Jenny Sally Stretch
Vital statistics
Title Receptionist Stretch, Dispatcher Stretch
Gender Female
Race/Species Southern giraffe (Giraffa giraffa)
Faction Herbavoris Police Department
Description Enthusiast Of Cuteness Factor, Bisexuality, Prone to Exaggeration, Internet/TV Hogger
Skills and Abilities Natural Giraffe Abilities
Status Alive
Location Zootopia
  • Hebavoris (Hometown)
Alignment Antihero

Jenny S. Stretch is a Zootopian giraffe from the corrupt city-state of Herbavoris. She is the receptionist/dispatcher for the Herbavoris Police Department, and is a very enthusiastic and passionate person who spends a lot of time on the Internet and watching TV. She even has friends that are enthusiasts and/or workers of an Internet/TV sensation called Cuteness Factor, which emphasizes the apparent cuteness of animals like rabbits, rodents, dogs, cats, and others, despite it being an aggravating slur to some, encouraging themselves to find themselves cute despite it's slur reputation. Because of this, Stretch has a hard time holding off on the slur herself, especially when she meets her newfound friend Trudy Bopps. She is also a bisexual who may or not be drawn to Trudy. She is like Clawhauser, except is even crazier and more enthusiastic for people like Gazelle and Antelopez.


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