

Jeff is an Alternate UUniversal Weavoid from Planet Weavii. He is among many that have been smuggled illegally from the planet's exile shields and was adopted by Gazelle and Duke Weaselton in an illegal AUU-species pet shop. Taken from his family and hundred brothers and sisters during the smuggling operation run by the well-intentioned but also at the same time self-rewarding Madam Trader Petit, this creature will soon give hope to the suffering they were wreaked with thanks to the greedy Exilist Leader Oakaan. Because of being around non-Weaviods, Jeff is able to speak perfect english, likely as a result his DNA adapting to his evioment and the inhapidence, though his Weaviod heritage is still present and will activate when around other Weaviods. This pretty much means it is possable for Weaviods to live among non-Weaviods, it's just that the Weaviods are not exactly inheredted geniuses to realise that. He's pretty much the AUU verson of Jeff the Spider from the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, minus the dark comedy.


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