Jokey is an Alternate UUniversal Icar from Planet Biemna. He is a wise-cracking sourpuss Ichthyornis/Gannet-like bird who used to be the royal pet to a selfish Emperor until he was executed for attempting to destroy an entire town for a summer home and driving so many people out of their homes, leaving him to be exiled by it's replacement, a sour-croute psychotic evil woman for being part of the old Emperor's schemes, leaving him out into the wild as a vagabond until he eventually met a semi-sentient Champsogator named Bayley, as the two formed a bitter partnership as Jokey makes up for Bayley's bad eyesight and the two need each other for survival, yet not too long before he meet the Clam Lounge Squadron, he is cast off after an argument by a lash of a tail. Since he was welcomed by the sympathetic Loungers despite having to put up with his attitude and cracking puns, he does prove to be more of an asset to them than to Bayley, who ends up dying after casting him off in the claws of a hungry Rivadont. Jokey has since become the Icky of the group, being said character's AUU counterpart, except the flip-flops are reversed.


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