Jodell and Hodell

Jodell Jaylor Cobb and Hodell Taynis Cobb

Jodell J. Cobb and Hodell T. Cobb are two Alternate UUniversal Fgakens from Planet Jinter. They are two feuding rooster-like brothers who, despite hating each other, occupied two territories in two abandoned ghost towns and fought through their own bandit armies in a 17-year feud. Hating each other since birth, the two have never overtly fought one another, opting instead to employ poison, traps, and assassins to do the other in. This has only made them stronger and more clever as they try to outwit and overcome each attempt made by the other on their life. Eventually, they were able to wrest control of much of their ghost town territory and ppulation while exiling each other around the area. They have since been plotting to have each other killed so they could take control of the town. They are the AUU versions of Borderlands Jaynis and Taylor Kobb, and are similar to them in many minor ways.


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