Jettle Breegus Zukudor

Jettle B. Zukudor, AKA Block, is an Alternate UUniversal Octophant from Planet Uridia. He is an eight-tusked pachyderm who was a member of a large ungulate thug group known as the Thonks who hung out in criminal territory until they betrayed him and his brother Samber for something that one of their own did wrong. After being rescued by a Phaseforce squad lead by Rollond, he and his brother stopped being thugs and became mercenaries, gamblers, and bounty hunters, and eventually joined Rollond in the Vault Seekers. They did well in dealing with corporatocratic tyranny brought on by Awesome Jaxtom and made a ton of money with them on their quest to not only find the 88 Uridium Vaults, but also protecting them from Jaxtom, all while unintentionally making himself look like a criminal again as he comes wanted for murder and 'dismemberment of anything that moves'. However, because trying to find a Vault always ended in failure thanks to the Vault Seekers, Commandant Steelea was ordered to have them under mind-control so they can find the Vaults for him, and she succeeded, having them under his control for a whole year. Jettle and Samber have suffered this fate, yet they will be freed upon some unexpected hero arrivals. He is the AUU parallel to Borderlands Brick (Berserker), and has the same abilities.


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Block is naturally strong, brutal, durable, has relentless fighting, stamina, and has good wrestling skills as an eight-tusked pachyderm. He wears an elastic yet durable flexisuit that can fit on anyone regardless of scale, and is known as a much stronger version of Kevlar and Nomex. He wears a mitochondrial vest underneath that allows him to heal quickly. He can use his trunk as a snorkel as a good swimmer and as a makeshift limb.

His combat technology is clear through his Armatage HRES-600 Healing Recharging Energy Shield, that when hooked to his mitochondrial vest, and has a Huncus ISD-1001 Infinite Storage Device in which he can store any weapon he can find, whether to use or sell. He will gladly wield any weapon he can find and doesn't bother with comparing their power through his Huncus Emulator Device, though he is most skilled in rocket launchers. His melee weapons include gauntlets that contain built-in brass knuckles and gravity mods that allow his punches to have a huge blow.

However, his main power is his Berserker ability as he has a heart and neural implant that pumps him with an enhancement drug created through converted bad blood from the spleen, as his heart was big enough to withstand the technology as any normal heart would burst in excess power. This enhancement drug was capable of sending his circulatory, nervous, and immune systems into temporary compromised overdrive, giving him temporary invincibility and he would regenerate from any fatal damage done rapidly. This would make him a force to be reckoned with to any who dares cross him.


  • "Block's here, bitch!"
  • "Show me some BLOOD!"
  • "Gimme something else to kill!"
  • "What'd you think was gonna happen?"
  • "You're looking at my fist!"
  • "You'd better run, motherf*****!"
  • "I ain't carrying you!"
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