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Jling Sling
Jling Sling.png
Vital statistics
Title Councilman Sling, Grand Council's Punching Bag, The Grand Council's Anus, Secret Founder J.
Gender Male
Race/Species Metavincemander (Metavincemander amphigius)
Faction Villains Act Secret Founders, Alternate UUniversal Grand Council (Double Agent)
Description Easily-Aggravated, Irresponsible, Unprofessional, Deceptively more serious then he acts.
Skills and Abilities Can Breath On Land And In Water, Immunity to Certain Poisons, Self-Defensive Weapons Including Double-Bladed Staff and Doubma Blasters, Acrobatic Ability, Modified Skelebot Bodyguard Named Hamlet Z69
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Hegemony Bayou, Carbungia (Epsilon Universe, Buexxer Sector, Wandican System) (Homeland)
  • Nexx Tower, Xorizome (Alpha Universe, Orphyne Sector, Feriyon System) (Current Council Residence)
Alignment Secretly Evil

Jling Sling, anonymous name Secret Founder J, is an Alternate UUniversal Metavincemander from Planet Carbungia. He is one of the main founders of the Villains Act, and is currently in the Alternate UUniversal Grand Council. He used to be a well-known ally to Lord Xandronian, the leader of the Hydrocabiais species who is secretly evil, and is also involved in Xerxes XX's well-planned corruption, but in order for the Villains Act to recruit Xerxes succesfully, he had to hide Xandronian from him since the corruption plan led to Xerxes' hatred of sea-squirrels. This eventually lead to Darkness Qui's appearence in the Villains Act. After Qui came, Jling got a job at the Alternate UUniversal Grand Council to keep his knowledge of Xandronian far away from Xerxes as possible. But when Xerxes dies and the Villains Act is overthrown thanks to the heroic deeds of the Shell Lodge (Jling surviving the Diamond of the Ancients' attempt on wiping all the evil Metavincemanders from the Alternate UUniverses by using a special gem), Xandronian and Jling were free to show theirselves. However, since things changed between the two of them, an arguement led to Jling Sling wanting to not only expose Xandronian's crimes, but to spread lies about the Hydrocabiais being a terrible greedy race, and after yet another fight, want the sea squirrels wiped out completely, ultimately leading to a genocide of the sea squirrels, and the corruption of the Alternate UUniversal Grand Council in the hands of a bitter victim of the VA named Minor Councilman Jakamor. He has unique self-defense skills, and the weaponry to back it up, and he has a modified Skelebot bodyguard named Hamlet Z69


Jling Sling grew up as a disstingish member of a family that's part of the Meta kingdom's advisery. Jling had worked hard to become adviser to what he hoped would be a serious and digitfived ruler. However, he had the misfortune to become adviser while it was still in the reign of Xerxes' parents, who were known pranksters. Even worse, they have the hapit of pranking the adviser espeically!

Jling was forced to endure prank after prank after prank. The pranking gets slightly worse at each turn. Jling always tried to resign from the position, but family oblingation keeps him on the adviser position because leaving the position for any reason would ruin the Sling name. That also harmed Jling's mentality because family honor cements him with people he has NO love for. There was a time when Jling was close of finally accepting it when he was romanticly involved with the female Meta he had a crush on ever since tadpolehood.

Jling and his love interest desided to have dinner in the royal palace, dispite Jling's concerns that Xerxes' pranking parents would end up embarrising him, but his lover insisted that it's no issue, as all Metas understood that Xerxes' parents suffer from a rare brain condition called "Child Brain Syndrone", that causes individuals to act oppsitely of their age and accordly, be unable to mentally grow up. However, Xerxes parents desided to give a gradutory prank for Jling for his first date by switching their dishes with simular dishes laced with a highly spicey alternate pepper that's been known to hospitalised people. Jling and his lover ate the comnaminated dishes, and felt the spicey secret ingredient too late!

Xerxes' parents reveiled themselves as the ones who created the dish and said no harm was done. Jling however didn't appresiate the action at all, feeling angry and embarrised all the same time. But when he saw that his love interest was looking ill, he discovered that his love interest is highly allergect to the peppers, Xerxes' parents feeling awful about this.

Luckly, she was treated right away, and holds no resentment to neither Jling or Xerxes' parents. However, while her parents and over-protactive older brother felt the same way, it was only for Xerxes' parents. They however blamed Jling of not being more insistent of convicing her to eat somewhere else since it was insisted Xerxes' parents were not good listeners when it comes to pranks. The family took Jling's love interest away to move to another planet, never to be seen again.

Jling finally mentally and emotionally lost it!? He hated Xerxes' Parents for ruining his love life and making him the fool for the last time!? On the cover of night, he met up with the only other hater of Xerxes' antics, Lord Xandronian, to secretly conspire to take down their incompident rulers. However, they ended up being included into founding a new rising threat by Grand Duke Kafar-Ja, who offers advice and a chance to get their plan done quicker in return for foundership of a new conquest force. Demoralised because they couldn't put up with the pranks anymore, they accepted. Xandronian learned magic from Kafar to malmitulate a latest prank to cause a beloved water tower to fall apart, and to malmitulate the Sea Squirls to actselly be mad about it. What eventally followed was a tragic and violent end of the reign of Xerxes' parents, and the birth of Xerxes as he became.

Xerxes was evetally lead to kidnap Qui from the other universes and started the VA uprising. Jling, given his knowledge in polotics, was entrusted to keep tabs on the Grand Council, not only to serve as the heads-up guy for new trouble, (tecnecally making him blamable to why the VA was just a pain-in-the-ass in creating the Heroes Act), among other things, but he picked the job himself because he desired to be more then just an adviser, showing his demoralised state also resulted in him forsaking the Sling family name and their values. Things were going magnifisently until certain events disrupted the VA, seemingly for good. Jling was left trapped as a "Honest member of the Grand Council" because of the Shell Lougers, cementing him with people even more dislikeable to him then Xerxes' parents. Sometime far later, Jling eventally secretly met up with Xandronian under the cover of night to discuss what to do now. However, upon so, Jling discovered that Xandronian doesn't care THAT much about the VA at all! Xandronian only used it to persue his insane dreams of making the sea squirls the dominate speices and the VA was a way to atthive that, even when members of his own speices had died from the progress that Xandronian faulted it as "a minor inconvinence". Jling became disgusted that he ever desided to worked with Xandronian, and he became dedicated to have the Sea Squirls destroyed. But he knew he can't do it and risk exposing his own past. So he soughted to bad mouth the Sea Squrils for being respondsable for Xerxes' rise to evil. It would only be counter-argued by many members, major and minor, until eventally, one day, Xandronian would be exposed as a secret VA founder, making it easy for Jling to make good on his threat to destroy the Sea Squirls. He doesn't yet realise that, however, soon, he would be exposed himself, and it'll be down hill from here.

He's not nessersarly a tragic villain, as he was mostly the victim of bad luck, giving his love interest made it out all right and that Jling just over-reacted to a harsh and cruel degree. It's debateable whether if he's able to change his ways at all, or if even the Lougers can figure out how to deal with him once they finally corner Jling? But it's likely Cynder isn't gonna be very fond of him due to the fact he and other founders were respondsable for using Xerxes as a scapegoat, akin to Malefor and Cynder's former relations, and for dragging Qui into this as well, to only him, Kafar and Xandronian espeically being that they have the most athoritty in the VA Founder group.