Jing Du and Ding Ju

"We are perfection personifived."

Jing Du and Ding Ju are the heartlesses of Grimoors the Nasty Mouthed's parents that were made after Heartless the Night Fury supposedly "killed them". They are the result of the keyhole of berk leaking dark heartless engry that creates sentient heartlesses simular to Xehanort's clone creations. This engry infected Heartless the Night Fury, and when it "murdered" Grimoor's parents, they became Jing Du and Ding Ju, identical twin Nightwalker heartlesses recolors. They controlled Heartless to 'kill" more people to turn into more heartlesses like them to commance with sending all worlds into darkness, starting with Berk, cause while sentient, their basic heartless instinct is still powerful and dominate. They are virtually invulerable. They can feel pain, but they can never be truely destroyed, and that implys to all other of these speical heartlesses, unless BOTH the harbringer Heartless, the heartlessifived Night Fury, is destroyed, and the keyhole leaking is fixed by it being sealed. Aside of Heartless the Night Fury, they also have some extra help. Like A black Guard Armor named The Black Vanguard, A Wizard Heartless named Karl the Amazing, A Bouncywild named Wildflower, and A Screwdiver heartless named Cold Deep Sea, popularly nicknamed "CDS".

Ding Ju

Ding Ju, the male

Jing Du

Jing Du, the female

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