Mistmane has discovered that her homeland in the Eastern Lands have been threatened by something in the far east. This threat has stolen a Fountain of Youth within a beautiful jungle that is currently looked over by yet another descendant of Mistmane named Fogmane and her mentor, another legend in the form of a Qilin named Jiao Sage, whom Mistmane was sent by Starswirl to find to save her land, as the Fountain itself is protected by a Rapunzel-style kelpie turned into a semi-dead water spirit with hundreds of Pascal-style water sprite friends named Youth Lagoon. By harnessing this Fountain of Youth's healing abilities, the threat in the form of Mother Gothel-style descendant of Sable Spirit and distant student of Celestia named Seraphim Spirit, and her deadly Chinese dragon assistant grown up, who seeks to restore her youth as she stole the Fountain of Youth until it was all taken by Youth Lagoon. However, just recently thanks to Mistmane's influence, she learned of Seraphim's treachery and threatens to take it all away, prompting her to accuse her of trying to murder her, and thus kills her by turning her into the water itself and becoming a water spirit under her control. Thus, with Seraphim abusing the Fountain of Youth to where she becomes like a near-God, her actions have caused the Eastern Lands to slowly begin dying, as she couldn't care less as, if she couldn't have youth, nopony else could, and thus lets the lands slowly die as they are overrun by Mandrakes once more, but also all sorts of monsters, including Jiao's dark brother, a bruiser named Eian Sage. Mistmane thus decides to patch things up with her friend's descendant, but still have her punished for her crimes, with help from the Lodgers and Mane Six. Will they succeed, especially with a helping hand in the form of a Sun Wukong/Goku-style anthro monkey from outside Equestria named Gibson?


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