Jinx Luck

Jinx Luck

Jinx Luck is a Draconequus from Equestria who was a daughter of slain warriors of the Choas War. Being immortal, she grew up a depressed, scarred draconquues. Eventally, she left Equestia for sometime until she joined the Heart-Breakers, a Space-Biker Gang, who has been known for causing family ruining, and divorces. She serves as the source of the gang's light magic, argueability, since Choas magic has no particular allinment to darkness or light, especially since their pet black phoenix named Blackmatter provides them black magic. She seems to be very attractive to other members of her race, but the problem is that she's sensitive about it. Natrolly, she mainly joined the Heart-Breakers as part of a plan to get revenge on Equestia, which ends on hiatus due to the gang's tendingcy to seemly wander in space and hang in Space Biker Bar Stations. But this won't be forever, eventally, Equestia, being a lovy dovy place, will end up getting a nasty visit from the Heart Breakers.


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