Former Emperor Jerky has challnaged Tri-Corn into a senitor election! things look up for Jerky because he feeds into what the people want: I-pods for free! and Tri-Corn has nothing working for her. Tri-Corn begs for the lougers to cheat for her for a good cause to prevent the Tyrant from winning! but, the lougers morally can't! the lougers are at a tough stand-point! help a jerk Senitor win that formerly didn't like them to begin with, but more or less improved, but doing so being dishonest, or let Tri-corn lose and let the United Universes fall into tyranty of Jerky? can the lougers find a legal way making Jerky not senitor without cheating and breaking political laws, and somehow make people not vote for him? Perhaps the Galactic Federation might help.

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