Jessie Lightning

Jessie Nira Lightning

Jessie N. Lightning is a Superior Demoiselle crane from Planet Kratos. She was known to her own school to be a wrestling champion then was considered an outcast after she was embarrassed in a wrestling tournament by a jerk Superior named Copyrightous, the later leader of The Mimic Cult. He brought up her dead family from a bandit raid in front of the entire audience, and mentally scarred her young niece into a deep depression that made her the biggest bully of her school with her two friends, The Rhino Head Bros, who also had tragic pasts. One of their victims was Ororo Joltzen. When they graduated, they became gangsters, even though they had their own jobs. They wanted power and fame, and would do anything to get it, even evil and horrible things. She has the personality of Sunset Shimmer, and is just as cocky and intelligent. Her powers include electrical manipulation, super-endurance, empathy, and invisibility.
  • MCode:ElmEpIvbSe


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