Jess the Nerdy Gorgon

Jess Gorganius

Jess Gorganius
is a nerdy Gorgon who is one of Taiku's gang of buddies. She is very intelligent, but is not respected for her ability to turn people to stone and her ugliness. All she wants is some attention from others once in a while, and will try to say that she's a Hydra in order to get it.


Jess was born in a Greek mythological world where humans live with other mythological creatures of many kinds. Her parents lived in a jungle village populated by gorgons and sentient snakes. Jess grew up without any friends, and wanted to make some. None of the Gorgons and snakes liked her, but to her, the only friends she had were the snakes on her head.

Even though her parents told her to stay away from humans since they are hostile towards gorgons for their ability to turn people to stone, which is the one trait that Jess wasn't born with due to a DNA mutation she got from a virus. She tried to interact with humans, but they all just run away from her. They don't believe her claims that she wasn't born with the ability to turn people to stone, and remain scared of her. But only one person believed her. It was a 6-year-old child named Percy. But while they were getting along for a while, Percy's parents attacked Jess with a whip, and forbade Percy from seeing her again.

Jess was shocked by Percy's parents' actions, and got depressed since she had a boring life. No one would want to see a gorgon like her even if she didn't have the ability to turn people to stone. This results in an epiphany. She realizes that NO ONE would want to see her, meaning that she could use that to her advantage. And coincidentally, a flock of rabid harpies attack Percy's hometown. Jess manages to save them by scaring off the harpies, making them think she could petrify them. She was worried this wouldn't have a disired effect, but strangely, it did. Percy's parents apologies for being assholes after being made aware by Percy that "If a Gorogn defended their town like that and NOT help the Harpies in anyway, then how can she ACTSELLY be evil?". Now, the whole "Genetic defect" about being unable to turn people to turn started to make sense to them and everyone, cause they also realised ALL the Harpies escaped, had a direct look at Jess, and NEITHER of them or the Harpies turned to stone. however, this does have a sadside: She became even more unpopular with the Gorgons even more due to breaking their rules and ordered her to leave the whole world togather. Her parents were more forgiving, but are helpless to reason with the elders. The Humans can only offer farewells and wishes of good luck due to the fact they know for sure the other gorgons do not have a genetic defect. Then, Celestia, requested by the Gorgon council, came to invite Jess to have a new life in equestia and away from such an unforgiving world.

At Magic University, she isn't well-praised for being a gorgon, but she tries to fit in by claiming she's a hydra.... though no one is not so easily fooled thanks to everyone having a good idea what a Hydra is and what a Gorgon is, and Hydras do NOT have any remote human-like quilites and Gorgons do. Jess always blames bad gorgons like the Imfamus Medusa who placed Jess in such a bad position. Still, the only ones who aren't afraid of her are Taiku and his friends. They befriend her, and comfort her when she feels down about her past. Soon, she will become somebody when she meets Twilight Sparkle.

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