Jessa the Non-Praying Mangris

Jessa Gnill Mantria the Non-Praying Mangris

Jessa G. Mantria is an Alternate UUniversal Mangris from Planet Jurus. She came from a lesser-advanced group of tribal Mangrises that were tricked into worshipping a false god king named God King Niooms just because he had higher-level technology that was confused for 'godly magic'. Jessa was the only one who knew better, but was too afraid of what the false god would do to her if she tried to stop it herself. So when the opportunity was met with the Union Against Religious Abuse, she was quick to offer poison as a way to prove that Niooms wasn't a god. Upon Niooms' execution, the tribe was angry that they were fooled, and not only used his technology to upgrade their community, and they praised Jessa and the UARA for proving them wrong, but Jessa was made a member of the UARA. She developed fighting moves similar to Mantis' moves, and always kept a mini-blaster that is capable of hurting things bigger than her.


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