Jessica Butterfly

Jessica Butterfly

Jessica J. Butterfly is a hybrid who is from the world of Omicron II, being the girlfriend of James Butterfly, but is easily confused to be his sister. She is a very skilled assassin just like her boyfriend, and in Omicron II, she wants to take revenge on the players for killing her boyfriend, she makes a satisfying deal with Craborg that he will resurrect James digitally in exchange for killing the players and Team Scattergood. She wields more powerful and futuristic weaponry, and like James, she follows the players throughout the games until she is ultimately defeated. She is similar to Jessie of Team Rocket from Pokémon, but has butterfly wings.


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She can fly gracefully with her butterfly wings. However, they are gentle and can be damaged easily. But she is an elusive flier regardless. She is also an intelligent person capable of hacking and sabotaging any form of machinery imaginable. She also wears armor crafted by Craborg to be among the best. Though her nearly-exposed body does seem to be a defense as she can seduce her enemies with it before striking.

She has a variety of weaponry. Her most preferred and starter kind is 4 twin blasters which each use different types of ammunition. One fires scattered blasts, focus beams, and sticky explosives. Another fires rapid yellow blasts, drones, and mines. Another fires rapid homing blasts, electrobeams, and homing explosive balls of energy. The last fires pixellanium-based energy in the form of disintegration beams, blasts, and explosive balls of energy. She can also wield other weapons and combat machines.

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